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Properly Vetting Men: Deborrah Cooper’s How To Guide for Vetting Men

| 11/22/2018 | Comments (0)
Properly Vetting Men: Deborrah Cooper's How To Guide for Vetting Men

Every young woman of marriageable age looking for love MUST know the process of vetting men, and refuse to rush into anything without vetting him thoroughly first. Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper sets out in detail the process for properly vetting men, eliminating those with incompatibilities before you get hurt.

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Hypergamy – Why Are MGTOW Men Angry that Women Opt to Marry Up?

| 07/06/2017 | Comments (0)
single women, hypergamy, hypogamy, angry men, husband material

Women who operate with hypergamy in mind are much more pragmatic than romantic. They are not easily gamed on and not easily manipulated with threats and fear of singleness. A hypergamous woman looks for a man who is going to provide stability, make her life easier, make her children’s life better, be interesting, fun, sexy, exciting, and who wants what she wants out of life.

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Webinar Series on Dating and Relationships with Deborrah Cooper

| 06/24/2017 | Comments (0)
Webinar Series on Dating and Relationships with Deborrah Cooper

Attend a free webinar with Deborrah Cooper (aka Ms. HeartBeat) on the second Saturday of each month through 2017. Participants will have the chance to discuss hot issues in black culture, dating, relationship violence and abuse, the games men play, better partner communication, and lots more. Register today.

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MANSPLAINING – Mansplaining Defined

| 03/15/2017 | Comments (0)
MANSPLAINING - Mansplaining Defined

What is mansplaining? When men attempt to redefine women’s use of language and nullify women’s experiences with their own vision, you’ve seen mansplaining in action.

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Manipulative Shit Black Men Say to Make Black Women Jump Through Hoops

| 07/22/2016 | Comments (0)
manipulating men dating single black women

Smooth talk works because black women tend to be very auditory. My hope is that after listening to this series, single black women can quickly identify the sincere guy from the gaming bullshit artist, enabling you to choose wisely to spend your time ONLY with the man who is on the same page in the same book of life that you are.

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Why Asking Men for Closure is a Dumb Move

| 07/10/2016 | Comments (1)
women seeking closure in dating relationships dating advice.

Women tend to act confused when a guy suddenly leaves “a relationship” and stops taking their calls, responding to their texts, coming over to visit, asking them out, etc. They wanna act all brand new like he was the love of their life and their heart is broken into smithereens about Clown Ass Fool #79. […]

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Girlfriend Has Big Boobs but Won’t Show Them Off

| 10/30/2014 | Comments (2)
girlfriend has big boobs

Boyfriend is disturbed because his girlfriend has a great rack (boobs), but won’t wear revealing clothing to show them off. Why benefits does he think he is going to receive from his girl wearing next to nothing?

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I’m heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

| 10/26/2014 | Comments (0)
I'm heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

How do you determine if your boyfriend making contact with his ex is just friendly contact to close doors, or if he is trying to get something going again with her?

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Relationship Research Survey: Important Questions I Should Have Asked

| 12/10/2013 | Comments (0)
advice question submission form

Have you regretted not getting vital information and asking important questions before getting involved in a relationship? “Hindsight is 20/20” as the saying goes, but asking the right questions means we’ll get the right answers and possibly save ourselves from unnecessary heartache.

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Natural Hair and Dating – Does Wearing Natural Hair Impact Dating Options?

| 06/20/2012 | Comments (0)
black women natural hair dating locs braids twists twist-out afro puffs

As more black women drop weaves, relaxers and flat irons in favor of natural hairstyles, they may find that changing over to natural hair can have a great effect on dating options. Natural hair and dating discussed! Call 347-327-9215 to participate in the discussion.

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Dating Communication – Five Tips for Having The Talk

| 06/14/2012 | Comments (0)
Dating Communication - Five Tips for Having The Talk

So you’ve been seeing each other for awhile but not sure whether things are getting serious? It’s time to have “the talk” about what you both want from the relationship. Avoid wasting time in a go-nowhere relationship.

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You Need to Train Men How to Treat You?

| 05/10/2012 | Comments (5)
You Need to Train Men How to Treat You?

Why do so many relationship experts tell single women that they must train men – grown men now, how to treat them? Especially when these guys already know how to treat a woman when in reality some men choose to be ratchet instead of respectful!

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