Sexual Fetish – She’s Dating “Tickle Me” Tyrone!

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Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
My boyfriend Tyrone has a weird fetish – tickling. When we have sex he says he wants to tie me up and tickle me with his vast tickling toy collection. I always just say “not tonight Hun, don’t spoil it!”, but I can’t do that forever. Is his behavior normal?

Not Sure About This Dude

Dear Not Sure:
For those unfamiliar with the term, a fetish is something you need in addition to or instead of a partner in order to reach full sexual arousal and orgasm.

Research I’ve reviewed on the subject indicate that males are more into fetishes than females, though many people need the stimulation provided by a variety of acceptable, somewhat interesting, to downright freaky weird things and behaviors.

Examples of fetishes are:

  • A fixation on feet or toes and foot worship
  • Being beaten with belts or riding crops
  • Stockings and high heels
  • Being tied up and forced to have sex
  • Wearing diapers and sucking on a bottle
  • Female domination male submission or vice versa
  • Urination and Golden Showers
  • Leather, vinyl, silk or other fabrics
  • Sex with animals
  • Choking just to the point of passing out
  • Pornography

Other, less repulsive or damaging to relationship fetishes might involve the woman wearing certain types of shoes, body parts (like big butts or breasts), lingerie, long hair, red lipstick or certain types of jewelery.

Many women report that their man’s fetishes make them feel less desirable and attractive as a woman, and instead like an instrument in his arousal game.  The woman feels like her body is just there to be used, as there is certainly no emotional intimacy connected to the sexual escapades of the couple.

Bottom line though, if you aren’t comfortable with his sexual interests, and you find them appalling, disgusting, disturbing, painful or confusing, then he isn’t the man for you. Cut it off NOW before your self-esteem and self image are irreparably damaged.

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