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MANSPLAINING – Mansplaining Defined

| 03/15/2017 | Comments (0)
MANSPLAINING - Mansplaining Defined

What is mansplaining? When men attempt to redefine women’s use of language and nullify women’s experiences with their own vision, you’ve seen mansplaining in action.

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Do Black Men Want a Momma Figure They Can Screw?

| 02/05/2017 | Comments (0)
Peter Pan Syndrome men want to be nurtured catered to and spoiled by substitute momma figures

Infantilized black men are rampant in the black community these days – men who seek to avoid the responsibilities and obligations of adulthood by depending on single black women women to take care of, spoil and nurture them as a replacement momma.

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Educated Lames, Classic Men, True Forced Loneliness, and Whining Ass Black Men

| 02/02/2017 | Comments (0)
educated lames classic men true forced loneliness

Educated lames are men with degrees who have no skills with women at all, and are therefore single, angry, horny and lonely. They blame women for their “true forced loneliness” an affliction they claim that women give them by ignoring their needs. I say they are all full of crap and here is why.

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Single Women – Get Up on Game for Smarter Dating

| 09/10/2016 | Comments (0)
controlling relationships abusive relationships single black women single black men

A series of videos which examine the games black men run on single women and girls to get you to stay with them hoping for more, giving to them in a vacuum, focusing on them in a one-sided relationship, and worrying about keeping THEM happy while they do little to nothing in return for you. You deserve to have a loving union which is fulfilling and supportive…not some one-sided pimp player crap masquerading as “a relationship” that leaves you feeling empty and depleted.

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When Black Men Bring Up Butthurt and Bitches from the Past

| 07/29/2016 | Comments (0)
single black men Bringing up butthurt and broads from the past

His goal? To control your behavior towards him, and manipulate you with jealousy into bending over backwards and jumping through hoops to prove that you aren’t like those other bitches who hurt him. He has set you up to be in competition with his past, so you (unaware of the game) commence to doing too much to prove that you’re better, more down, a serious ride or die chick that knows how to treat a man!

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What it Means When a Single Black Man Says I’m Not Ready

| 07/22/2016 | Comments (0)
go with the flow, commitment avoiders, commitment phobic, single black men, games singles play

If you want marriage and children, does it make sense to wait around for years and years, investing more time and energy into a man who has already told you that he is not ready for all that and doesn’t know when he will be? Advice columnist, social researcher and dating expert Deborrah Cooper discusses the frustrating but extremely common issue of the man who gives mixed messages by saying one thing and doing another.

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Manipulative Shit Black Men Say to Make Black Women Jump Through Hoops

| 07/22/2016 | Comments (0)
manipulating men dating single black women

Smooth talk works because black women tend to be very auditory. My hope is that after listening to this series, single black women can quickly identify the sincere guy from the gaming bullshit artist, enabling you to choose wisely to spend your time ONLY with the man who is on the same page in the same book of life that you are.

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Guess What Ms. HeartBeat – I’m Dating a Stripper!

| 07/19/2013 | Comments (1)
Guess What Ms. HeartBeat - I'm Dating a Stripper!

Do you think we can have a healthy and lengthy relationship? I really don’t have a problem with where she works if I don’t think about it too much. I mean if we started dating before she started stripping and she told me she wanted to be a stripper, I would totally be against it. But since it’s what she was doing when I met her, I accept it because I feel that I don’t have the right to change her or ask her to change.

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Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome (RFS) Symptoms and Pathology in Black Women

| 06/13/2013 | Comments (2)
Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome (RFS) Symptoms and Pathology in Black Women

Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome or RFS is a recently recognized affliction suffered by millions of black women, most of whom are unaware of the disease or its symptoms such as SICKOFYOURSHITitis and NIGGAPLEASEitis.

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This is NOT A Free Speech Zone

| 03/26/2013 | Comments (1)
This is NOT A Free Speech Zone

You have no rights of free speech on this web page. You speak like you have some sense and your comments will be posted. You can disagree with anything written here, but you best do it in a respectful way. Pretend like your momma is reading it and check yourself.

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Day 5 – 40 Days of Rain on DBR Black Men: You Are Not a King

| 03/07/2013 | Comments (1)
Day 5 - 40 Days of Rain on DBR Black Men: You Are Not a King

Black men running amuck in the black community are hardly kings though they bestow that title to themselves. They are fools, not men. They destroy rather than create; crush rather than uplift, and kill spirits and people rather than bring forth joy and happiness. They are, in many instances, barely human. They are certainly NOT Kings.

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Day 4 – 40 Days of Rain on FUBAR Black Men – Racking Up Pussy Points

| 03/06/2013 | Comments (4)
cheating husband gaming on women player black men commitment

Most young black men are focused on nothing but their dick. They focus on getting it wet at every opportunity, and shoving it in as many holes as they can find and fill. Why aren’t black males focusing on achievement of greatness instead of acquisition of pussy?

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