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Pastor John Gray and Aventer Gray: The Burden of a Build-a-Man Project

. 11/24/2018 . 0 Comments

From my perspective after listening to Pastor John Gray’s interview on TV ONE, anyone who listens to Pastor John Gray, an admittedly confused and broken man, who depends upon this lost male for spiritual guidance, is seriously in need of a reality check. Such individuals also would appear to have less confidence and belief in themselves, and lower self esteem than Pastor John Gray has in himself.

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How the Black Church Destroyed My Marriage and My Life

. 08/08/2012 . 17 Comments

One man shares his heartwrenching story of how love was ruined by twisted scripture and unethical men in the black church. A sad tale of how the black church impacted one man’s wife, destroyed his marriage and ruined his life.

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Pastor Sexual Abuse in Black Churches Must Not be Defended by Black Women

. 07/17/2012 . 2 Comments

Pastor sexual abuse occurs frequently in black churches, yet black female congregants are quick to forgive and often defend the pastor’s criminal actions while blaming the victim. Both behaviors must stop.

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Why do Single Black Women Demand That Men Go to Church With Them?

. 06/04/2012 . 5 Comments

Black women and their focus on church attendance causes problems in many relationships. Demanding that a man attend church services when he is not a religious person is a sure-fire way to end up single and lonely in your black church.

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The Romantic Adventures of Sistah Girl

. 10/16/2010 . 3 Comments

In the first video of the Sistah Girl series, she sits down and has a chat with the #1 man in her life about the future of their relationship. The catch is her boo thang just happens to be Bishop Eddie Long!

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10-16-10 The Black Church and the Bible Keep Black Women Down

. 10/11/2010 . 3 Comments

Can Black people accept that to break free of limitations placed on our minds, achievements and relationships by Christianity, it may require that we remove the Bible from our lives? Jeremiah Camara guests.

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Research Survey: Preyed Upon in God’s House

. 10/03/2010 . 0 Comments

Research survey on the predatory behaviors of men within our nation’s religious institutions. Instead of worshipping God, women/children are viewed as prey by child molesters and opportunists.

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The Real Problem of Eddie Long and the Black Church

. 09/30/2010 . 6 Comments

This latest addition to a long line of scandals concerning black churches again places the oldest and most enduring African American institution in the cross-hairs of ridicule and derision. Bishop Eddie Long is widely known for his uncompromising opposition to gay sex but is being accused of coercing sex from young boys under his “spiritual” guidance. We thus have all the makings of a Goliath who will certainly fall harder because of his sizeable influence in not only the Atlanta area community, but also because of his vast presence in national and international politics and affairs.

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Rev Al Sharpton and Deborrah Cooper Discuss The Black Church

. 09/11/2010 . 2 Comments

Reverend Al Sharpton and I sat down this week to discuss my controversial article on The Black Church and how black churches work hard to keep Black women single and lonely and under the thumb of preachers around the country.

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Breaking Down The Pimp Game of Prosperity Gospel

. 08/20/2010 . 23 Comments

Some say a church begins when a group of Believers get together for prayer and to praise Jesus Christ. If you believe that, I have a great deal on a bridge I’d like to tell you about…

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If You Didn’t ‘Get’ How The Black Church Keeps Black Women Single…

. 07/04/2010 . 59 Comments

Though somewhat surprised by the intensity of the debate on my article on The Black Church, I am not at all shocked at the shake up the article has caused. Always a maverick and unafraid of either contentious criticism or debate, who but Deb Cooper would have the gumption to question the motives of an institution held so dear by millions of Black people across the nation? After all, if one is an avid church-goer, how likely are you to question your church on your own?

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