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Relationships Webcam Show – WHAT HE SAID, WHAT SHE SAID

. 04/20/2017 . 0 Comments

What He Said …What She Said Gender Perspectives on Male/Female Relationships Sharing perspectives during a conversation with Quincy, host of Talk2Q about male/female relationships. We have two topics slated for examination during this discussion: (1) Why all the constant back and forth blaming each other instead of looking within? (2) Why single men and women […]

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Ghosting – The Slick Way to End a Dating Relationship

. 03/20/2017 . 0 Comments

Ghosting is the favorite technique of the single to end things when they don’t want to deal with a bunch of drama and emotions. Ghosting explained in both definition and practice.

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MANSPLAINING – Mansplaining Defined

. 03/15/2017 . 0 Comments

What is mansplaining? When men attempt to redefine women’s use of language and nullify women’s experiences with their own vision, you’ve seen mansplaining in action.

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The Mother-Son Relationship: Men With a Mother Complex

. 02/09/2017 . 0 Comments

Dr. Peter Milhado explores the mother-son relationship in which the mother has been wounded, and forms an unhealthy attachment to her son.

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True Forced Independence – Black Men FORCED Us to Not Need a Man

. 02/06/2017 . 0 Comments

Black men have created a situation where they removed themselves from the equation of black families and black communities and made themselves obsolete. So now that black women have learned they “don’t need a man” to survive, black men are angry. Huh? You are responsible for true forced independence.

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Do Black Men Want a Momma Figure They Can Screw?

. 02/05/2017 . 0 Comments

Infantilized black men are rampant in the black community these days – men who seek to avoid the responsibilities and obligations of adulthood by depending on single black women women to take care of, spoil and nurture them as a replacement momma.

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Educated Lames, Classic Men, True Forced Loneliness, and Whining Ass Black Men

. 02/02/2017 . 0 Comments

Educated lames are men with degrees who have no skills with women at all, and are therefore single, angry, horny and lonely. They blame women for their “true forced loneliness” an affliction they claim that women give them by ignoring their needs. I say they are all full of crap and here is why.

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Feminine Energy is Nothing But Bullshit

. 02/01/2017 . 5 Comments

Do women have to pretend to be or actually be weak, passive and vulnerable (feminine) so that men can feel strong, action-oriented and invincible (masculine)? It certainly appears that way.

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Black Women – Stop Nurturing Grown Ass Men

. 01/29/2017 . 13 Comments

Black women think it is their job to provide nurturing to grown men in relationships; however I believe such behavior is contributing to the growing number of immature adult babies masquerading as men that fill the Black community and prisons.

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Husband Calls Wife Slut and Whore for Creative Sex Life

. 01/14/2017 . 0 Comments

Wife creates exciting sex life with fantasy stories, but judgmental husband condemns her with vile names like slut and whore.

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Red Flags of Dating for Single Black Women

. 01/12/2017 . 0 Comments

Are jealousy, insecurity and verbal put-downs considered red flags in a new dating relationship?

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Emotionally Unavailable: I Never Ask for Anything but He Gets the World From Me!

. 01/12/2017 . 2 Comments

A classic story of a young women in love with and chasing an emotionally unavailable game playing man that will never give her the commitment and love she seeks. Why do so many single black women waste their time in dead end relationships with emotionally unavailable men?

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