Hypergamy – Why Are MGTOW Men Angry that Women Opt to Marry Up?

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One of the principles that MGTOW and REDDIT RED PILL men whine most about is hypergamy. What is hypergamy? It is defined as the system of marriage where a young and beautiful woman “marries up”. The preferred marriage under hypergamy is one in which the woman marries a man of an equal or higher social and economic class.

Hypergamy – How Women Choose a Husband

If you have ever watched any Victorian era romance films like Pride and Prejudice (my favorite version is the 1995 one with Colin Furth!), you would have a first-hand glimpse into the concept of “marrying well” for women. Even earlier, women who were princesses married kings for a come up to queen. Women who were daughters of wealthy fathers married other wealthy men with names, title, power, influence which would add to their family’s power and influence. Hypergamous marriages happened all over the world, and the bride had little to no choice in the selection of her husband in these marriages arranged for power or wealth.

So with that historical reference in mind, why do MGTOW guys get angry when a woman passes over their broke, powerless, nothing, angry asses for a man who offers what she wants? I mean, if she marries a man for what he brings to her life, and he marries her for her youth and beauty – how is that affecting them? How does such a marriage impact their lives one bit?

Answer – it doesn’t! But these guys know that their lack of money, lack of power, zero influence, low intellect, and inability to connect emotionally to women is what makes them get rejected time and time again. In their rage they form groups where they whine and vent to each other and fist pump and cry about why women don’t want them.

Then somehow they magically turn that around to proclaim they are going their OWN WAY and don’t want women anyway. Huh? If you don’t want women anyway, why are you wasting your time complaining about women choosing men who aren’t you?

What Hypergamy Means to Women

Women who operate with the hypergamous mindset are much more pragmatic than romantic. They are not easily gamed on and not easily manipulated with threats and fear.

A hypergamous woman looks for a man who is going to provide stability, make her life easier, make her children’s life better, be interesting, fun, sexy, exciting, and who wants what she wants out of life.

Since the MGTOW crew don’t want anything to do with women, OF COURSE they would be passed over as viable mates. Duh! You resent providing for a wife and family! You resent paying child support if you fuck up. You feel entitled to have things your way though you fucked over a woman, her dreams, her love, and her children. Please. You need to be happy she doesn’t shoot your ass!

Why Hypergamous Women Leave Wealthy Men

MGTOW men also don’t understand that even if they provide financially for a woman, they may still be left behind and cheated on because their self-centeredness prevents them from providing for women EMOTIONALLY.

When all you think about is yourself, it will be extremely difficult to damn near impossible for you to consider the perspective and needs of a partner. Having a high romantic value is far more important than having a few dollars.

Hypogamy – The Opposite of Hypergamy

On the other hand are those women balling out of control, who aren’t looking for a man to meet their needs for financial security, as they meet them all by themselves PLUS SOME. What these women are seeking is emotional, mental and psychological security from the man they love. Hypogamous women have no problem paying the bills, taking care of their man financially, and carrying the load of breadwinner all by themselves. Unfortunately, as black women sprint past black males in educational achievement, the probability that more black women will opt for hypogamous relationships with low achieving black males increases.

Check out my eye-opening examination of the mentality of men when it comes to how women of high self-esteem choose a mate they believe is worthy of them, and why he is chosen.

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