Unwed Fathers – Do They Have the Right to Demand an Abortion?

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Let’s talk about the abortion option in a bit more detail than I discussed in the recent post Men’s Right to Choose: Opting Out of Fatherhood With a Financial Abortion.  I think its necessary because two very important side discussions have sprouted up that I need to address immediately.

Apparently, simple minded men seem to view a woman aborting a pregnancy as nothing but a happy choice, like choosing whether to have a strawberry or vanilla ice cream cone. Easy, quick, satisfying, no big deal. Men want fairness and equality and a voice in the birthing option, okay.  I got something for your “demand an abortion” asses right here.

What I advocate is that men be ordered to participate in pre-abortion counseling. At present, abortion counseling is ordered in many states but only for women, as if she impregnated herself. You heard that right – before a grown woman can get an abortion she is ordered by the State in which she lives to participate in a “birth options” program which may include watching a movie of an abortion, and seeing an example of what is suctioned out. Believe me, I am going to write as many pro life groups as I can find online to suggest they work on getting laws changed to include this mandate.

But I won’t stop there. I believe we need to get more unwed fathers involved in the actual abortion process as well.

New mandates should include that men be forced to watch the very same movies and get the very same pre-abortion “pro-life” lectures before they sign anything that states they are in favor of their wives, girlfriends or baby’s mommas receiving an abortion.  Let’s make men watch a big color movie  with surround sound of an abortion taking place, so they hear the suction sounds of the abortion machine, experience the vibration, see the woman wincing and jumping and crying. Make men see all that goes on with getting an abortion so they can really share in the decision making process.

Men are very visual and auditory creatures, and this should do the trick. I think y’all need to see and hear this to know the reality of what you are preaching women do to save your asses from writing a monthly check.

Pro-lifers around the nation, get on board with this, please! Start lobbying now to change laws so that the father has to at least LOOK at it a damn FILM so they know what they are pushing for, because right now none of these guys have a clue. But they are all over the web jumping up and down talking about “YEAH YEAH we should be able to make her get an abortion because we put our dick in her but yet we don’t want the baby that came of it! We still want to play with all the other coochies out here! I’m not ready to be a father, I just want to screw as many women as possible with no repercussions!”

I would also advocate that every man who believes he has the right to demand an abortion be forced to attend the abortion, and be there while it is taking place. Right in the room with the woman and her physician so he endure, as closely as possible, the exact visual and auditory experience that the woman does. And unless a man agrees to both of the above in writing, and shows up to both appointments to sign off, he can just prepare himself for a DNA test and 18 years of child support.

You would get one or the other, not both.

When such laws are in place, then and ONLY THEN might I consider agreeing that men should have a say-so in whether or not a woman keeps a baby that he doesn’t want the responsibility of parenting.

Until that day, however, y’all can GTFOH with that noise you talk. Whining like big ass babies about paying child support and having a child depend on your sorry ass. Interestingly enough though, not one of you whined when it was time to get some tail. SMH.

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  1. Raz zy says:

    piccolit I as a man would want to have the right to demand for an abortion”.

    And how would that ‘right’ be enforced?  Xplain that.  And dude, you need to stop whining about benefits, ain’t nobody getting rich off govt ‘benefit’s. That’s a tired silly saying that has worn thin. But I would love for you to explain how to go about enforcing your ‘demand’ for a woman to have an abortion.

  2. piccolit says:

    Maralisapiccolit meaning someone has to take responsibilities for your own behaviour? this is what happens in the usa, surely not you taking responsibilities but you like others to take them for you that it.

  3. piccolit says:

    Maralisapiccolit no way you give up isn’t it no matter how foul your arguments is. You want men to take responsibilities of your choices right?? they have no choice.

    Never mind what the man wants, maybe he wants you to abort the child, what about it, what about if he does not agree with the pregnancy?? he has no choice, he lost the right the moment that you made the choice??

    you can abort, give it for adoption, abandon it, or keep it and his choice is whatever you choose, no punishment and no responsibility implied LOL
    such a free and fair society.

    I frankly have pity of men in the USA they are domesticated dogs, slaves. Everything in the American society portrays women as the superior sex, men should submit to. And that is now fixed in female minds, including all the entitlements. You have no even the smallest of the doubts that it’s total nonsense

    And I see how good it is for society, countless divorces, single parent families, highest level of criminality of any western society…etc..so good that society is getting psychopathic, with all sort of stuff going on including people shooting and killing each other on the streets for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    Congratulation you are a bunch of demented people with a presumption of superiority

  4. Maralisa says:

    piccolit One word:  Condom.  Take personal responsibility for your own behavior.

  5. piccolit says:

    Lady_Shadowstar piccolit while you are sitting down in your  very likely fat ss in your very comfortable and safe living room why don’t you browse the internet and see some of the images that bear witness of what men are demanded to do. or do you think it is really a man choice to go and get butchered for your comfort?

    You don’t even have to feel the guilt of having prep men for suicide/homicide all their lives, you are treated as the inconsolable heroes to lose someone in your family, but at the same time, you gladly dump on them ALL the responsibilities and reap the benefits.
    IT YOU who is insulting ALL MEN! I, WE always hear about YOUR WANTS NEVER YOUR MUST DO! Men ARE DEMANDED to do what they have to do every day and YOU FEEL INSULTED??!! 


  6. piccolit says:

    Lady_Shadowstar piccolit 
    insulting to women EVERYWHERE, really?? let me see how insulting it is:
    me at the age of 15 because of circumstances of life I had to become the head of the family. YOU probably do not even know what that means!

    YOU as ANY woman because it was me age 15 that had to take up the responsibility not my sister age 18! she was only supposed to be a “good girl” and keep her legs closed!
    ME as head of the family I had the obligation to enrol in the army and prepare for war! Alternative to that was loss of citizenship and prison at best!
    YOU have no ide of what you are talking about when you talk about responsibilities. YOU NEVER had responsibilities, you only talk bsts!

    YOU should not have ANY rights until YOU share IN FULL the responsibilities MEN have to bear in real life. YOU should be ASHAMED of even talking about rights and responsibilities because YOU only ever took advantage of EVERYTHING!

  7. piccolit says:

    Lady_Shadowstar piccolit I think women have been drumming the hormonal emotional drum long enough, women are not the only one to have feeling and women are generally oblivious to the distress and emotional burden they put people around them. they are plain and simply full of themselves and themselves only. You have only to consider the differences between male and female suicide after relationships break ups to have a glimpse of reality and how fake your argument is. I have looked at myself, I do all the time, I am pretty sure on the other hand the majority of women, including you that just goes on a personal attack to make to turn a weak point into an attempt at humiliation. your shaming tactics are well known and I can tell you they will not work with me. I have seen plenty of women relationships and reality and I can tell you there isn’t worse meanness, pettiness, falsehood, manipulation and cruelty that a woman can  use to achieve her goals. You can play the angel part you like, or maybe you are an angel, but there are plenty of devils in angel clothes around. As far as me I am neither angel nor devil, I have my faults but will NEVER EVER reached the level of ignominity of women I have seen, and I have videos recording to prove it. As far as pre abortion classes sure what’s the problem?? next time I will ask you to follow me to the front line as see how you feel about it.

  8. Lady_Shadowstar says:

    piccolit Having read a few of this lady’s articles, I can definitely say that she is opinionated and in this she’s absolutely right.  And you’re opinion that most women who have babies are having them to get back at the men who impregnated them or to get their money is absurd and insulting to women everywhere.  If that’s the kind of women you’ve involved yourself with maybe you need to take a step back and look at yourself to figure out why.  Becoming pregnant creates hormonal changes in women, and choosing to terminate that pregnancy is an extremely difficult and emotional decision and something that the said woman has to live with for the rest of their lives.  If you want your woman to have an abortion, I support the movement to have YOU have to go through pre-abortion classes as well.

  9. piccolit says:

    articles written by women for women, never a men opinion article. Nothing ever to consider and respect men’s opinions and rights. I as a man would want to have the right to demand for an abortion. Having a child without the partner consent, simply for the purpose of obtaining benefits, which is the majority of the cases, and exploit a partner for the next 20 years should be made illegal and punishable offence.

    • Deborrah says:

      Once you stick your dick up a woman, you have given consent for a baby. After all, that is how babies are made. If you don’t want to have a baby, either sleep with men, sleep with women who have had a hysterectomy and cannot bear children, or keep your penis to yourself. Those are your three choices. Anything else you just sound like a bitter, angry, don’t want to take responsibility for your sperm fool. I cannot have any pity for men that believe they have the right to dick around, impregnate women, and still have their life as they choose. You gave up that choice and that freedom once you put your penis into her. Get over it! Grow up.

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