Rebuttal to 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid

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Dr. Boyce Watkins of Black Voices BV on Money posted an interesting link on his blog, opening a discussion on Anslem Samuel’s article entitled “The 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid.”  We thought the points made were silly, and the complaints shallow and indicative of whining. Here is SurvivingDating.Com’s response:

1. The Religious Fanatic
Most women like this do not to hang out in places such as clubs or sports bars and tend to want to only date church going men. So how would this be a problem for men who want to avoid dating women of this type? It’s not a problem at all. This is an urban legend. Men who go after devout church going women are doing so deliberately most likely to run game on the woman.

2. The Marriage/Baby-Obsessed
Women should get to know the man first before wanting to have a baby with him. For all they know he could be a dumb fool with bad genes in his family and they could be passing these genes alone to the next generation. Men need to stop skeeting and running so much spreading babies around. If you have multiple babies, especially by multiple women (and a lot of black men do) is it any wonder a woman looks at you as merely a sperm donor?

3. The Gold Digger
This is funny! Unless a brotha is Ben Carson, won the lottery, owns a serious, or works as a pro athlete, most Black men don’t have any cash or gold for a woman to dig!  Most black men are barely getting by and think that if they are financially stable with a job at the post office, or some such, that means they are vulnerable to gold diggers.  Please! Interestingly enough, black men have no problem with non-black women digging their ‘mysterious gold’, and will marry Ming Lu and Becky with a quickness knowing neither of them bring anything to the table except their race which black men are happy to pay for what they feel is a privilege for them to show off to others.

4. The Angry Black Woman

For every angry black woman, there is some trifling black man that made her that way. If black men don’t want women to get angry, then they need to step up and stop being so trifling. Women just like men have every right to get angry behind some BS behavior they’ve had to deal with repeatedly from black men. And when we look at the sad state of affairs with black men, high incarceration rate, high drop out rate in school, abusive, funky attitudes towards, women, abandoning the babies and family they make, the majority of black men, ain’t giving black women too much to smile about.

5. The Pretty Girl With Problems

This tells me that black men want the woman that looks good on the outside without first assessing if she is compatible on the inside with him and this speaks more to the black man’s shallowness in picking a woman than about the woman with the issues. We all have issues, but picking a ‘pretty girl’ just so you can be the envy of your friends shows that YOU black man have problems. Don’t even get me started on the many black men with left over problems stemming from abandonment, rejection, fear and mama issues with no daddy in the homes and their failure to commit that they carry over into their relationships

6. The Stalker
Fact: more women are killed by ex-husbands and jealous, possessive boyfriends — men they have left, rejected, gotten protection orders against. More men are arrested on domestic abuse charges and other acts of violence against women such as rape. So if anybody has to be worried about ‘the stalker’ it is a female! Dozens of times per day around the country a woman is killed/physically abused/violated by a man. A woman can’t even walk down the street without being verbally harassed and even physically assaulted (if she ignores or rejects his advances) by men. And you want to talk about women stalking men? PLUUEEZE!!!

7. The Party Girl
A woman can party all she wants if it makes her happy and she is having fun. A woman doesn’t have to conform to what a man thinks just because the man says he wants it. Most men and women go through the party stage in their teens and twenties. Everyone grows out of the party stage as they mature and grow to become someone who wants to settle down and get married. These women won’t go looking for a mate in the club, but men do well into their 60s. Men bypass many suitable women that would be great wives for them because they focus on a woman’s “hotness.” It’s men that continue to have the high school mentality and seek out hot looking party girls to have on their arm so they can look good in front of their friends.
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  1. EGW says:

    Please except my apology. This is your personal blog so you rule. I thought and expected a civil discussion.

    • Raz says:

      EGW, “Please except my apology. This is your personal blog so you rule. I thought and expected a civil discussion.”

      EGW: “Frankly, I don’t see the need for a rebuttal, unless some toes were stepped on. Surely you must agree that each of the seven types mentioned in Samuael’s article do exist, even if in relatively small numbers, and should be avoided.”

      How is coming into this blog making the statement you made when you first posted considered a ‘ civil discussion’. It’s not. You came in and posted a condescending judgmental statement. You need to learn the definition of a discussion. A discussion invites others to share their thoughts. What you wrote didn’t do any of that. What you did is come to this blog and shared a dismissive judgmental attitude about the 7 rebuttals. You did not in any way shape form or fashion address one rebuttal that was listed.

      You instead came here to dismiss the whole rebuttal article in an attempt to invalidate the article by saying, you didn’t think it necessary to be written in the first place. Posting that is hardly inviting civil discussion when this statement alone has already dismissed the entire article. So don’t come here with a dismissive negative judgmental attitude about an article that is written, then turn around and get mad when nobody respects what ‘you think’ or takes you seriously or better yet invalidate you as you are attempting to do with the article. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. You want someone to validate what you think’ meanwhile you come here and attempt to discredit the whole 7 rebuttal article. Get out of here with that double standard type of superior mindset. (typical of males on the defensive).

      At least the author took time to go point by point on all 7 of this dude’s statements and address each one in the rebuttal. You didn’t do that in your comments and still refuse to do that. You just came on and made one blanket statement attempting to discredit the article but you can’t and you FAIL big time!… Why because you know those rebuttals are the truth and you can’t refute it. All you can do is get defensive and try to be dismissive. I see through your tactic. Be Gone Fool!

      • Mr. Loves Women says:

        Deborah is a disgruntled man hating blogger who could not spot a good man if he hugged her are rubbed tired feet. I’m sorry Ms Cooper but it’s hard to take you seriously when you don’t allow for civil discourse. All of the women exist in the above article and you know this. You are the stereo typical angry black woman that makes it hard for the black “ladies” of the world. The same way the thug or criminal black man gives black me as a whole a bad name, you do exactly the same. This would be a much better site and you would get way more hits if you actually had some intelligent balanced articles. But you don’t which is why I’ve stopped reading your unintelligent man hating foolisness. And for the record, I know ANGRY BLACK WOMEN who haven’t had a man 20 years, but yet you seem to find a way to blame men for even women’s attitudes like that. Where is the PERSONAL accountability.

        • Raz says:

          Mr. Loves/ahem HATES Women, Shut the fuk up with your whining. You just brought your sorry ass on this blog to put down Deborrah, not once did you go through each of the rebuttals to comment on the article. Your dumb butt don’t even know what the word rebut means and it doesn’t mean denial. You are the angry defensive sterotypical silly ass black man who can’t stand it when a black woman sees through sorry trifling so called “good men’ like you seem to think of yourself, but what you really are is a horny loser who is mad that nobody will give you the time of the day. Sorry trifling black men like yourself don’t need no help from Ms. Cooper to give you a bad name, y’all are doing that all by yourself. Who has the highest number behind prison bars, dropping out of high school, failing to attend college, raping, molesting young girls and boys, killing and assaulting women cause they don’t want you any more. DUMB STUPID ANGRY BLACK MEN!
          You are mad that Ms. Cooper is putting the blast on dumb stupid fools like you and educating women about silly ass so called ‘good men’ who think women should “shut up and “put up” with your trifling ways and fonky attitude. Nobody told you to bring your stupid silly sorry ass to this site in the first place to whine. Your stupid butt is talking all out of your azz anyway because you don’t know how many hits this site gets. And for the record, I know ANGRY DUMB AZZ SORRY LOSER DUDES like you who haven’t had pussy since pussy had them. Get lost fool!

        • Deborrah says:

          When you begin your article review with a personal attack on the author, you lose all your credibility. Therefore, any assessment you erroneously possessed of yourself as a “good black man” is a joke. A fucking sick and twisted joke. Your ass is about the most toxic, nasty attitude having, hateful fool we’ve come across on the site in quite awhile.

          You are not qualified to judge the validity or popularity of a website since you have no education or training in eiither, and no sense. This is a great and extremely popular website Alexa Traffic Rank rated : Global 977,765 and United States 245,433 as of this writing. These numbers compare the click through traffic and length of time on site to millions of websites. Surviving Dating is ranked in the top 250,000 in the U.S. and top 980,000 worldwide. Comparatively speaking, Google is #1, These numbers compare every site on the entire internet homey. Let’s see you start a site and see where in the 27 millions your ass lands! With the millions of viewers that visit this site monthly, your two crossed eyes won’t be missed.

          By the way, men are to blame for every evil that befalls women. Men get women pregnant then leave them, lie to women, cheat on women, give women STDs, lie to women to get sex, abuse women, beat women, rape women, abduct women, won’t commit to women, use women’s bodies and hearts to come up, take women for what they got financially, control women and demean women. You all do all that stuff on a daily basis. So I must ask you… where is the personal accountability? Why do you treat women in such evil-hearted cowardly ways then get an attitude when a woman gets angry about it? Then you want to call her a man hater and an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN when your ass and your behavior made her that way!

          You reap what you sow homey. You reap what you sow.

  2. Rose Marie says:

    Thanks Raz. I actually have been thinking about canceling my subscription to NWSO for similar reasons stated by Silent Bro. Some of Mr. Anslem content is a little too over the top and highly sexist at times. I originally discovered an article of his that was posted at Essence. com and subscribe afterwards because I wanted to know about his perspective and writing style,however, despite that article I feel like I was duped into believe that this brother was anything remotely fair or pro-woman or had any true sage advice to offer women when it came to dating.

  3. EGW says:

    Frankly, I don’t see the need for a rebuttal, unless some toes were stepped on. Surely you must agree that each of the seven types mentioned in Samuael’s article do exist, even if in relatively small numbers, and should be avoided. There was no blanket indictment nor generalization about black women. The descriptions identify specific characteristics. If a lady does not possess any of these characteristics then the article is not addressing her. The only ladies to defend or rebut are those that have these character traits.

    • Raz says:

      EGW: “Frankly, I don’t see the need for a rebuttal”
      Frankly nobody gives a crap what you see the need for. This idiot put this out there and anyone has the right to come along and address it. Doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. You sound like a male on the defensive because a woman spoke up and called this male on his sexist fonky attitude against women. So obviously this article must have stepped on your ingrown toes. The only male to defend what this dude said are males who posses the character traits rebutted in this article. Could that be you?

      • EGW says:

        Why not have an intelligent discussion about the facts without the vitriolic rhetoric.

        • Raz says:

          EGW: “Why not have an intelligent discussion about the facts without the vitriolic rhetoric”

          Yes, why don’t you have an intelligent discussion without coming onto this blog making condescending remarks about what you don’t see the need’,. (Not your blog so who cares whether you see the need or not). And you aren’t discussing anything, you’re simply here in defense of the original article and don’t like what was said in the rebuttal, and you’re mad because you can’t get anyone to co-sign. Be aware, no male dominated women resides on this blog. If you’re looking for someone to ‘agree with ‘what you think’ just because you’re a male, look elsewhere. If you want to ‘discuss individual points made in the rebuttal, then do so. But that’s not what you’re doing. You came on to be dismissive of the whole rebuttal without discussing anything. So get out of here with that. You’re the one failing to have an intelligent discussion.
          You just want to be dismissive and expect others to go along with ‘what you think’. But I noticed you had not one word to say about each of the 7 rebuttals to the original article.

    • Cassie says:

      I’m sure you don’t as you put it: “see the need for a rebuttal, unless some toes were stepped on.”

      Men like you aren’t used to women intelligently challenging the garbage that men say about women. It’s not a matter of ‘stepping on someone’s toes, it’s a matter of offering a differing view point from a woman’s perspective.

      This is something men like you don’t get. You expect women to just ‘lap’ up everything men say about women as if it’s the final truth and because you are a man, women are supposed to believe your viewpoints without rebuttal.

      As another poster said, you didn’t make any comment about the individual rebuttals, you were just offended that a woman dared to challenge what this man said and offer a different valid viewpoint, something men don’t want to think about.

      I really don’t know where men get off thinking that women are mindless drones and supposed to just accept what men say about women as the truth without rebuttal. Then you come around and say ‘you don’t see the need for a woman to provide her thoughts.

      Men like you with the sexist know-it-all attitude who think a man’s word is all that matters, and any controverting opinions offered by a woman that disputes something some man said, is invalid, are the main reason, confident attractive women with a mind of their own, put men like you on nignore.

  4. SilentBro says:

    I read the original article and was shocked with the language in the comments section. I believe in open and frank discussions but finger pointing and name calling isn’t productive. I think both articles had valid points from different perspectives yet this article had more substance to support the woman’s perspective.

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