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Why Women Leave Men

. 08/04/2011 . 0 Comments

Focusing on your woman and providing her with what she needs emotionally guarantees a happy, long-lasting relationship with a loving woman that will never leave you. Tips for relationship success and longevity for men.

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Dating Tips for Singles: Why You Didn’t Get a Second Date

. 07/23/2011 . 0 Comments

For all those singles that want to know why the phone never rang again from THAT person after the first date, this one is for you!

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The ABC’s of Dating – 10 Tips for Getting the Ball Rolling in Romance!

. 07/16/2011 . 0 Comments

A great article by advice columnist Deborrah Cooper which answers 10 frequently asked dating questions: What should I be looking for? What does dating mean really? I’m very shy and don’t know what to talk about on a date! Are men always obligated to pay? How long should the date last…I don’t want to wear out my welcome! How can I know if this is someone I should see again or leave alone?

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How Dating is a Sport… Just Like Fishing!

. 07/15/2011 . 0 Comments

Have any of you ladies ever gone hunting or fishing? You should try it sometimes. Fishing alongside your man provides you with a study in patience, planning and understanding the wierd workings of the male mind.

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Breaking Up on the Down Low – How and Why Men Sneak Out of Relationships

. 07/04/2011 . 2 Comments

He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and experience a direct confrontation. Men hope you won’t notice that he’s on his way out, and sadly, many women don’t!

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Mom’s Best Relationship Advice and Tips for Finding Love

. 06/09/2011 . 0 Comments

A mother’s influence is very important in forming not only who and what we are, but who and what we ultimately become, how we view the world and how we relate to others. This article explores how parental influence shapes our expectation about love.

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Ladies, Stop Giving Vajayjay to Criminals

. 05/07/2011 . 20 Comments

If males who commit crimes really want Black women, they will stop the anti-social behaviors. Targeting those who commit crimes with this non-violent social change would benefit everyone in the community.

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Garbage Men and Scavenger Bitches

. 04/28/2011 . 15 Comments

Lonely for companionship and sex, scavenger bitches scour the earth picking up anything male with a pulse. Scavenger bitches repeatedly align themselves with the most undesirable men and settle for the most disrespectful treatment – men that other women with better sense have rejected.

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Kissing – Perfect Your Kissing Technique!

. 04/08/2011 . 4 Comments

The best kisses are memorable, passion inducing, heart pounding exchanges that leave you panting and wanting more. Kissing tips for the kissing-challenged single to improve your kissing technique!

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Rebuttal to 10 Lies Women Tell Men

. 03/20/2011 . 55 Comments

Blogger Anslem Samuel goes in hard on women with his article “The 10 Lies Women Tell Men,” but our Raz puts him in check with this smart and sassy rebuttal response.

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Are Women the New Men?

. 02/16/2011 . 57 Comments

Women feel it is their responsibility to help a man achieve the basic necessities of manhood. They feel it is their duty to invest their time and energy in order to ‘help a man out’. Does this make women the new men? What has become the role of the man?

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Pimps, Ho’s and Black Women as Tricks

. 01/25/2011 . 12 Comments

In church, at home and in dating relationships, Black women submit to and serve men and give everything they have to dumb ass fools that have no sense, no ability to love, no respect for women, and no redeeming social or emotional value. All they are is pimps – doing whatever they can to get the upper hand and dominate you.

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