Part 4 – Are Black Women Stupid? Stupid Black Women Vaginal Mileage and Wife Worthiness

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In part four of the series which asks “Are Black Women Stupid?” we’ll take a look at the prevalent belief in the black community that black women’s value as a potential wife is measured by what has gone on between her legs. In case you missed Part 3, you can read it here.

Not only do black men believe they have the right to judge and rank women’s value as a date or mate based on their sexual history, thousands of black women accept and endorse abusive language from men in relation to their sexuality and bodies. They are stupid women.

Here are two examples which I recently saw posted on Facebook. You should know that the total amount of people that LIKED the pages the posts appeared on totalled more than 35,000 black men and women.

Statement #1
“It’s hilarious that women who have nothing to bring to the table in a relationship other than sex and warming up food, seem to have the most mouth about what they deserve. Lol. The price of your vagina went down a long time ago and continues to decrease with every man that we have the chance of running into that’s been inside you. If you truly want to be valuable, help a man reach his dreams. If you do that without having a lot of mouth, you have the potential to be irreplaceable to him. Other than that, you’re just another name on the list of girls that have been knocked off by guys you don’t even truly love. I’m not downing you. I’m just trying to show you how to become priceless to a ‘good’ man.”

The second page is operated by a black male that apparently HATES women. I mean with a passion that borders on the obsessed. The verbal and emotional abuse he spews is the most toxic, hateful trash I’ve seen posted online in years. Yet more than 20,000 stupid black women LIKE his page!

Statement #2
“Hey,…..Single mommas!

Reality check!


So what goes IN that FUCKER and what comes OUT of that stinky FUCKER,…..


So if some dumbass is ALLOWED to get IN YOUR PUSSY


If some DUMBASS’S SPERM is allowed to penetrate your EGGS..



If some DUMBASS’S BABY comes OUT of your STANK REGION, …


UNLESS your dumbass was RAPED, YOU are in TOTAL control of YOUR body/VAGINA..

IT’S time you NUMBNUTS take responsibility for YOUR SHIT and stop blaming some man because YOUR pussy jumped on some man’s dick and SURPRISE SURPRISE you got that dick’s baby….



Stupid Black Women View Abusive Male Judgements and Conversation as the Norm

Why do black women accept and cosign with a man that would talk to them in such a manner? Why have so many black women normalized abusive behaviors by Black men? Why do so many black women accept judgements from black men that their value lies strictly between their legs and is based on what she has done with her own vagina?stupid black women accept abuse as the norm

Never mind that surveys indicate that 67% of men feel that having oral sex from another woman while married isn’t cheating. Never mind that surveys indicate that 100% of heterosexual men that get oral sex from another man don’t consider themselves gay.

Men have all kinds of loopholes for themselves with regards to their own sexuality, but readily dismiss a woman that has had even a few romantic partners as being a whore, unworthy of being “wifed up.”


Stupid Black Women Think They Need to be Helpmeets to Men to Qualify as Wife Material

Black women were agreeing with Statement #1 above, cosigning with the author and saying that modern women don’t want to be “helpmeets” to their men.

This is the part that got me right here: “If you truly want to be valuable, help a man reach his dreams. If you do that without having a lot of mouth, you have the potential to be irreplaceable to him!”

So, going by what he says a woman “must do” or “must be” to be considered as valuable by this clown, a woman must

  1. Have a low mileage vagina
  2. Have second sight and be able to see years into the future and know who his friends and family might be even though you haven’t even met HIM yet so you don’t sleep with someone he might possibly now, in the past or in the future meet
  3. Cook and clean to his approval
  4. Have sex but not with too much skill lest he think you are a freak and a ho
  5. Understand that you have no right to demand more for yourself than what HE thinks you deserve
  6. Listen to his dreams
  7. Help him reach his dreams even if it means sacrificing  yours because that is how you prove you are a true “helpmeet”
  8. Not have too much to say that HE thinks isn’t worth listening to
  9. Understand that unless HE thinks you were “truly in love” your feelings about your prior relationships don’t count
  10. Do all these things with no promises of anything solid since all he is really promising is “the potential to be irreplaceable”

In other words, you’d be knocking yourself out auditioning to be his wife with no commitment from the man, and no guarantees of anything other than being used up and tossed aside when he got what he wanted from you.

That nigga is stupid, and any woman that buys into his nonsense is stupid too.

Real Men Do Not Look for Women’s Help Like Big Ass Babies

See, the way my father raised me is in direct contradiction to the church-taught belief that a woman should be helping a man do, be and become the man he should be.

My Daddy, Uncles and Grandfather were adamant that we girls are never help a man do SHIT. They all believed that if a male cannot do it on his own as a man should, then he doesn’t deserve a woman because he is not ready. My father said if a nigga needs help he is supposed to get it from his family or his friends or a bank, not a woman.

According to the men in my family, a man cannot be a leader, out in front, or call himself a man if he is needy and dependent upon a woman’s “help” to become the man he should be on his own. A man is supposed to (according to my Dad and uncles and grandfather) have things to offer a woman and his children, not be half stepping and dependent upon her to “help” him do anything.

I am wondering if this is a generational difference… not that it is an excuse, just wondering if women’s expectations about men have dropped so low that they are willing to accept anything breathing with a penis and call him their “man.”

Younger black men seem to think they deserve to have women help them be men. Older black men think they don’t deserve anything if they need a woman to help them do it, because they feel their role is to protect and provide for THEIR WOMAN all by themselves.

Interesting, don’t you think?

These guys kill me thinking they are empowered with the vision of sight and have the right to share their OPINION about women and vaginal purity as the standard by which ALL MEN determine a woman’s worth. The guy that posted Statement #1 above is so confused about female sexuality, his sexism and sense of gender superiority so blatant it’s not even funny.

Again, can someone please explain to me why a woman should help him do anything? What’s in it for HER???

The narcissism of these types of guys is unbelievable. And for any female to cosign on that garbage shows how male dominated and stupid she is. Every female that LIKED that trash has broadcast to the world that she is an easy mark, easily manipulated and controlled by men.

Stupid Black Women Fall for the Vaginal Purity Okey Doke

Black churches are full of sexually frustrated single women adhering to some old crazy belief system about saving themselves for men. Of course the men they are saving themselves for aren’t in church at all, but are out having a grand old time.  Even those that DO go to church and quote scripture get their freak on when they get ready… they just pray about it afterwards. These guys are enjoying their life and bachelorhood by sharing their bodies with a variety of women, experiencing life and love and sexuality as human beings are designed to do.

Yet black women caught up in the vaginal purity mess mistakenly believe that their value rises to men because they’ve kept their legs closed. Ha!

Ladies, don’t you think if that were true and if purity was what black men were TRULY looking for, every single sistah walking in Christ up in a church would have been snatched up and married a long time ago?

Instead, church Brothas usually go outside of church to find a wife – a woman that is comfortable with her body, and comfortable with talking about and engaging in sexual activity. Instead of a woman saving herself or married to Jesus, he gets a woman that has sexual experience because she knows how to touch him, talk to him, curl his toes and make him scream her name at night.

THAT is what men really want, but they lie because keeping women in a state of “purity” maintains high Pussy Reserves. To the average black man pussy in reserve is worth more than all the gold in the Federal Reserve Bank!

Black Men Like Stupid Black Women Who Don’t Know Their Value

Contrast the mindset of black women with the stated value black men say they place on virginal purity. If what they say is true, then every man should be chomping at the bit to secure a beautiful woman who is damn near a virgin no matter what the cost, right?

However, some months ago a 20 year old Brazilian woman sold her virginity to the highest bidder. The winning bid went to a Japanese man for $780,000. Black men and some women were in an uproar, practically foaming at the mouth they were so outraged. They accused Ms. Migiliorini of being noting but a prostitute, but I think she is a smart woman. The trend seems to have caught on, with another young Brazilian woman set up an online auction to sell her virginity as well earlier this year.

If men place such a value on purity as they claim, let them pay for it! After all, men pay for pussy in one way or another. Payment comes in many different forms… the form of a dinner check at a 5-star restaurant, cold cash for shopping, expensive gifts and trips, or an engagement ring and a wedding.

The bottom line here is that no matter how you choose to handle your sexuality as a woman, what you do with your pussy is no one’s business but yours. No man has the right to judge you for what you did with it, or condemn you for making him give you what you want or need in exchange for it.

Whether you want his heart or a house, his last name or his last dollar – it’s your decision.  You are worthy and wonderful just like you are, with all the experiences you’ve had and all the people you’ve met contributing to make you the wonderful, passionate, sexually skilled woman that you are.

Take a look at my video which explains why women should stop believing they need to audition to be a wife and stop seeking male approval about what they’ve done with their vagina.

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  1. palefloret says:

    Razzy Amuro I think it has a lot to do with so many black women don’t pass things down to their daughters.  You learn something through the life of hard knocks pass it down so your daughters will know and heed it and even if they don’t won’t spend a long time making the same mistakes their mothers may have. 
    I remember all these black books of black version (usually a hot mess) of books by white authors (the books many should have read instead most of the time) telling black women they needed to do this or that, we were too this and that and when black women worked to change then all of a sudden the things they changed were bad until many realized that these folks would never be happy.  The problem is this wasn’t passed down to many black girls.  I guess it’s the I went through it found this out and you will too mess.  No!  We have to tell our daughters straight up what’s going on.

  2. palefloret says:

    Razzy gralan02 black folks were religious before we ended up in the Americas.  White people have no monopoly on religion

  3. gfarria says:

    More comedy, thanks for the laughs.  I really like how you base an entire article off of two…wait for it…”facebook posts”….classic….too funny….you crack me up….

  4. Razzy says:

    This ain’t got nothing to do with white folks.  This is because of religion. But then again, you may be right, since religion was created by white folks…. in a round about way, they could be to blame, but then so what.  Blame shifting doesn’t change anything.  Change your mind black men about how you view women.

  5. Razzy says:

    Amuro And what exactly if your definition of treating a black woman with respect looks like?  What is your attitude towards a black woman?  You are right up there with these knuckleheads that have that funky attitude towards black women. Rather than look at the black man, here you are blaming the ‘ victim’, the black women.  If black men didn’t have these funky attitudes as this article described towards black women and this wasn’t so prevalent, then we would have more healthy relationships with black men and women.

  6. gralan02 says:

    Lest all of you remember is that all this strife is being caused by white interference in our daily lives. Stated more clearly is the fact that we are trying to coping white people and it just doesn’t work. And you all know that the other cultural and racial groups are not having all these problems because THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WAYS OF DOING THINGS that serve their interest.

  7. Amuro says:

    This whole article is just hilarious. It kind of explains why some of the types of women that these men attempted to describe don’t know how to act when a man treats them with respect. They’re just dumbfounded and can’t believe it o well thats why the black family is dead. Black women and black men killed it.

  8. Razzy says:

    That second dude who posted his garbage is most likely gay and hasn’t come out yet or maybe he has.  Males who post this venom about women’s vjay in this regard using those expressions, with all that anger and repulsiveness tone towards a woman’s vjay, are men who don’t like Vjay themselves and/or afraid of it.  So they must like dyck.

    • GoneInternational says:

      Razzy I was thinking that this is more than likely something he’s always wanted to say to his single mother. He’s clearly still upset that she picked his loser father who abandoned them both. This is classic I hate my mother for picking a no good man to be my father.

  9. Razzy says:

    Fantastic article.  It’s sad really how so many black women co-sign to enraged, black male drivel.  They jump on the band wagon and think a black male is helping them, when all he is doing is spewing verbal abuse.  The black community as a whole has normalized abuse (verbal, physical, emotional, psychological).  They don’t even recognize it when they hear it, see it and feel it.  
    Black men do have a sense of entitlement.  The black male cretins who both posted obviously have obvious hate for women.  They are quick to talk about what a woman needs to do in order to be a helpmeet to them, but not once do they talk about what they bring to the table to be a helpmeet to the woman!  With most black males, behind bars, most in menial low incoming wage earning jobs, most high school drop out, most not even going on to college and pursuing higher ed or even earning a degree, black males as a whole aren’t bringing shit to the table in comparison to black women other than a sense of entitlement and a hard dyck.
    Black women are so churchified they seem to think that is enough!  They fall for the okey doke. That is why black women need to get their azzes out of church. Religion was created to keep women mired under and males in control of them.  If anything, black males of today aren’t worthy of women.  They are bottom dwellers who are broke, and shuffling around with nothing going for them and they are looking for a mommy who will also sex them up all roled up into one. (It’s downright nasty). 
    A black male who wants a mommy figure to ‘help him come up in the world, and to give him sex when he needs it, in other words to treat him like a little boy but have sex with him is one seriously fucked up dude and the women that fall for that are as fucked up as that male.
    Black women get a clue!!! Get some self esteem, and have some standards for yourself!  This type of mindset is sickening.

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