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Ramp Up Your Health with 11 Foods That Boost the Immune System

. 05/04/2015 . 0 Comments

How can you boost your immune system — the bodily functions that fight bacteria, viruses and disease — and give yourself the best opportunity to stay healthy through the winter cold and flu season? This article provides some answers.

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Disgusting List of Blacks Killed by Police 2014-Present

. 05/01/2015 . 2 Comments

We must stop wasting time fighting each other and get it together. Mobilize, organize, politicize, and strategize. Start with how to take back your block, your neighborhood, your city, your county, and your state from racist police. Get people out to vote and replace Mayor’s, District Attorneys, City Councilmen, Supervisors and anyone else whose agenda is not in your best interest. Make sure those who are in office are not in league with the police union and that they will make sure any cop who does not perform to the standard expected is terminated immediately.

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Shopping for Men is Just Like Shopping for Shoes

. 04/26/2015 . 0 Comments

You’ll see them squeezing their toes into the ill fitting shoe they think is so cute, tiptoeing around some strange gait, or walking barefoot with bunions corns and blisters on their feet because they refused to keep shopping until they find a shoe that fit perfectly. The same mentality women have about shopping for shoes is often the same one they have about shopping for a man.

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During a break up my girl slept with one of my friends… how do I get over it?

. 04/24/2015 . 0 Comments

A young man is anguished by the mental vision of his ex girlfriend being intimate with a friend she dated during a long break up, and seeks advice on how to move past his jealousy.

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10 Texting Rules for Dating Singles – Texting Guidelines and Dating Etiquette

. 02/20/2015 . 2 Comments

Text messaging isn’t necessarily a tool of the devil, but there can be quite a bit of misinterpretation and miscommunication if you don’t follow texting rules. Texting is a great way to stay connected to someone you are madly in love with, and a useful tool to touch base with casual or new dating partners. Ten great texting rules for proper dating etiquette for singles.

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My Friend Went Back to Her Abusive Ex

. 02/10/2015 . 0 Comments

A concerned friend writes to Ms. HeartBeat, asking what if anything she should say to a dear friend who rekindled a relationship with an abusive ex who now seems hell bent on controlling her every move.

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Are We Obligated to Give My Sister a Baby Shower?

. 11/28/2014 . 1 Comment

My sister’s first baby is due in three months and I’m wondering if we’re obligated to throw a baby shower for her? A few people have already commented that they wouldn’t be coming if we did throw a baby shower, because they’re pissed they never received a ‘thank you’ note from my sister from her wedding two years ago.

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Girlfriend Has Big Boobs but Won’t Show Them Off

. 10/30/2014 . 2 Comments

Boyfriend is disturbed because his girlfriend has a great rack (boobs), but won’t wear revealing clothing to show them off. Why benefits does he think he is going to receive from his girl wearing next to nothing?

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My Two Year Old Son is Abusive to His Four Month Old Sister

. 10/28/2014 . 1 Comment

Mom asks what she can do to get her abusive two year old son to stop biting, smacking and head butting his four month old sister.

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I’m heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

. 10/26/2014 . 0 Comments

How do you determine if your boyfriend making contact with his ex is just friendly contact to close doors, or if he is trying to get something going again with her?

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How You Have a Thug Kitchen When You’re a White Boy from the Valley?

. 10/01/2014 . 0 Comments

This week it all came out. Like a scab being ripped off a sore, the ugly truth about Thug Kitchen has been revealed and charges of racism, cultural appropriation and general stupidity have been levied at the two site owners who have hidden like cowards and failed to address the conflict.

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Domestic Violence and Dating Abuse

. 09/12/2014 . 0 Comments

If you’ve endured abuse – punching, slapping, kicking, choking, arm twisting, forced intercourse, threats of violence to you, your pets or your children, hair pulling etc. by a romantic partner, friend, family member or stranger, please share your story.

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