SurvivingDating.Com Guest Blogger Submission Guidelines


SurvivingDating.Com, AskHeartBeat.Com and Deborrah Cooper (collectively the “Network”), invite you to submit a guest blogger post on our blogs. Showcase your writing skills and provide helpful information to single adults and teens interested in dating, relationships, and romance.

What Type of Content do you Accept?

We’ll accept anything that is deemed to be useful to our readers. Both sites focus on dating and romantic relationships, but we are also interested in gender issues, cultural and social influences on race, health and fitness, single parenting, interracial relationships, personal growth and development, and weddings. Our readers are largely single, primarily female and profess to have at least some college education.

We will allow links in your article if they are to sites relevant to the topic you are writing about. We ask that you include proper attribution to those sites, books or studies. Linking to your blog or website is okay only if relevant to the topic. You may link to your own site or sites to buy your book in your byline (see Author Box below). The fee for submitting an article with no more than two (2) links to promote commercial products or blogs is $50 per article; the article will remain on our site for a period one (1) year.

Though our minimum length requirement is 500 words, we suggest that you make your post no longer than 1200-1500 words. Longer posts may be daunting to some readers, and should be broken up by subheadings; we’ll also break longer posts up into separate pages.

Guest Blogger Author Box

For the casual non-commercial author, we offer no financial compensation and charge no fee, but we help promote you as the author of your article.

As the post author, you may include an author bio of up to 150 words. You may also include up to three images: one to be used as the Featured Image on the home page, one to be used in the body of your post to illustrate your subject, and a headshot of you as the author.

We recommend that at least one of the links from your byline lead to a page where readers can learn more about you and how to buy your book(s) or products. Guest bloggers may link to their own content within the post when applicable, but this is subject to review; there is no guarantee that your link will be posted with the article unless the requisite sponsored post fee is paid.

By submitting your post(s), you acknowledge that your post(s) will be archived and maintained under the control of the Network, and MAY be duplicated, distributed in whole or in part, appended to, excerpted from, or combined with, or re-used for any purposes that we deem appropriate without further credit or any additional compensation than stated above. All of your submissions, as posted, are credited solely to the author. You agree that any and all comments made on our sites about your writing will be shared publicly.

Guest Blogger Editorial Review Process

Network editorial staff reserves the right to review and edit all submissions for grammar, spelling and punctuation, and readability. We regularly edit posts by our contributors and guest bloggers. We will not rewrite your article, but may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, and other changes for readability or to fit our format, as well as add links to other relevant posts in our blog network. If a submission needs clarification or improvement, we will return it to you with suggested modifications.

Publishing of the blog post will be done at the sole discretion of the Network editorial staff. After a post is approved you will be notified, but it may take several days to two weeks before your submission is published, depending upon our publication calendar and number of previously accepted submissions.  Sign up for our mailing list so you get notice of when your submission has been published.

Deborrah Cooper and the Network editorial staff reserves the right to decline publishing any post or to remove a post after it has been published for any reason without notice.

Post Images

Images are great for garnering attention and are encouraged. They should be low-res (less than 100 dpi) .jpeg or .png files with a transparent background. You must have legal rights and permissions to use an image. Proper attribution is required. There are many images available for free use through creative commons licenses or very low cost purchases through sites such as Dreamstime, FreeFoto Stock.Xchng, and Flickr.

In Summary

  • The submission must be useful to the readers of the designated Network
  • The submission must be well-written and grammatically correct
  • The submission must not be entirely self-promotional. This is why we include an author byline.
  • All content must be original and may not have been published elsewhere online already
  • Write with a computer monitor in mind – use short paragraphs or bullet points to make the post easier to read
  • Network editorial staff reserves the right to verify originality of guest blogger submissions using online tools such as or
  • All submissions which include marketing-related or promotional links are considered commercial and the requisite posting fee must be submitted before your guest blogger post will go live.
  • Spam, pornography, content that we find to be offensive, and extreme use of profanity will not be accepted.

How Should I Submit my Guest Blogger Article?

Content may be submitted via an attachment as a plain text or rich text document to survivingdating.editor [@] gmail [add dot] com. Submit your payment via PAYPAL using the same email address, and reference the title of your article in the notes section.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest blog post. We look forward to sharing your content with our readers and will do our best to help you promote your site and writing.

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