Dating and Jealousy… Why Bother Being Jealous?

. 07/13/2020 . 2 Comments

Controlling, jealous, possessive behaviors have no place in loving relationships; and neither does disrespectful flirting, threatening your partner with abandonment, or cheating. When you truly believe that you deserve to have someone that loves you just as you are, and believe that anyone would be lucky to have you in their corner, you won’t get jealous. You won’t feel threatened by people that try to get at your lover, because you are confident that your mate is truly all about you.

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Breeding the Next Generation of Slaves and Profit for Private Prisons

. 07/10/2020 . 2 Comments

The African American community has the highest rate in the U.S. of single parent homes. Statistically speaking, the children of single parents are at greatest risk of sexual and physical abuse, child rape, and child murder. Abduction into sex slavery is also a concern for these children.

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Interracial Dating Issues With Parents

. 07/06/2020 . 0 Comments

Introduction Interracial relationships, though quite commonplace in 2020, are still confusing to some parents, and downright frowned upon by others. Does love really come painted in a specific color? The issue of interracial romance is examined in the parent/child conflict. As an advice columnist specializing in Black and interracial dating relationships, I frequently receive letters […]

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Are Parents REQUIRED to Help Adult Children?

. 06/26/2020 . 0 Comments

Advice seeker is a single Mom of two toddlers, about to graduate who wonders why her mother won’t allow her to move in for awhile to help ease her burden. Deb explains in detail why the choices we make as adults and the repercussions of those choices are ours and only ours to bear.

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