Auditioning to be a Wife…WTF do You do THAT for?

| 09/11/2010 | Comments (6)

Some women feel they need to show a man what kind of partner they would make by doing wifely duties like cook, clean, have children, buy homes, dogs, create businesses, etc.  But there is no commitment from this guy, and often no signs of it either. But you persist and continue to try to “earn” his love and commitment.

Women get started on this path early by placing too much importance on what a man SAYS while often totally ignoring what a man DOES that is in conflict with those words of love, romance and passionate commitment.  You eat up his fanciful words and start imagining that you have a relationship that you don’t really have – a solid relationship.

If you believe that a man saying “I might be thinking about falling in love with you” or “you keep this up, you will be the one for me” mean something important, then you really need to take a look at this video. Men can lie with words very easily, but they cannot lie with their actions.  Men will also say anything they think you want to hear to keep your bedroom door open to him. Get smarter girlfriend, and check out this video.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Steve says:

    Learn how to take responsibility for your own choices ladies…..bottom line…. especially since you all are so much better educated than your average man nowadays…earning more money…Ms.Independent can never seem to get the man of their dreams…maybe its because you all live in fantasyland most of your life about some imaginary shmuck coming to let you live the life of the queen without knowing the basics of how to even understand a real man…but got a lot of complaining always about men….you need to look inside and realize that maybe the problem really is with you boo and your poor decision making skills

    • Don’t listen to a word this fool says. Whiney males like this find nothing positive to say about women. Notice, even his compliment is nothing but a criticism. There are many, many black males like him in the world that believe a woman that gets an education, buys her own home, pays her own bills and doesn’t NEED a man to do those things for her is somehow defective. That is because he is such a limited person, has so few things to offer a woman… once she can stand toe to toe with him economically and educationally, he feels emasculated and lost. Like a child he strikes out with verbal “hits” to try to make himself feel better.

      Well tighten up your game dude and you might be able to get the woman you want so bad you can taste it. Instead of looking at what women don’t get (not that most women even want to get married these days anyway because truly there is little benefit), look at yourself. Nobody is beating down your door to marry your ass, that’s for sure.

      Readers – look for a new You Tube mini-seminar from me within the next 72 hours on manhood. Black men are for the largest part stuck with the old model of manhood from 1950 and yall really need to turn the pages on your calendar and get your heads out of your asses. No modern woman wants a man with such a narrow view of manhood.

    • Raz says:

      Steve: “Learn how to take responsibility for your own choices ladies…”

      Males love to tell women this mess, as if they all make correct choices themselves when choosing a mate. Most males don’t. If a woman can fuk good and has a nice azz and is ‘submissive to him, then he thinks he’s struck gold. Only to find out it’s fool’s gold a few years later.

      Steve: “especially since you all are so much better educated than your average man nowadays…earning more money…Ms.Independent can never seem to get the man of their dreams”

      Sounds like Steve is jealous of Miss. Independent woman who can hold her own. Sounds like he’s insecure. A select man who is insecure would applaud a woman who is independent and can hold her own. Because he knows this is a dependable woman who would have his back should he need it. A whiny crybaby silly man like Steve would feel intimidated by a woman who is independent. Steve should be put on nignore immediately. He certainly doesn’t represent what women dream about, he’s is her worst nightmare! lol.

  2. Angel says:

    This video is so, so true!!!!!
    it spoke right to my situation, right on time. Thanks

  3. Valerie says:

    Excellent piece and that is so true!

  4. Valerie says:

    Deborah, excellent piece!

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