Dating the Man Confused About Confidence vs Dominance

| 06/21/2012 | Comments (1)

What is the difference between the dominant male and the male with confidence? Most men don’t seem to understand the difference, and why confident men win women’s hearts and bodies while the guy that stands back gets ignored.

So what do you say to a man that believes “all women, even if its unintentional, like jerks and douches because they are manlier than a nice guy.  Because these guys dominate, they could be what people would call a dick. Men that are douches get more women than nice guys?”

We have the answer!

Sadly, there are many single men of all races that believe what women are attracted to is dominant, domineering men (jerks), when in reality what women are attracted to is men with confidence in who and what he is. CONFIDENT men, not jerks, not douche bags, and not dicks.

Yet it seems most of the guys frequently requested by women, those that refer to themselves as “nice guys” don’t seem to understand the difference between dominance and confidence.  Is it true that nice guys are put in the friend zone and rejected for romance, or is it women are really rejecting men that lack confidence in their masculinity?

If you’ve been stuck in THE FRIEND ZONE, or think you must turn into a jerk to get women, you need to listen to this broadcast. Quickly learn the difference between the dominant or domineering man, the weak and spineless man, and the man of quiet confidence. We’ll also provide you with examples of what each of those three behaviors looks like in when dating or in a relationship.

Call 347-327-9215 to participate in the broadcast, or log on and participate in the lively chat room discussions. The chatr oom is usually poppin! The Date Smarter Not Harder Relationships Talk Show is one of the most popular and long-running shows on BlogTalkRadio! Please join us!


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  1. zipporah says:

    It’s not that these man want a submissive woman, they want a DOORMAT! ;and too many confuse the two–many women confuse them as well–I CANT believe these doods are sooo cheap.I’ve seen this kneegro suggest this on youtube! Dutch! WOMEN work today just as much and have to commute just as far to work

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