Educated Lames, Classic Men, True Forced Loneliness, and Whining Ass Black Men

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Educated Lames aka Losers Are Trying to Rebrand Themselves

Some years ago I did a video about the educated black male who thought he was all of that, and who felt cheated and angry that the dime piece women he thought he’d be rewarded with were in fact ignoring him completely. In that video I coined the term “NIGNORE” which in essence means “ignore a nigga” – and titled the video WHY BLACK WOMEN PUT PROFESSIONAL EDUCATED BLACK MEN ON NIGNORE. In spite of the fact that these guys had met the basic qualifications for responsible manhood by going to school, securing gainful employment or starting a business, purchasing a car, condo or home, etc. – they were still not attractive to women as a whole and they were PISSED.

educated lames

Relationships for Women Are About What Men
Say and Do, and How That Makes Her Feel

There are large groups of them beating their chests and mouthing off all over YouTube, making video after video complaining (whining) about how women are forcing them to be horny, lonely and single because they aren’t getting chosen by women. They are enraged and call women bitches, whores, bedwenches, thots and all kinds of other things. They seem to be unaware that showing their face on these pages, and calling women horrible names is not going to make a woman want them!

I tried to explain how women have different needs, and a different type of man will be attractive to each woman. There is no one standard for womanhood, no one qualification which is deemed desirable by women. So in spite of their complaints that women don’t know how to choose a man, or that black women prefer “thugs” and Pookie ‘nem. In reality they aren’t offering women anything that she cannot supply for herself, so they are left on the sidelines steeped in anger and horniness.

Educated Lames and Classic Men?

Educated lames are men with no social skills and who are rejected over and over again by women. They think that being an educated wallet is enough to get a woman – while they give the woman nothing that she needs like time, attention, kindness, consideration, emotional intimacy, and true love. A provider must give emotional support and heartfelt intimacy as well if he wants his woman to feel fulfilled and to never leave him.educated lames

So now that they are tired of being called educated lames, they want to fluff up their egos by rebranding themselves “classic men.” Classic means timeless, and classics have value. Classics are collectibles. Classics have proven themselves to hold value through time.

These guys are not classic men at all.

  • Classic men are all married and got married young.
  • Classic men focused their youth on building so that when they married they would have something to offer a bride.
  • Classic men all have families with children.
  • Classic men take care of their homes and everyone in it.
  • Classic men provide so their wives don’t have to work outside the home.
  • Classic men take pride in protecting their loved ones and communities.
  • Classic men led change and fought for the rights of black people.
  • Classic men do whatever needed to be done without whining and complaining.
  • Classic men are gentlemen – opening doors, tipping their hats, walking on the outside, paying for dates.
  • Classic men are builders and know how to use tools, repair things, and create.
  • Classic men are there for their children and don’t abuse or abandon them.

So you see, when you have guys who are single, don’t want to pay for a date, aren’t looking to be married, refuse to talk to women with respect, have no clue how to build or create anything, don’t want to pay child support, and love to talk about slapping beating and anally raping women — well, not too much “classic” or even classy about these chaps. They are still and always will be educated lames suffering from true forced loneliness because they suck.

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