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Fixing the Black Community and the Flawed Logic of Black Men

. 07/23/2016 . 1 Comment

Guest blogger Shadid Mack questions the logic of black men who blame the downfall of the black community on black women and single parent homes – asking black men how they can expect black women to perform a miracle in a vacuum and a hostile environment? He lays out the problems and possible solutions.

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Will the Real Bitch and Ho Please Stand Up!

. 01/26/2013 . 0 Comments

To those who profess to be men, whenever other black men try to point fingers and put black women down, you need to engage these punks, not sit back and say nothing because you are afraid of the backlash! The black woman can never be a bitch and a ho because it has been black men at the core of all of the evil that has befallen our people, so he is the real bitch and ho!

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Son of a God Who Became a Dope Fiend

. 01/01/2013 . 0 Comments

The poignant real life story of a black male and the challenges he and his siblings faced in childhood and adulthood due to the fact that his father was a drug addict and a dope fiend.

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A Word to Black Women Dating Men Out of Prison

. 09/03/2012 . 8 Comments

Black women are in the middle of an HIV/AIDS crisis. A concerned writer points out the dangers of black women dating and sleeping with men that insist on anal sex, or that are now out of prison.

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How Black Women Run Off Men

. 09/01/2012 . 7 Comments

Guest blogger Shadid MacDonald recently conducted a survey amongst his friends and asked what were the things that black women do to run off men. Here is his list of the 7 worst behaviors exhibited by black women in relationships that run off men.

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Husband Material – What Constitutes a Good Man or Husband Material?

. 01/15/2012 . 5 Comments

Though every woman is different, there are certain standards a man must meet, and basic qualities that a man must possess in order to be considered suitable husband material.

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