Beware of the Misogynist Hidden in ‘Advice Guru’ Sheep’s Clothing

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“Child support has been the superficial consequence of the unwanted pregnancies (by men). The more permanent and subsequent result has been dysfunctional relationships between these men and the child; oddly enough in these cases the ones without input. More importantly, child support doesn’t tuck kids in bed, play catch, or make recitals- these things are important to the child.” ~Greg Sqwyd Doss~

This is an interesting thread discussion I’ve had with Greg Sqwyd Doss. His mantra is: Blame the black woman for the demise of the black community; blame the black woman for sexual promiscuity and single parent homes; blame the black woman for fatherless children; blame the black woman for court mandated child support. In fact blame the black woman for everything negative he can think of when it comes to relations between the black woman and black man.

He has admitted to sleeping with 300 women. He is now married. (Not sure what type of woman married him). He has a radio show that he uses as his public address system to spew negative vomit against black women usually focused around one or more of those ‘blaming mantras’. He is dangerous because he styles himself (like his good buddy Alan Roger Currie) as someone who can offer advice to black women because he was/is a playa so he knows what to tell women about what to avoid, the pitfalls to look out for and the games men play with women because he’s played them all.

Here is an example of one of his show topics:

Who’s Child Is It Anyway? Why is the father absent, Mom?

Today’s show will address the recent speech given by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama at the Apostolic Church of God in which he condemned absentee fathers. However, he never addressed the irresponsible nor any other possible factors that may contribute to father absenteeism.”

He ran another show about women’s promiscuity concerning a videotape of Kendra Wikinson.

(I wonder if he watched it).


“Kendra’s sex tape came out on May 26, 2010 and she is pleading with fans to let her live her life and not judge her for a choice she made when she was 18 years old. So many young people today engage in activities that they KNOW the greater society abhors, but yet expects there not to be a negative reaction warranted upon discovery.”

Things that Make you go Hmm.

How can a guy who has demonstrated rampant promiscuous sexual behavior have legitimacy in chastising women on their sexual behavior? How can a guy who has slept with multiple women call a woman who has slept with a guy trifling? He wouldn’t  have even known about her past sexual history if the videotape wasn’t out there, but that’s one guy from her past that he knows about, meanwhile he’s slept with 300 women! (Just not documented on videotape that we know about.)

I asked him some probing questions because while he openly admits to sleeping with 300 women he doesn’t really talk about much else.  Reading his answers makes me wonder if he isn’t taking his personal woes out on the rest of the women in the way damaged angry men do when they perceive some woman has ‘done them wrong’.

Beware Ladies:

I wanted to write this to warn women to beware of these ‘self styled advice giving wanna be gurus’. They are not here to empower, support, educate or uplift women. They create a platform for themselves which allows them to spill their vitriolic hatred towards all women because of what they’ve dealt with in their own personal lives.

It’s not healthy and they would be better off seeking professional therapy for the anger that they’ve never coped with, instead of seeking to get validation from women who naively think  that these guys are motivated to ‘help them’ by giving advice. (Translation: Telling women how ‘they’ think women ought to behave based on their double standards). His obvious contempt for women makes him a charlatan and the last person that any woman should be listening to for advice about what to do or the pitfalls to avoid.

Women would be better off using their own powers of discernment when dealing with guys, instead of blindly listening to what some guy said simply because he has a mike, a platform and a following.  And women most definitely don’t need to listen to a guy who by his own admission couldn’t care less about the women he slept with because all he wanted to do was sex them up.

Even if this guy is no longer doing that, the fact that he made that choice 300 times, his lack of decency, his emotional detachment, his treatment of women as sexual objects, and his ongoing contemptuous attitude and mindset  of belittling women is enough to give any woman pause before she listens to what comes out of his mouth.  Most of the time, guys don’t know what they are talking about anyway when it comes to women’s issues and any so called advice they would have, most likely would have a negative slant aimed at putting down the woman and holding her accountable meanwhile elevating the man and giving him a pass.

Notice his attack on me because I asked him probing questions.  He resents the questions, and gives incomplete terse answers. He doesn’t elaborate at all, but one can gather from his answers that in his sexual conquest of 300 women, he didn’t practice safe sex consistently and plenty of babies could have resulted. In fact he admitted to having an out of wedlock baby and could have had more than one.  He didn’t give a damn about the emotional state of the women he was sleeping with, he was out to ‘get his’.  Just because you let someone know upfront that you are engaging in ‘doggish behavior doesn’t give you a pass for going there (300xs) in the first place.

However  for a guy who is supposed to be helping women make the right sexual choices with his advice, and be better for society for the ‘fatherless children’ he talks about, he is quick to attack like a snake and be defensive against, a woman who asks him ‘relevant questions about ‘himself.  Why is his tone one filled with disdain and contempt? Shouldn’t he be held accountable for his stance? Shouldn’t he be questioned and examined so that the very women he is advising can see for themselves if he has ‘lived’ the exemplary life which he so passionately advocates women ought to be living? Read his answers and see for yourself.

The Q and A:

  • Having slept with 300 women and exhibited sexual promiscuity yourself, what did you do to prevent unwanted pregnancies?
    • Greg wrote: Condoms or not… asked before I leaped.”

  • Do you have any OOW babies?
    • Greg wrote “yes’ (OOW out of wedlock babies)
  • Do you know if any of the multiple women you slept with had abortions or took the morning after pill?
    • Greg wrote: “no… don’t care.. not my problem, made my intentions clear before fucking.”

  • For someone so passionate about the effects of single parents, fatherless kids, child support and the impact in the community what made you exhibit such wild sexually promiscuous behavior towards women in the first place?
    • Greg wrote: “no… don’t care.. not my problem, made my intentions clear before fucking”

  • Weren’t you afraid of getting a woman knocked up since no birth control is 100% full proof unless you have a vasectomy?
    • Greg wrote: Sometimes yes sometimes No…

  • Did you have a vasectomy since you willingly engaged in sexing up 300 women?
    • Greg answer “No”
  • What makes you legit to lecture others about sexual responsibility, community, out of wedlock fatherless kids, when you exhibited the very behaviors that you are now up in here talking against?
    • Greg wrote: “Because I’ve been there and done that”
  • Wouldn’t women be better off listening to men who didn’t travel down the path you traveled in the first place? Men who were not sexing up 300 women like a harem?
    • Greg wrote they would be better off listening period taking sound advice.. more so than just loud advice from women such as yourself. “without a man but really wanting one… wishing you hadn’t done what you did to insure you would remain lonely A woman of your age whose out of the real relationship loop and wanting company with your cats and at your age probably incapable of having children. The advice I’d give men and women wanting a meaningful relationship is to seek advice from someone who has success in marriage. Are you married, how many men have been in you? Do you have children (does this coincide with the women you give advice), why haven’t you found the man from another race who will treat you so well. Again make the forum, or slither back into the abyss.

(This last comment after the verbal personal attack, ‘ Again make the forum’ is his request to Deborrah Cooper to invite him onto her show so he can give ‘his relationship expertise on women’).

Greg wrote: “I will grant this to you or whomever (Deborrah, too), create the venue, and I’ll come on. Invite whoever you need to listen in, I don’t hide and you know where to find me.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. AintMisBehavin says:

    WTF, That Sqwyd guy tryin to talk merit and rebuttals. what he said is there for all to see. He screwed 300 women, he has a baby possibly more and baby mama(s) he has to pay child support, he’s mad about that, probably don’t get to see his kid but mad he still has to pay for it. Basically he’s a whiner. Why in the hell are women listening to him? WTF does he have to say in defense to that? Nothing! He’s just mad women are calling him on his shyt. I’m surprised he has a show. Must be some pretty low self esteem women following his azz. He claims Deborrah is a cult leader whom he doesn’t think much of. Well WTF nobody gives a damn about what ‘he thinks’ least of all Ms. Cooper who from what I’ve read on her blog has been interviewed nationally by well known people. What has this Sqydd guy have but a show where he whines and complains about women/child support and women’s vjays. Somebody give his stank whiny azz some cheese to go with his whine.

  2. Ayo says:

    Also…i’d be embarrassed if my husband went around claiming he had slept with 300 women. I feel sorry for your wife Greg. You clearly lack compassion and empathy…essential skills one needs to have a healthy loving intimate relationship. If you cannot consider your wife’s reputation, why should any women listen to you? Yeah she might know about your past, but intimacy requires you keep info like that to yourself. Your wife is either not very attractive or she has really low self-esteem. I’ll take my guess and say its both.

  3. Ayo says:

    This guy Greg has simply made his living chasing pussy. You are either chasing money or women. When you spend your years chasing women, you realize at the end of the day, you have no money. So since he has not focused his efforts on becoming the Alpha-Male and building up an empire that will house a community of women to build a nation, he is trying to make up for it by capitalizing on the insecurity and vulnerability of women. He used them before to get his rocks off, he is using them now to build rocks. Now he is using them to make money.

    Women don’t need relationship advice. We are the mothers of civilization. Relationships are our speciality. We gave birth to men, we were there first teachers and taught them about life. We teach them that life is a bitch, and then you play hard. We teach men the skills they need to not only get and keep one woman, but to get and keep many women if that is what he wants. Only a woman can teach a man how to get women. But because women have been so oppressed by religion, programmed they don’t know their power, so here comes Greg…Captain Save a Hoe for the right fee of course (you gotta pay him).

    He is the enemy. An Alpha-Male would have spent his 20s and 30s building up is fortune so that in his 40s can afford more than one wife and he can afford to father her children if that is what he wants. He wants them to continue in his name and add to his Estate. Nation-building. Not Greg. Greg is a simp. Using women to come up. I’ve seen men like him before. They grow up to be 60, old, alone and catching the bus. Sleeping with 300 women is nothing to gloat about, nor is it impressive. He should be ashamed actually. It just means you lacked self-control and who wants a man like that leading you anyway? Now talk to me about the private school you own, the oil riggs you just invested in, the university you are building, the elections you just won in your local government and now i will be all ears to Greg.

  4. CKing says:

    Bottom line is this:
    Any man that has slept with as many women as you have and has ‘baby mama(s) lurking in the background need to go sit down somewhere and shut the hell up. You are not fit to lead and should immediately be put on Nignore by All women. You have no business trying to give women advice and tell them how to live their lives. You have no credibility whatsoever and being married gives you no clout. Any woman with sense would not want to marry the likes of you. Woman would not benefit from listening to you tell them how they should behave so they can get a male like you Hell Naw!

    Women would be better off listening to their ‘third eye’ and their own powers of discernment. They need to tune out males of your ilk because you have nothing legitimate to say. If a woman just has to listen to a black man first look at how they’ve lived their lives. Go by what they Do, not what they say. Women should look at the man’s character and see if it falls in line with how he’s lived his life through the years. Women should look at men of this ‘high level, rather than bottom of the barrel playa type of males. Women should look to worthy men such as President Obama, Colin Powell, Ben Carson, Donald Thornton, Michael Eric Dyson, Jewel Woods, Leonard Pitts Jr. and other men on this level.

    You’re up in here touting your book. However just because you have women following you doesn’t give you credence either. These women just don’t know any better. Women are socialized to follow men anyway, and most don’t question or challenge what men say. This can be a detriment to women who blindly follow men. It always amazes me that even ‘academically educated/intelligent women, will turn off their brain and blindly follow what a man says unchallenged. Examples of this Charles Manson, David Koresh, ministers in the church pulpit. (Jim Jones) All these ‘male figures dazzle ‘some women’ with their charisma and women will follow them through hell in a gasoline suit. Haha. But the minute a sister,who doesn’t blindly follow males, questions and challenges what they say, ‘male dominated’ women, (trained to blindly follow men), will get up in arms and defend their ‘leader’.

    Anybody can be a ‘sales person’ doesn’t mean they are legit. People can spray the most expensive perfume on shyt and sell it as the next big Eu de toilette (literally). You think just because you’re ‘honest and upfront’ makes what you do OK. How about encouraging men and women to have fulfilling decent wholesome interactions with one another when it comes to relationships instead of approaching each other purely for sexual gratification no matter if they are ‘upfront’ about it. Men and women consistently going from partner to partner, with the “Hi my name is ‘xyz, and I don’t want a relationship or anything, I just want to fuk you and go about my business are you down with that?”, mindset is not encouraging healthy fulfilling dating relationships. If a male’s approach to a woman consistently reduces her to a living ‘blow up doll’ , a means to ‘get his rock’s off, that is a male who should be kicked to the curb. No sensible woman with any self pride/esteem and value for her body wants to continually be approached like that, that crap gets old. Males should go to Vegas and pay for a hooker if they want ‘straight up honest’ no strings sex and stop being a cheap bastard treating women they approach as hookers.

    • Ayo says:

      Well said dear

    • CKing, please tell me what HIGHLY UNREALISTIC world are you living in? It must be the fictitious African country of “Zamunda” from “Coming to America.”

      There are always going to be men AND WOMEN who just want short-term, non-monogamous sex. ALWAYS. I would dare anyone on this message board, or any other message board to challenge that or debate that.

      The day you have a world full of 100% monogamous-minded men and women is the day there is a big snowball fight in Al’Aziziyah in Libya.

      If every man and woman who was totally monogamous-minded were to carry themselves that way, and similarly, every man and woman who are promiscuous-minded were to carry themselves that way, there would be very little, if any, manipulative head games employed in the dating arena.

      But the truth is, there is a ‘middle’ group. An ‘in-between’ category. Those men and women who privately, are VERY KINKY and PROMISCUOUS … but they present themselves PUBLICLY as “innocent,” “wholesome,” “semi-prudish,” and monogamous-minded.

      THIS IS WHERE THE MODE ONE PHILOSOPHY KICKS IN. Mode One is designed to identify the “pretender” types.

      So CKing, if you are maintaining the belief that all dating & relationship book authors should only encourage “fulfilling, decent, wholesome interactions” … please tell me the airfare rates for Zamunda. I must visit some day.


      • CKing says:

        Alan: “There are always going to be men AND WOMEN who just want short-term, non-monogamous sex. ALWAYS. I would dare anyone on this message board, or any other message board to challenge that or debate that.”

        It never ceases to amaze me how people will ‘make up an argument’ then attribute it to something you supposedly said to them. Then rather than address, what you ‘really’ said they start arguing based on ‘their thoughts’ and you find yourself in the position of defending something you never said. Wow, is it lack of reading comprehension, ability to make inferences and critical thinking skills or some combination of all 3? People read what ‘they want to see’ instead of what is there in front of them.

        I never said that men and women don’t want short term sex. This is you saying that. I said:
        “How about encouraging men and women to have fulfilling decent wholesome interactions with one another when it comes to relationships instead of approaching each other purely for sexual gratification no matter if they are ‘upfront’ about it. ”

        All of your examples spoke exclusively of non committed sex:

        Alan: “I teach men (and women) primarily one thing: Don’t mislead members of the opposite sex about your romantic and/or sexual desires, interests and intentions.If you want just a one-night stand, SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED. If you only want a ‘weekend fling,’ SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED. If you only want a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED. I’m all about UPFRONT, STRAIGHTFORWARD honesty. Nothing more, nothing less. I despise “manipulative head games.”

        It doesn’t take a book to tell someone how to be straight up about getting no strings sex. That’s been going on forever. Men are known to take the path of least resistance. Anyone can get no strings sex, look at your tweedle dum buddy Doss, who got it 300X’s. (along with baby mama(s) too. But how many men know how to approach a woman, court her, make her happy, and offer a deep emotional connection and a fulfilling relationship including ‘great sex? Where are the men writing books about that?

        Deny all you want though, that does get old after while and the playa gets tired of playing, he doesn’t want to end up the ‘old lonely played out playa at the club chasing tail. Men and women eventually want a fulfilling relationship and emotional connection. However you don’t talk about that. Even Mr. 300 sexaholic Doss got married (gross). But people don’t just jump from engaging in continuous uncommitted and emotionally detached no strings sex to knowing how to obtain a fulfilling relationship especially if it’s not something they are used to doing. Relationships are a ‘learned behavior’ and humans aren’t born on this earth automatically knowing how to ‘relate in a healthy way to one another’. However they do have the biological drive to mate. There’s more to relationships than ‘upfront ‘sexual hookups‘and humans do have a ‘need for a deeper emotional connection. I’m sure at some point you sought to have more than a sexual connection with a woman/man (whatever sex you’re interested in)

        Alan: “CKing, if you are maintaining the belief that all dating & relationship book authors should only encourage “fulfilling, decent, wholesome interactions”

        Nobody said this at all. (Again your made up argument, and attempting to flip it off on me). But there is nothing wrong with including this aspect of relationships especially if you’re talking about how men and women approach each other in dating. Wow,Can a ‘man’ actually talk about fulfilling decent wholesome interactions with women? All day long, women experience the ‘pretender type, they want to experience and hear about the ‘real contenders and how they behave’. But guys don’t talk about that.

        Alan: “THIS IS WHERE THE MODE ONE PHILOSOPHY KICKS IN. Mode One is designed to identify the “pretender” types.”

        You said you write for a male audience anyway so no need to waste your time and energy trying to ‘xplain your philosophy because I don’t see the value of it. I did see the value of Ms. Cooper’s ‘Sucka Free Love
        How to avoid dating the Dumb, the Deceitful, the Dastardly, the Dysfunctional and the Derranged.
        I also recommended it to several of my friends who have all purchased a copy (16 copies sold) That’s more than enough to ‘equip a woman if she’s navigating the dating world.

        Maybe if more men would emphasize how to have fulfilling relationships with women we might have men who have more honorable intentions towards women. I am well aware that people play games during dating, but that is not the point of what I said. This is ‘your point’ your argument’. I said to ‘ENCOURAGE’ men and women to have fulfilling relationships, you took what I said, and ran in a whole other direction and started ‘making up ‘points and attributing them to me. I guess you don’t ‘read’ just as you hopped all over Ms. Cooper attacking her ‘before you realized she didn’t write the article. You’re doing something similar here. If you’re going to comment to me, I would appreciate it you address, what ‘I said’ instead of what ‘you think‘ I said.
        Perhaps you should hop that flight to Zamunda yourself.

  5. Alan Roger Currie says:

    Deborrah, sometimes you can be so HYPOCRITICAL, that its not even funny.

    I’m not going to get into the middle of the debate between you and Sqywd, but for you to either directly or indirectly criticize me for giving advice to women is blatantly hypocritical.

    Obvious example: Your article, “How Nice Guys can develop the ‘Player Edge’ that Women Love”

    Is this NOT an article designed to give MEN advice?? Or is this article exclusively written for women’s eyes?

    Similar article: “Why ‘Nice’ Guys Suck and Women Don’t Want You”

    Again, is this NOT an article designed to give MEN advice and wisdom? Or was this written only for women’s eyes to read?

    Speaking for myself, I don’t go out of my way to offer advice to women. The vast majority of the time, women COME TO ME looking for advice and words of wisdom. My main mission is to advise MEN. My first book, is totally written for men’s eyes, even though I receive thousands of Email messages from women letting me know that they enjoyed my book as much as any man who read it.

    I teach men (and women) primarily one thing: Don’t mislead members of the opposite sex about your romantic and/or sexual desires, interests and intentions.

    If you want just a one-night stand, SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED. If you only want a ‘weekend fling,’ SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED. If you only want a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, SAY THAT BEFORE YOU GET INTO BED.

    I’m all about UPFRONT, STRAIGHTFORWARD honesty. Nothing more, nothing less. I despise “manipulative head games.”

    And as expected … some men LOVE my message, while others prefer to continue to play games. Same with women. Some women LOVE my message of upfront, straightforward, non-manipulative honesty … while other women women want to continue to be misleading with men, manipulative with men, dishonest with men, and sexually duplicitous with men. Their choice.

    Bottom line Ms. Heartbeat, don’t ‘hate’ on me for giving women what they want from me (advice). My relationship articles are geared primarily towards men, but guess who 80-90% of my Email messages are from? WOMEN.

    Women know good advice when they hear it…

    • Before you all get crazy, both you and DJ Sqwyd must not have noticed that I did not write that article. It was written by a woman that was involved in many heated exchanges with DJ on Facebook. That woman was not me. I don’t talk to him and would not waste my time since I already know how he thinks. Please pay more attention to AUTHOR before you start lobbing charges at me. I haven’t talked to you about anything since we talked on the phone Alan some months ago, and you know it.

  6. Alan Roger Currie says:

    If you are going to use my name in an article, please have the decency to spell my name CORRECTLY.

    Thank you.

  7. Jay says:

    I don’t know this man at all, but I will say this. If he’s slept with 300 women………and was upfront about his intentions, then what’s the problem? Every last one of those women had an option to not deal with him……..they chose to have sex with him. I’m gonna assume that these were all women of reasonable intelligence……so they all knew exactly what it was that they were doing when they did it. That’s probably why he is as disconnected as he is about the situations. The key to damn near any successful relationship rests with a woman. If she doesn’t want to deal, then leave……..its that simple.

    I hear all the time that most woman know within minutes whether or not they want to have sex with a man …………so if that’s true, then this man, whoever he is, is even further validated. I personally don’t subscribe to women being naive or the weaker sex or less intelligent than men or anything else……… I will definitely hold them responsible for their actions in the same vein that men are supposed to be held responsible for theirs.

    • AintMisBehavin says:

      Jay the key phrase here is “IF he was up front about his intentions.” That is the total unknown. And we certainly know his trifling nikka ass did not say “I’ve slept with 295 women before you! I’m a total whore and a disease carrying trifling asshole. Sleep with me at your own risk!”

      Jay, you’ve made some grand assumptions then came to conclusions which you assume to be facts based on those assumptions. Typical Black male behavior. Don’t know shit!
      Whoever you are Jay you sound like a damn fool, just like this sorry azz trifling fool Greg in this article.

    • Raz says:

      The problem with men like Greg and Jay is that they believe in treating women that they meet as potential jump offs. Whatever happened to men wanting more than sex from a woman? What does that say about the heart of a man, when every women he sees is a walking vjay waiting for him? That doesn’t say much about his character and morals. But as usual tired dumb men will come up with any reason to blame the woman while not holding themselves accountable for their behavior/treatment and attitude towards women at all. As Aintmisbehavin said, ‘trifling’. Men like Greg and Jay need to be loaded into a rocket and blasted off the planet into Mercury where they will immediately incinerate.

    • DJ SQWYD says:

      I never knew about this article until a friend of mine informed me you wrote this. Moreover, to you Deb, get the facts straight from me before altering the information; YES, I SAID IT! I didn’t think much of you, but I didn’t think you’d write an article about someone without giving them a chance to respond; taking a cheap shot is a form of shoddy journalism.

      Why did you remove the article in its original form? If you wanted to make a point about the invalidity of my points, you shouldn’t have needed to remove the original post; your position should stand on it’s merit.

      I noticed that you didn’t inform your readers of the FACT that I offered to come into your forum (radio show) and articulate or debate the position you took on the show. I also mentioned that you are more like a cult leader than a legitimate advice columnist. Did you also tell them that you blocked and removed most of my rebuttals to you? Yeah, we are pretty sure you didn’t nor won’t.

      • My site, I pay the server fees for bandwidth usage and I decide what goes up on it. Again, you just like Alan are confusing me with the woman that you had all the exchanges with, AND IT WAS NOT ME. I don’t even know what you are talking about because I haven’t interacted with you in months – my choice because you are a sexist pig and I have no use for you or your thinking in my life. That is why you would not be invited to be on my show EVER, and why I have chosen not to participate in yours in any way either. I said that already, but since either you can’t see or can’t read (either or both), you are still begging to get some free air time for yourself and ride on my coattails to glory.

        I have edited your post to remove your sly promotion of yourself because I don’t allow advertising for anything on my site unless you pay me for it. And the amount I’d charge your ass is something you couldn’t afford.

  8. Raz says:

    I wouldn’t go near a man like this guy. I’m not sure why these men think they have something worthy to say. A sensible woman would be better off using her own mind and making her own decisions. While some men do turn over a new leaf, this man clearly has a negative attitude towards women.

    I would much rather deal with a man who had the character to steer clear of being a playa making babies in the first place, than to listen to a guy who made a choice to be a playa and then ‘reform’. Why is it that ‘reformed’ people get up on a pedestal and think they know better than people who never walked that dark-side path in the first place?

  9. Sky says:

    What a joke. I wouldn’t even entertain him with coming on your show DC, in his mind he’s speaking “da truff” lol. Continue to use your show to encourage bw to focuse on herself first and others later.So this guy thinks he can give women advice about relationships because he slept w/ 300 women and is currently married? What an idiot if anything he was their sex slave, not the other way around. No wonder he’s pissed. There’s more to than what’s he’s saying. He is seriously lacking something, I would bet that he is currently cheating on his “wife”. You don’t sleep with that many women, get married, and think you don’t or won’t have the urge to sleep w/ more. Marriage doesn’t stop people from their previous behaviors.Women should know from the get-go not to take dating advice from men. You can get advice from men about how they think and respond. But women have to use their feminine card. I would bet he is giving women a list of actions, such as closing one’s legs, stop having babies, give him head or he’ll leave. He’s just angry and remorseful is all. So he turns into a blame game to deflect it from himself. Isn’t that what most bm like him do anyway? I would bet that he’s even threated that if bw don’t get their “act together” bm will leave them for a Like we give a damn. They don’t treat their ww/nonbw any different. Just because a leporad jumps into water doesn’t mean his spots will fall off once he comes out. A dbrbm, is a dbrbm. End of story.

  10. Brooklyn Blu says:

    Unfortunately, women ARE that dumb. We have been conditioned to seek leadership from males…and any male will do.

    It never ceases to amaze me the things women can be convinced to do…cut out their clitoris’s, bind their feet, prostitute their bodies, follow the advice of stupid idiots, etc.

    Sometimes I wonder if we really ARE the weaker sex, cause Lord knows we act like it most times.

    Women had better wake up and smell the damned coffee. Our planet is on the brink and we’re sitting back and watching that shit happen like spectators.

    This fool is only a drop in the bucket of whats to come if women, particularly black women, dont start wising up and begin using our GOD GIVEN intelligence. We are gonna start seeing alot more violence and abuse of women globally…and that includes black women.

    Sistas better stop listening to these fools!

  11. Ren says:

    Unfortunately A LOT of black men feel like him, which is why you have so many black men who abuse women and make babies they don’t take care of in the first place. Blame the women instead of being a man and taking responsibility.

    The black American male sub-culture is highly misogynistic and a culture very similar to that of Gulf State Arabs with regard to their views and treatment of women. But even with their not-so-favorable views and treatment of women, at least Arabs still get married and financially support their families.

    Black men do the least for their women/families, yet they complain the most.

    The black American male sub-culture is the only one in which the men collectively view supporting their women and children as a form of extortion–and they blame all their failures on women and take no responsibility for their behavior. You never hear men of other races degrade and disrespect their women like black American men do. You also do hear men of other cultures complain as a whole about supporting their women and children. They simply get married and take care of their families, PERIOD!

    The black male hatred of black women (which at the end of the day is a hatred of their own blackness) manifests itself as the constant sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse of black women and girls.

  12. Renitta says:

    One word………..loser!

  13. Cassie says:

    This guy seems angry that he has had to pay child support for one or more of those out of wedlock babies he’s had as a result of screwing 300 women. This seems to be where his anger stems from. He is mad because the woman is ‘taking his money’ while probably refusing to let him see the kid. I can’t say that I blame her. He isn’t fit to be a parent. Just because he made a baby (and given what he’s said about not giving a ‘fuk about the women he was fuking) that doesn’t qualify him to be a role model or a parent’. He was fuking and made a baby. So he need to suck it up like a man, pay out the checks, and go on about his business and stop whining about money he has to pay.
    He admitted to not using protection consistently when he was screwing all those women so it’s his fault.
    He sounds like a big baby. He’s been whining to this day.

  14. The day that hell freezes over and all the little devils go ice skating will be the day that happens. I suggest that no one hold their breath,

  15. Madison says:

    Why would any woman be foolish enough to follow a man who’s life clearly shows that he hates women? Are women really that well… dumb? If I knew my daughter was listening to his blog talk shows and following him, I’d beat her butt! Better to have tough love from her daddy, than hurt love by following some fool like this.

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