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Does Not Telling All Your Business Mean You’re Telling Lies?

. 02/06/2012 . 0 Comments

To avoid being scammed or suffering identity theft, Ms. HeartBeat advises women to keep financial and sexual info to themselves. A reader is livid and says she is telling women to lie to men that deserve to know all a woman’s business. Can men really handle the truth about a woman’s past?

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My Girlfriend is Ruining Our Sex Life

. 02/05/2012 . 2 Comments

A young man writes to seek advice about a problem in his sex life. He wants his girl to do things that she says makes her gag and disgust her. He is frustrated beyond all belief. Can this relationship be saved… should it be?

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Valentine’s Day and Selfish Ass Men

. 02/05/2012 . 83 Comments

Why do so many single Black men resent Valentine’s Day and refuse to do anything special for the woman they claim to love? Why do so many Black women accept being ignored on Valentine’s Day by their man?

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Margaret Sanger and the Eradication of the Black Race Using Planned Parenthood

. 02/04/2012 . 5 Comments

Margaret Sanger has been accused by Black men of starting Planned Parenthood for the sole purpose of eradicating the black race. Are Black women to be denied the right to birth control and abortions to satisfy the demands of black nationalists?

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Cheating in Relationships – Three Days of the Year Women Are Most Likely to Cheat

. 02/03/2012 . 1 Comment

Smart men pay attention to their women. Those that don’t are likely to find out the hard way that their woman is getting her needs met elsewhere. There are three days of each year that women are more prone to cheating, and Valentine’s Day is one of them.

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Tips for Men How to Be a Better Lover

. 02/01/2012 . 0 Comments

How can men divorce proof their relationships? Putting in time, energy and effort to understand a woman’s body and sexual intimacy needs will go a long way towards lowering the divorce rate and becoming a better lover. Arrogance has no place in the bedroom fellas. Listen and learn!

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Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced

. 01/28/2012 . 0 Comments

Many males believe they are owed female attention and a positive response when they approach a woman on the street. The reality is that the woman you are talking to does not know if you are a creeper or a rapist and will treat you accordingly. She can’t see inside your head, and does not know your intentions.

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Black Women Need to Help a Brotha and Date Single Black Men With Potential?

. 01/28/2012 . 4 Comments

Black women must stop believing they are required to “work with a brotha” when said Black male is beneath her, lagging, lacking in certain vital areas of performance and qualifications. Black women deserve to have what they want and need in a mate, just like women of other races.

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Lying Liars and Dating – Why Do People Lie So Much?

. 01/26/2012 . 0 Comments

Talk radio discussion of the many types of lies singles and married couples tell their intimate partners, and why lying is tolerated by women. In certain social settings, lying is actually encouraged! How does lying affect trust and commitment in relationships?

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Why Do Black Men Always Ask Me if I Go to Church?

. 01/25/2012 . 2 Comments

What kind of game is being run by Black men that ask if a woman goes to church immediately upon meeting her? You don’t know the game? Read and learn baby girl, read and learn.

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Female Submission in Dating and Marriage: Why Should Women Submit to Men?

. 01/24/2012 . 4 Comments

Tonight we’ll discuss female submission in Black relationships, the pros and cons of submission if any, and the reasons Black men demand that Black women submit to them. Who really benefits from submission by women?

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Husband Material – What Constitutes a Good Man or Husband Material?

. 01/15/2012 . 5 Comments

Though every woman is different, there are certain standards a man must meet, and basic qualities that a man must possess in order to be considered suitable husband material.

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