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Online Dating – Pros and Cons of Online Dating for Single Women

. 06/21/2012 . 0 Comments

There are definitely pros and cons to internet dating, with ease of use and cheating married men placing #1. But are there particular benefits to online dating for single women? If so, what are they?

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Dating the Man Confused About Confidence vs Dominance

. 06/21/2012 . 1 Comment

The difference between dominant man, the weak and spineless man, and the man of confidence. We’ll provide examples of what each of those three behaviors looks like in when dating or in a relationship.

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Natural Hair and Dating – Does Wearing Natural Hair Impact Dating Options?

. 06/20/2012 . 0 Comments

As more black women drop weaves, relaxers and flat irons in favor of natural hairstyles, they may find that changing over to natural hair can have a great effect on dating options. Natural hair and dating discussed! Call 347-327-9215 to participate in the discussion.

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How to Train Your Man

. 06/14/2012 . 1 Comment

Men are like dogs and must be trained using the proper strategies – rewarded for good behavior, and denied treats when exhibiting bad behavior. Vital lessons for women on how to set firm boundaries and train men on how to be their best in relationships.

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Dating Communication – Five Tips for Having The Talk

. 06/14/2012 . 0 Comments

So you’ve been seeing each other for awhile but not sure whether things are getting serious? It’s time to have “the talk” about what you both want from the relationship. Avoid wasting time in a go-nowhere relationship.

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Creflo Dollar Black Women Black Church Normalized Abuse and Violence

. 06/10/2012 . 40 Comments

When does a parent meting out just punishment cross the line and become terrorizing, physically abusing and degrading a child? How can anyone believe such treatment of a child in a case such as this is with Creflo Dollar an appropriate form of discipline?

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The Black Church – Where Women Pray and Men Prey

. 06/06/2012 . 0 Comments

In her new book, columnist Deborrah Cooper continues an long needed examination of how religion is misused by unscrupulous preachers, and the games charlatans posing as men of God use to prey on women and children. For those women brave enough to take a look at what is going on at their churches, and who are strong enough to demand protection from predatory men for women and children within the walls of the House of God, this book is right on time.

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Why do Single Black Women Demand That Men Go to Church With Them?

. 06/04/2012 . 5 Comments

Black women and their focus on church attendance causes problems in many relationships. Demanding that a man attend church services when he is not a religious person is a sure-fire way to end up single and lonely in your black church.

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When a Religious Black Man is Looking for a Wife

. 06/02/2012 . 18 Comments

The hypocrisy of the so-called religious black man is evident when they make posts such as the one quoted here. Why does every black man with an opinion about what HE wants in a wife flatly state that his thoughts apply to every single black man in the world. It’s as if they truly believe their opinion is universal and every black woman should listen to them just because they are a man.

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Female Submission + Patriarchy = Stupidity

. 05/26/2012 . 31 Comments

Why do black men think they should have a traditional wife in treatment, but who works and signs prenups like a non-submissive wife? Are black men stupid enough to think they can get submission and everything else from women without giving anything in return? Yes! And lots of dumb women are willing to give it to them!

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Black Churches – Where Women Pray and Men Prey

. 05/23/2012 . 82 Comments

Columnist Deborrah Cooper’s latest book “The Black Church: Where Women Pray and Men Prey” reveals dozens of manipulative games played by religious leaders, preachers and child molesters within Black churches. Avoid setting yourself or your children up to become a victim. Read this book.

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Controlling Black Men and the Word ‘All’

. 05/19/2012 . 4 Comments

Observations about the mindset of black men who demand women change the way they write or speak and use the words some, most, a few, etc. when criticizing men. Here’s a humorous critique of the male ego and The All Police.

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