He Says/She Says


These two have sparred verbally for months on a wide variety of relationship oriented subjects. They’ll now bring their debates to the public, and share their gender-based perspectives on life, love, men, women, dating, sex, marriage, baby’s mommas/daddies, and whatever you want to see addressed.

Al says: “Welcome to THE EXPERIENCE that is my life. I’m a single black man that loves interesting dialogue about modern relationships. I’m quite an opinionated person, especially on sex, relationships, faith, gender relations, and society. I may piss a couple of people off, but I make many more laugh.”

Deb says: “Al thinks it’s his wit that makes people laugh, but in reality it’s that Cabbage Patch Baby head.  We have some of the best conversations and are happy to be here sharing our insight and experience on dating and relationships.

They agree on absolutely nothing, so this should be interesting!  Look for a controversial new column each Friday.

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