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D. Eric Harmon teaches African American Cultural Perspectives at Century Community and Technical College in Saint Paul, MN and is the director and producer of the documentaries "Bondage and the Bible" and "The Science of Race."

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The Real Problem of Eddie Long and the Black Church

| 09/30/2010 | Comments (6)
The Real Problem of Eddie Long and the Black Church

This latest addition to a long line of scandals concerning black churches again places the oldest and most enduring African American institution in the cross-hairs of ridicule and derision. Bishop Eddie Long is widely known for his uncompromising opposition to gay sex but is being accused of coercing sex from young boys under his “spiritual” guidance. We thus have all the makings of a Goliath who will certainly fall harder because of his sizeable influence in not only the Atlanta area community, but also because of his vast presence in national and international politics and affairs.

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