Properly Vetting Men: Deborrah Cooper’s How To Guide for Vetting Men

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How to Avoid Dead-End Relationships by Properly Vetting Men

couple with poor communication and lack of intimacy vetting men how to vet

Your face when you realize you didn’t vet him well at all

For the past 28 years, I’ve received letter after letter from women expressing their pain and confusion about a relationship gone bad. In 90% of the cases, it was obvious from the outset that the guy they’re writing about presented numerous questionable behaviors or attitudes contradictory to the woman’s stated goals. I mean, who WANTS to get into a relationship to get played, lied to, or strung along with empty promises?

Yet, in story after story, I could clearly see red flags waving in the early months of the relationship, sometimes in the first few days! Why do so many women either not understand what they are seeing, or choose to ignore the risks of continuing on with THIS fella? Why do so many women put sparks (sexual attraction) at the top of their list, ignoring things like integrity, honesty, faithfulness, a strong work ethic and sense of fairness, great communication skills, etc.?

What Does Vetting Men Mean and Why Should I Do It?

As we all grow older, our goal switches from having a good time party boy boyfriend to finding a stable, loving man who wants a wife and family to love. The role of dating is to guide you through the process of meeting men, spending time with them and asking the right questions to determine if he offers the qualities and lifestyle that you want. Unfortunately, for some women, having a relationship is more important than who they are having the relationship with. When you properly vet the men you meet, you will quickly eliminate all those who do not meet your standards, have similar values morals and life goals.

How Do I Go About Vetting Men?

In this video I addressed dozens of questions women have about how to screen out the waste of time guys, screen in the good guys, and properly vet men before they commit.

Some of the questions answered:

vetting men, how to vet, what is vetting, breaking up

Vetting pushed Mr. Wrong right on out the door!

  • What does it mean to vet or screen a man who wants to get to know me?
  • How do I vet the men I’m dating before I take it to the next level?
  • When I see a red flag and want to end things, how should I do it?
  • What questions should I be asking on the first date, third dates, before I sleep with him?
  • The 90-day mark seems to be important in dating…how does it play out when vetting men?
  • Does the vetting process ever end?
  • How do I vet the men I meet to make sure they are single and being real…not just saying what I want to hear?

Every young woman of marriageable age looking for love MUST know the process of vetting men, and refuse to rush into anything without vetting him thoroughly first.

This video is longer than usual, but that’s because there is a TON of vital material, examples and questions to cover. Grab a notepad and a pen and get ready for a serious life lesson from advice columnist Deborrah Cooper.

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