Black Girls and Pimp Game Run by Black Males

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As most of you know, I live in the Oakland area of Northern California. I’m on public transportation (AC Transit) for a week or so while the transmission in my car gets rebuilt. Riding public transit has been quite educational, disturbing, entertaining, disgusting and a bunch of other stuff.

Today was only my second day of this – I have 4 business days next week to go.AC Transit bus

So this evening at the bus stop there were a group of kids (probably about the 10th grade) hanging out. At least 25 of them talking loud, pushing and shoving each other, play fighting, cussing, and smoking weed. Generally acting like fools.

I walk through them to get to my bus stop about 30 yards away. While waiting, two girls walk up with the longest braids you’ve ever seen. One hugs this lil boy standing at the bus stop and they laugh and joke for a minute. When he asks where they are going they start talking about going to Southland Mall in Hayward and what they were going to look at and buy. They didn’t want to shop at Eastmont Mall or Bayfair Mall or Hilltop mall because there are too many wild acting black kids there they say.

So then one of the young dudes I’d seen yesterday hanging out in the same spot sees them. He breaks from the loud crowd and walks over to them. He is saggin like niggas do showing his FULL ass in his underwear. Looked way too old with his full goatee to be talking to some 14/15 year old girls. When he asked where they were headed, they told him they are going to the mall at Southland in Hayward because Bayfair was too full of ghetto folks, and they refuse to even think about shopping at Eastmont Mall.

Now this is where it got interesting…

When Black Males Won’t Take NO for an Answer

So Saggin dude starts telling them why they shouldn’t go to Southland because “this is the Bay Area and them blacks are everywhere!” He says this with firm authority, as if he is the Mall Watcher President. I know for a fact that isn’t true, because Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Pleasant Hill, and other cities throughout the Bay Area do not have an influx of ghetto acting fools, and one can shop quite peacefully. That’s why I go to those areas to shop and refuse to shop in Oakland.

The girls continue to state their position. He keeps arguing them down with his certainty which is wholly inaccurate and nothing but lies as he attempts to negate their decision and desires and replace them with his.

So then he switches the subject suddenly and asks these two young black girls, minor children, if they smoke. The  taller older one says yes, the smaller younger girl says no. Dude looks off into the distance and tells them they will have more fun with him smoking than going to the mall. The look away from them is intentional and part of the game. They have been set up to want to get his attention back. I watch this game play out with one eyebrow raised. To be so young, this kid is good.

The three of them continued to go back and forth. He wasn’t letting up. Every time the younger girl talked about shopping, he made it sound like the mall would be overrun with trifling niggas so why bother?

Then another ashy dusty creepy kid walks up. He joins the conversation. Saggin Pants introduces dude, but quickly tells him as he is winding up preparing to spit his game that the younger girl “already has a man.”

The ashy dude says “well he ain’t here so who cares?” The youngest girl mumbled something but she was basically silenced. Her face showed confusion as the ashy dude leaned in to spit his game in her ear.

I’ll get back to that.

So before we know it, the four of them say” goodbye Chris!” to the original kid, and walk off with the Saggin Pants dude and the Ashy Dude going who knows where.

A woman sitting there observing with me then piped up:  “them lil girls headed to a world of trouble. Next thing they gonna be on ho stroll with a dick in their mouths.” The little dude they left there (named Chris) hung his head and said nothing. I nodded in agreement.


Because the game Saggin Pants spit was weak, but these two young black girls were so young and inexperienced, they had no clue what was even happening.

The fact that obviously, no one warned these two young black girls about how to recognize game, and the importance of putting themselves first in any interaction with a male.

Young Black Girls are at Great Risk

Sadly, because the young one followed along though she (1) really wanted to go to the mall to buy new clothes (she said it a couple of times); (2) already has a boyfriend; and (3) doesn’t smoke drugs. But she didn’t seem to know what to do or how to handle herself in this situation. So she went along with them. Reluctantly (she was a few steps behind, had her head down and her shoulders rounded), but she went.

Because that dude is older than them (I guessed his age to be about 18), slick as greased lightening, and already using pimp tactics of negating, coercive convincing with bullshit, and pleasing/agreeing with him to keep his attention to get their minds and bodies to do what he wanted them to do.

No one in parental authority knows where these girls were headed instead of the mall at 5:00 pm on a Friday evening. It would be too easy for them to be “offered a ride” by a friend of his to parts unknown. It would be too easy for him to take them to an apartment or abandoned house “to smoke” where a dozen dudes were laying in wait, waiting to rape them. They could be drugged, raped, murdered, and never seen again.

Parents, you must absolutely must tell your girls about nigga pimp game and how to stand strong and purposeful when dealing with them. You must instruct them how to promote themselves and their needs over that of any boy or man. And you must remind your girls every single day how important and special they are. You must teach them how to love themselves which will result in higher self-esteem.

You need to tell black girls those things to inoculate them against the bullshit that clowns like this are gonna be spitting at them.

I wish the younger one had the self-esteem and the courage to speak up and say “No, I don’t smoke drugs. I’m not going to start today. And I told my mother I was going to the mall, so that is where I am going. Friend you said you were coming with me, and that is where we need to go. If you don’t want to go with me, I will go by myself, but I’m not going anywhere with these dudes.”

If only she’d had the strength, and believed that was okay to do. She could have even gone back home – that would have been okay as well.

It saddened me to see this disaster unfold right in front of my face.

Our girls…our little black girls are in trouble.

What do you propose as solutions?

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