How Will I Know if a Guy is in Love With Me?

| 08/22/2010 | Comments (1)

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
How will I know if a guy’s in love with me? What kind of signs will he show?

Want to Know

Dear Want to Know:
Not good to guess because men will often be heading in that direction and not quite there yet or ready to acknowledge it to themselves.

Some women start pressuring for a commitment once they feel they are in love, R they get an attitude when it seems the guy isn’t in love and they think he should  be.  So be very careful with reading what you think are signs he does or doesn’t love you and any reactionary behaviors.

Now for some signs that show great interest and maybe even love…

Guys in love want to be around you (they make up the dumbest excuses or show up even if they can only be with you for 10 minutes).  They want to look at and touch you, do things for you.  They smile at you a lot, give you gifts (big and expensive or small and thoughtful), sacrifice time or resources to do things with or for you, that kind of thing.

Most of the time men do have a hard time working up the nerve to say the words, but when they feel it the words cannot be held back. Keep in mind though that you might not hear them frequently and probably not when YOU want to hear them!

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  1. MissTaylor says:

    I slipped up and told him i love him the way he is… he asked me if i love him… and i told him yes that i love alot of things about him.. but i never said i love you and never brought it up again or considered saying it..and he hasnt said it either… these articles are making me so happy that i took a sharp left turn away from those 3 words, no matter how much i think i feel it.

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