Pimping and Playing Men for Profit

| 09/30/2012 | Comments (4)

What is the difference between the upbringing of black girls and white girls – black women are raised to have low budget expectations and take care of men and don’t have game when it comes to playing men for profit, that’s what.

Why is it that black women think they need to avoid the label of gold digger, don’t deserve nice things purchased for them by men, or have to sleep with every knucklehead that comes along? What’s wrong with being a gold digger? Black women think THEY need to pay for dates and buy men gifts! Black women think that THEY need to be the backbone and support for men, not the other way around. And young, beautiful black women that have the goods that men want mess their opportunities up by having babies. WTF do you do that for?

I suggest young black women listen and learn. And if you got the goods, play men and use them to get what you want. Use them while you have them for about 35 years, collect your goods then retire with a solid financial foundation. There is nothing dumber than a woman that sleeps with men for free, and the biggest female pimps, the most skilled at playing men for profit never even touch the guy.

Some black women believe that this lifestyle is unattainable for them because rich men prefer slim, thin, blonde white females, not black women. I disagree and think that black women play THEMSELVES by undervaluing their charms, beauty and intelligence which means they give it all away to undeserving males for free.

What is your take on rinsing men and playing men, using your youth beauty and charms for profit?

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Comments (4)

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  1. Razzy says:

    Yup black women need to learn from these white women and stop selling themselves so short.  I’ve seen so many beautiful women of color broke and saddled with a baby after an encounter with a brother. Stop the madness!  Learn to RINSE!!!

  2. KcRebirthofLoveCelestine says:

    I have asked several of my wealthy men friends, why are black women called gold diggers, and when white women are after their money in the same way it’s more acceptable? I have yet to receive a good answer. in my opinion, I think it’s more acceptable for white women to be in that position is because they are considered more valuable in men eyes. I can’t and will never understand that!!!! Black and Indian women are the most beautiful in my eyes….hands down!! Until women of color are considered beautiful, this type of nonsense will continue………..

    • zipporah says:

      Black and Indian women are usually more beautiful….and they dont even have to bleach their hair–LOL—sometimes, brunette women dont get the men either, but they could dye their hair. I also think this is more of a modern way to be (post 1960s). I’ve heard from my aunts old friends, (aunt would be 100 this year if she lived) say to let a man pay your way, be a lady, dont be EASY, wear a pretty dress and makeup, etc. They even said “Dont let a man ‘outthink you” etc

  3. Rainashaw says:

    @MsHeartBeat Great article! I love how you keep it real. I just told this fool to get lost 4 trying to be cheap. Don’t do small time at all!

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