How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship

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In even the most solid of relationships there is always the chance that jealousy will occur between you and your partner. The question is; what do you do about it when it does? Is it all that bad? And who’s to blame?

Sources Of Jealousy

There are plenty of reasons that one person in a relationship might feel jealous, but there are probably three levels which are most common:

Partner Cheated:

Jealousy is closely related to trust, and in general the more trust you have the less likely you are to feel jealous. So it goes without saying of course that if your partner has ever cheated on you you are likely to feel jealous about the other person involved or just any man/woman that your partner is close to.

In this situation it is certainly fair to say that the cheater is at fault, but ultimately to build a strong relationship you need to regain that trust and strong feelings of jealousy are a good sign that you have some way to go. You should talk frankly to your partner about this and ultimately you have to be honest with each other about whether the trust can be re-built.

Close Friends:

If you feel jealous about your partners close friends (of the opposite gender), but they have not cheated or otherwise given you reason to mis-trust them then you should start by asking yourself why it is that you are feeling this way.

Often jealousy in this situation is caused if you feel like your partner is spending more time with friends than with you, or puts a certain friend first.

The best way to deal with this is to be honest – don’t cast blame, because there could be some element of blame on both of you and ultimately it is on both of you to patch up the damage. Don’t give ultimatums because these will just pull you apart, and if your partner has not done anything wrong this may push him/her further away from you.

Anyone And Everyone:

What do you do if you are constantly jealous of everyone who looks at your partner? This sort of mindset is often stereotyped to certain types of men, but women can have it too. Again, assuming your partner is infact innocent (which they probably are unless you know otherwise), this is kind of on you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get over it on your own of course, and once again, talking is key. Be honest with your partner about how you feel and tell him/her that you want to work to not be so jealous. Although you certainly shouldn’t blame your partner, there is plenty your partner can do to help.

This sort of jealousy is often the result of insecurity and may indicate that you are not totally confident of your relationship lasting. Building your confidence takes time and support, ask yourself why you might feel insecure and ask for reassurance if you need it – talking about these issues will only serve to bring you closer, this alone can help an awful lot.


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