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I’m the Man…Woman Listen to Me!

. 08/04/2011 . 13 Comments

Men set themselves up as the final authority when it comes to dating and relating and telling women what to do. Men need to advise other men instead.

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Rebuttal to 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid

. 03/20/2011 . 12 Comments

Dr. Boyce Watkins of Black Voices BV on Money posted an interesting link on his blog, opening a discussion on Anslem Samuel’s article entitled “The 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid.”  We thought the points made were silly, and the complaints shallow and indicative of whining. Here is SurvivingDating.Com’s response: 1. The Religious Fanatic […]

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Rebuttal to 10 Lies Women Tell Men

. 03/20/2011 . 55 Comments

Blogger Anslem Samuel goes in hard on women with his article “The 10 Lies Women Tell Men,” but our Raz puts him in check with this smart and sassy rebuttal response.

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Are Women the New Men?

. 02/16/2011 . 57 Comments

Women feel it is their responsibility to help a man achieve the basic necessities of manhood. They feel it is their duty to invest their time and energy in order to ‘help a man out’. Does this make women the new men? What has become the role of the man?

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You Lost it Over a Hairdo?

. 12/26/2010 . 6 Comments

There has been considerable drama on FB revolving around one obnoxious female and her hateful words towards a cancer survivor, towards Black women that choose to wear weaves, wigs or relaxers, and towards me personally and my work in the advice field. Why so much hate lady?

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How Nice Guys Can Develop The Player Edge That Women Love

. 08/31/2010 . 57 Comments

Despite what the media says, women don’t necessarily look for men with nice, sensitive personalities. Women look for romantic intoxication. In plain language women go for men who can turn them on!

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Beware of the Misogynist Hidden in ‘Advice Guru’ Sheep’s Clothing

. 07/12/2010 . 32 Comments

Ladies, watch out for men that present themselves as saviors and advisors for Black women. They blame the black woman for the demise of the black community, sexual promiscuity, single parent homes, fatherless children and for everything negative they can think of when it comes to the breakdown in relations between black women and men without assigning any accountability to the black man.

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Mind Over Emotion: The Woes of Loving the Intellectual Man

. 07/05/2010 . 12 Comments

My advice to women is if you are with men who come from the intellectual ivory tower, mentality you may find someone who lacks feelings/emotions and ability to make emotional connections. They are emotionally walled off (to varying degrees some more than others). Depending on the severity of their emotional disconnect, they can break your heart as they never put the emotion into the relationship that you do. Women often feel drained dry.

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African American baby boy adopted and loved by young white couple

. 04/15/2010 . 3 Comments

I saw the most beautiful thing on my way home today. I was walking in the village and I passed by three young caucasian ladies walking and one was pushing a baby carriage, I briefly glanced inside the carriage as I passed them and saw a little brown baby boy kicking and laughing. The baby […]

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