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Creator & Freelance Writer for The Black Feminista (www.theblackfeminista.com). Frequently contributes blog posts and writings to SurvivingDating.Com.

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Triple Consciousness and the Black Woman

. 02/08/2013 . 0 Comments

W.E.B Du Bois was a brilliant man.  He was an important contributing factor to the new social science named sociology and one of the greatest writers of the African American experience.  He introduced the concept of “Double Consciousness”, the way that African Americans viewed themselves, individually and as a group, through the eyes of the […]

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A Letter to My Molester – Inmate K53771 Jimmie L. Hunt

. 11/09/2012 . 0 Comments

Kathy Henry, a survivor of child sexual molestation and abuse, bravely pens a letter to her mother’s boyfriend – the man who molested her repeatedly over a period of four years.

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The Case for Male Virginity

. 11/28/2011 . 2 Comments

A real man is one who can live up to the responsibilities he created, not by the number of dizzy broads he is currently sexing. Perhaps its time to reconsider the value of virginity for males.

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Black Womanhood in America

. 10/23/2011 . 2 Comments

Guest blogger Kathy Henry shares her thoughts and observations on the many ways society and the media discounts, demonizes and attacks Black women.

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