Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome (RFS) Symptoms and Pathology in Black Women

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Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome or RFS, is a recently recognized affliction suffered by millions of black women. Most do not know they have it. As the toxic rhetoric is dispensed on a daily basis over the course of most black women’s lives, most have built up at least a moderate resistance to it over the years.Woman suffering from rhetoric fatigue syndrome

However, Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome can be damaging long-term to a woman’s self-esteem, mental and emotional health, and perceptions of the male gender.  RFS is the umbrella term for a vast array of maladies such as:


just to name a few. A further, often overlooked symptom of RFS includes instant headache and blurred eyesight whenever a black man asks a black woman to solve their behavior (i.e., “how do you plan on preventing further damage in the future”) or places blame on society (i.e., the white people who have been plotting on the demise of the black community) for their behavior.  Other signs and symptoms that you may be suffering from RFS include

  • You are mentally exhausted from hearing black men refer to women that don’t agree with them or kiss their ass as being “bitter” or “angry” or “single” or “feminists” or “man bashers”.
  • You believe you might burst into flames if you hear one more black man say “that’s why black men are going to women of other countries or races!”
  • You are perpetually astonished at the amount of egotistical butt hurt expressed by black men who set themselves up as authorities on “what black men think” who are subsequently ignored or ridiculed by black women.
  • After a conversation with a black man, you may walk around with an astonished look on your face complete raised eyebrows and your mouth in an “OHMYGAWD NO HE DIDN’T!” shape.

In advanced stages of RFS, women experience instant migraines upon hearing the words ‘Willie Lynch’ and/or ‘it all goes back to slavery’. Relief is temporarily experienced when black men actually take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others, but that relief is often short lived.

Join us on Friday, June 14th 2013 at 6:30 pm PST/9:30 pm EST as we discuss RFS, its symptoms and the many different types of ways RFS affects black women worldwide. Call in to share your thoughts on the air at 347-327-9215

black woman suffering from Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome

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  1. Deborrah says:

    SexyNSoulful You are full of shit.

  2. SexyNSoulful says:

    I read you post on The REAL Beauty of Black RelationshipsThis is the comment I left there:
    Personally, I am sick of black women who complain about black men and black men who complain about black women. I know that there is good and bad in our communities but I choose to dwell on the good. If black women are unhappy with black men who don’t treat them well, why are you continuously picking that type of man? Are you the person you want to be with? If so, that is who you will attract. The same goes for black men. Instead of all of this in fighting we need to start creating within ourselves and within our children our ideals. We need to get over this type of stupidity and self righteousness and start doing things to make changes in our communities. When you are positive, you attract positive. But when you are negative, that is all you will see and all you will get.

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