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The True Path to a Man’s Heart

. 07/18/2020 . 15 Comments

Women make the mistake of being so giving, so loving, so pleasing, so sweet and gentle to men all the time thinking that is the key to his heart and making him love them more. In reality that shit bores men out of their minds!

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Interracial Dating Issues With Parents

. 07/06/2020 . 0 Comments

Introduction Interracial relationships, though quite commonplace in 2020, are still confusing to some parents, and downright frowned upon by others. Does love really come painted in a specific color? The issue of interracial romance is examined in the parent/child conflict. As an advice columnist specializing in Black and interracial dating relationships, I frequently receive letters […]

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Controlling Your Emotions – Why Women Must Stop Making Life Choices Based on FEELINGS

. 10/23/2018 . 0 Comments

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper points out the many ways women make poor choices about men and life, based on their FEELINGS instead of using logic and reason. She guides the listeners of this Tough Topic Thursday discussion to take a look at emotion-based decision making and how it can be detrimental to success and goal achievement.

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Red Flags of Dating for Single Black Women

. 01/12/2017 . 0 Comments

Are jealousy, insecurity and verbal put-downs considered red flags in a new dating relationship?

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Emotionally Unavailable: I Never Ask for Anything but He Gets the World From Me!

. 01/12/2017 . 2 Comments

A classic story of a young women in love with and chasing an emotionally unavailable game playing man that will never give her the commitment and love she seeks. Why do so many single black women waste their time in dead end relationships with emotionally unavailable men?

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Passion Has Left Our Marriage – Is She Cheating on Me?

. 12/06/2016 . 0 Comments

What should a young husband do when the passion seems to have left his relationship, and he and his wife have sex once per month if that? However his chief concern isn’t the marriage falling apart but: “is she cheating on me?”

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What do I do when he won’t take no for an answer?

. 11/24/2016 . 1 Comment

Young woman experiences harassment from a guy she has no interest in dating, and asks what to do when a man won’t take no for an answer.

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When abortion is the smartest choice for all concerned

. 10/30/2016 . 0 Comments

Involving innocent children in adult silliness can have catastrophic effects on a child’s life. Sometimes abortion is the smartest choice for all concerned.

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During a break up my girl slept with one of my friends… how do I get over it?

. 04/24/2015 . 0 Comments

A young man is anguished by the mental vision of his ex girlfriend being intimate with a friend she dated during a long break up, and seeks advice on how to move past his jealousy.

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My Friend Went Back to Her Abusive Ex

. 02/10/2015 . 0 Comments

A concerned friend writes to Ms. HeartBeat, asking what if anything she should say to a dear friend who rekindled a relationship with an abusive ex who now seems hell bent on controlling her every move.

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Girlfriend Has Big Boobs but Won’t Show Them Off

. 10/30/2014 . 2 Comments

Boyfriend is disturbed because his girlfriend has a great rack (boobs), but won’t wear revealing clothing to show them off. Why benefits does he think he is going to receive from his girl wearing next to nothing?

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My Two Year Old Son is Abusive to His Four Month Old Sister

. 10/28/2014 . 1 Comment

Mom asks what she can do to get her abusive two year old son to stop biting, smacking and head butting his four month old sister.

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