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Failure is Part of the Game of Life and Love!

. 05/07/2011 . 1 Comment

If you are never willing to risk striking out and experiencing failure, you’ll never give yourself the opportunity to hit the ball out of the park and become a winner!

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Will.I.Am Says Women That Possess Condoms Are Tacky

. 05/06/2011 . 11 Comments

In a recent interview Black Eye Peas frontman Will.I.Am shared his views on female sexuality, growing up fatherless, losing his virginity, and ass cleaning.

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Why Men Hate Dating Single Mothers

. 03/13/2011 . 70 Comments

Some men are hesitant to date a woman with children, and have a long list of reasons they feel such a relationship is more trouble than it’s worth. Recognizing their fears though, single Moms can approach the dating arena armed with knowledge and ready to deal with male fears head on!

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Why Men Need to Stop Watching So Much Porn

. 02/14/2011 . 31 Comments

If you are a guy that watches porn, and think you should emulate moves and have sex with women like the guys do in the movies, you have a lot to learn.

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Black Authors: How to Self-Publish, Market and Promote Your African American Book

. 02/04/2011 . 0 Comments

Avoid making the mistakes other first-time Black authors have made when self-publishing their works. Make your journey to published author of an African American book an exciting and rewarding one with these tips!

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Racist White Advice Columnists Cannot Help Black Women

. 12/12/2010 . 2 Comments

In August 2010, a young Black female that used the on-air name “Jade” called in to the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show seeking advice on how to handle her White husband and her husband’s redneck friends. Dr. Laura responded to her questions by repeatedly using the word “nigga!” – a total of 11 times in just five minutes. Isn’t it time for Dr. Laura’s old dried up racist ass to retire?

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Let’s Bring “NO!” Back to Parenting

. 12/08/2010 . 4 Comments

Why is it that so many parents are afraid to say the word “no!” to their children? I’ve observed parents being kicked, punched, yelled at, talked to with disrespect and whined half to death by their bratty, spoiled monsters. Why can’t they tell them to stop screaming, stop acting a fool, and do it now because I said so! Join me as I launch the Let’s Bring “NO!” Back campaign!

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Raising the Academic Achievement Levels of Black Students

. 12/02/2010 . 5 Comments

School is NOT where the foundation for learning and future academic achievement should be established for black students. That process must begin at home. Here are some suggestions on how to create a positive learning environment for your future black scholar.

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The Urban Legend That is The Willie Lynch Letter

. 11/16/2010 . 11 Comments

Every few years a new generation of Black Americans see The Willie Lynch Letter for the first time and falls prey to the nonsensical fraud. Flatly, the Willie Lynch letter is an urban legend and there is no such person as Willie Lynch the slave trainer.

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African American Bloggers Carnival

. 11/02/2010 . 0 Comments

Quality blogs run by Black bloggers promoted free by the African American Bloggers Carnival. Submit your blog post link here for consideration in our listing which means additional exposure for your quality writing.

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What Black Women Think About Street Harassment

. 10/29/2010 . 2 Comments

Street harassment is a form of sexual harassment and a common behavior of Black men. Some mistakenly believe their touching and words are no big deal; Sistah Girl explains why they need to get a clue!

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Research Survey: Preyed Upon in God’s House

. 10/03/2010 . 0 Comments

Research survey on the predatory behaviors of men within our nation’s religious institutions. Instead of worshipping God, women/children are viewed as prey by child molesters and opportunists.

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