How to Train Your Man

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Men are like dogs

In many ways, men in relationships can be a lot like pets. Ideally, your man will be there for you after a tough day, ready to love you unconditionally and listen to you rather than just talk about himself and his problems. But, when your dog starts begging for food or barking at the mailman we train then NOT to do bad things. Training men works in the same way.

Men can often show a pattern of behaviour that is annoying to us, or can cause arguments and it’s like Groundhog Day every day with the same patterns of communication that never change or get better. He always leaves wet towels on the floor and he never helps with the washing up, he is always complaining about something, the list can go on. We all have behaviours we would like to change in our man but we don’t know how.

A tried and tested method of training your man as you would a pet is worth a try and the results can be amazing. Training a man can be difficult, but there are effective, time-tested methods of training your man that will pay off for both of you in the long run.

How it works…

The first step – and the most important – in successfully training your man is making sure that he never finds out that you are training him. This is crucial, as the discovery that one is being trained tends to be a massive turn off and can threaten not only your efforts, but your entire relationship. Thus, it’s important to never reveal that you are attempting to control or influence your man, or the entire project could backfire. Maintaining a certain level of secrecy is a factor that cannot be compromised.

Rewarding good behaviour

When training your man, it is always best to use the type of training strategies that have been proven successful in other contexts, such as training pets. One of the most time-tested methods for instilling obedience is providing a reward for performance of the desired behavior.

Thus, if you want to encourage your man to compliment you, you should provide him with a reward every time he does. For example, after a compliment, you can caress and kiss him and tell him that you love it when he compliments you, and that it makes you want to show him how much you care. You can also provide a sensual (or just tasty) dessert for your man after he cooks you dinner, as that is one reward that will definitely result in plenty of home-cooked meals for you. If your man’s cooking isn’t really your cup of tea, you can simply adapt this strategy to fit your needs – after a trip to your favorite restaurant, for example.

No treats for bad behaviour

Taking away rewards is also a powerful motivator. By being restrictive, you provide an incentive for your man to do things the way you want them to be done. Keeping a man on the edge of his seat will always make him more dedicated, as it makes him think he might lose you at any time. When you refuse to do something for a man, it forces him to take a closer look at himself and address potential problems, and he wants the rewards not the cold indifference.

If he shows signs of bad behaviour give him no extra attention, no kisses or hugs or doing little things for him around the house, letting him go on a boy’s night MID-week, none of that. When he starts ranting about his job AGAIN, ignore it, do not reply or take part in the conversation. He will soon stop bringing the issue up at all. The same works for any conversation or behaviour you find annoying or frustrating.

Future training

Ideally, you should keep up your training methods  until you are satisfied that you no longer have to keep training him and he has learned to be a good dog…I mean man. Now and then you may need to do a little top up training and will make your behaviour look more natural and normal. This will help you maintain control and it can also prevent your man from catching on to the fact that he is being trained.


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    cuuute lil poopy awwwww…..girls today dont know what you are talking about They are getting totally played My daughter is totally disgusted and shes 17. Have him open the door. but dont tell him..its HARDER later when he starts going thru the door ahead of you after you let him the 1st time..wear a pretty dress,/skirt on the first date have him get you your coat. If he doesnt know what to do, tell him your grandpa helped grandma with her coat and these silly braburners WRECKED if for all women

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