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Breeding the Next Generation of Slaves and Profit for Private Prisons

. 07/10/2020 . 2 Comments

The African American community has the highest rate in the U.S. of single parent homes. Statistically speaking, the children of single parents are at greatest risk of sexual and physical abuse, child rape, and child murder. Abduction into sex slavery is also a concern for these children.

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Are Parents REQUIRED to Help Adult Children?

. 06/26/2020 . 0 Comments

Advice seeker is a single Mom of two toddlers, about to graduate who wonders why her mother won’t allow her to move in for awhile to help ease her burden. Deb explains in detail why the choices we make as adults and the repercussions of those choices are ours and only ours to bear.

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Pastor John Gray and Aventer Gray: The Burden of a Build-a-Man Project

. 11/24/2018 . 0 Comments

From my perspective after listening to Pastor John Gray’s interview on TV ONE, anyone who listens to Pastor John Gray, an admittedly confused and broken man, who depends upon this lost male for spiritual guidance, is seriously in need of a reality check. Such individuals also would appear to have less confidence and belief in themselves, and lower self esteem than Pastor John Gray has in himself.

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Properly Vetting Men: Deborrah Cooper’s How To Guide for Vetting Men

. 11/22/2018 . 0 Comments

Every young woman of marriageable age looking for love MUST know the process of vetting men, and refuse to rush into anything without vetting him thoroughly first. Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper sets out in detail the process for properly vetting men, eliminating those with incompatibilities before you get hurt.

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Hypergamy – Why Are MGTOW Men Angry that Women Opt to Marry Up?

. 07/06/2017 . 0 Comments

Women who operate with hypergamy in mind are much more pragmatic than romantic. They are not easily gamed on and not easily manipulated with threats and fear of singleness. A hypergamous woman looks for a man who is going to provide stability, make her life easier, make her children’s life better, be interesting, fun, sexy, exciting, and who wants what she wants out of life.

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Webinar Series on Dating and Relationships with Deborrah Cooper

. 06/24/2017 . 0 Comments

Attend a free webinar with Deborrah Cooper (aka Ms. HeartBeat) on the second Saturday of each month through 2017. Participants will have the chance to discuss hot issues in black culture, dating, relationship violence and abuse, the games men play, better partner communication, and lots more. Register today.

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Black Girls and Pimp Game Run by Black Males

. 05/12/2017 . 0 Comments

Today I watched a sad piece of life unfold as two young black girls were exposed to pimp game spit at them by a young black male already adept at coercion and verbal manipulation. Black women need to do more to educate black girls on these types of mind games.

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MANSPLAINING – Mansplaining Defined

. 03/15/2017 . 0 Comments

What is mansplaining? When men attempt to redefine women’s use of language and nullify women’s experiences with their own vision, you’ve seen mansplaining in action.

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True Forced Independence – Black Men FORCED Us to Not Need a Man

. 02/06/2017 . 0 Comments

Black men have created a situation where they removed themselves from the equation of black families and black communities and made themselves obsolete. So now that black women have learned they “don’t need a man” to survive, black men are angry. Huh? You are responsible for true forced independence.

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Feminine Energy is Nothing But Bullshit

. 02/01/2017 . 5 Comments

Do women have to pretend to be or actually be weak, passive and vulnerable (feminine) so that men can feel strong, action-oriented and invincible (masculine)? It certainly appears that way.

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Child Sexual Abuse in the Black Community – Survey Results

. 01/11/2017 . 0 Comments

No one wants to talk about it, but child sexual abuse is the biggest “dirty little secret” in the black community, and has been for generations. This landmark study, with more than 8000 responses, gets to the heart of the matter of sexual abuse amongst African Americans.

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First Hand Accounts of Female Slaves

. 11/06/2016 . 0 Comments

Learn the history of black female slaves reading this informative book on the tragic realities of life as a female slave in Far More Terrible For Women.

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