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Columnist Deborrah Cooper Slams Steve Harvey and Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man

. 05/15/2012 . 13 Comments

Podcast by columnist Deborrah Cooper which explains why Steve Harvey and his book Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man are a waste of time for a woman seeking a loving relationship based on mutual love and support.

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Why Do Men Think Everything Women Do Is About Them?

. 05/04/2012 . 2 Comments

Why do so many men turn every decision women make that protects their heart or body from being used for sex by players into being an attack on them? Why are women not allowed the right to say “no sex!” to men that they are merely dating because rushing to intimacy is not good for HER?

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You’re Just Not That Into Him (But Maybe You Could Be)

. 04/20/2012 . 0 Comments

You may not fall in love on the second date, but you’ll definitely be able to get a better sense of whether your date is a potentially suitable match.

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Debsterisms – Wise Quotes to Date and Live By

. 03/29/2012 . 0 Comments

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper regularly posts witty tidbits with insightful wisdom on dating and life. We’ve collected dozens of them from around the web, and share a few with you in this post.

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Sucka Free Love! Now available as an EBook on Smashwords

. 03/10/2012 . 0 Comments

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper’s award winning dating guide “Sucka Free Love!” is now an Ebook. Get your giggle on and get smarter about men, women and relationships at the same time. Introductory special offer gets you 10% off. Don’t far around… the discount offer expires soon. .

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Why Do People Lie So Much?

. 03/07/2012 . 0 Comments

Discussion of the reasons people lie, the frequency with which lies are told, which gender lies the most (scientific research study bears this out!), and how to tell by observing voice cues and body language if someone is lying to you.

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Courting vs Dating – Why Courting Needs to Make a Comeback

. 01/12/2012 . 1 Comment

Courting vs. dating…Is courting dead? Courting needs to make a comeback because too many men press for sexual intimacy with a woman they know little to nothing about while avoiding commitment and marriage.

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Your Best Friend is Getting Cheated On – What Do You Do?

. 01/08/2012 . 2 Comments

What would you do if you had first hand proof that your best friend was being cheated on? Would you tell it immediately, pretend you didn’t see anything and stay out of it, or approach the cheater yourself?

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Dating Tips: Compromise Today Could Mean Misery Tomorrow

. 01/03/2012 . 1 Comment

A real life example of how compromise can be an injurious thing for a woman’s self-esteem and treatment in a relationship. When is it okay to compromise and when should a woman stand her ground?

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Better Dating Relationships: Before You Ask the Question, The Answer is NO!

. 01/01/2012 . 0 Comments

Learn the games men play in dating relationships and how to protect yourself. Avoid heartbreak and being used by learning when and how to say NO! to silly games.

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APPNATION III San Francisco – Four Great Apps for Dating Singles

. 12/07/2011 . 0 Comments

Four exciting new SmartPhone apps that I think are great fun and will help connect and improve the social lives of dating singles.

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Non-Prescription Access for Minors to Plan B Pill Denied by FDA

. 12/07/2011 . 1 Comment

This morning the FDA denied a petition to change the Plan B morning after pill from a prescription drug to a retail product available even to girls under the age of 17.

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