Why Are People So Opposed to Abortion?

| 09/07/2010 | Comments (9)

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
Why are so many people opposed to abortion? Are they really so stupid that they think a clump of cells is a life? Well I have a little news for you folks… it is not a life until it is born!

Fed Up

Dear Fed Up:
People also believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, that racism doesn’t exist anymore, that the holocaust never happened, and that the guy really does love them! That’s why.

Most people are gullible, silly bleeding heart types and believe any baby is a blessing from God. They don’t consider the reality that unless that child’s parents have the financial resources, and the emotional and psychological maturity to raise a child, they are doing themselves and the child a major disservice.

Our foster care and justice systems are filled with throw away children that the parents either can’t or won’t take care of.  Many of them were guilt-tripped into having a child by friends, family and those pro-life people that tell them “oh no, you’ll make a way! God will take care of you! You can’t kill your baby!”

The bottom line is that unless these people are going to be there with their checkbooks and credit cards to help raise the child and meet its financial needs, they really have no rights to say much of anything about what a pregnant woman does with the parasite growing in her womb. Because that is EXACTLY what a fetus is – a parasite. It sucks whatever it needs from the mother’s body, even her vital organ tissues and bones.

Since no birth control method is 100% fool proof, more men need to take responsibility for their sperm and stop attempting to go through life dancing in and out of women’s beds without taking the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy and disease. Women must also take control of their sexual activity and protect themselves from both transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

But should an accident occur, a careful assessment of the parent’s maturity, education, financial resources and their station in life must be the first order of business.  If even one of the elements listed above is lacking, abortion should be considered the most viable option.

I believe that when people insist on having children they are unprepared to love and provide for in every way imaginable, they are self-centered assholes.  When people are self-centered they don’t bother to consider the sacrifices and selflessness truly required to parent a child to adulthood.

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Comments (9)

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  1. inori says:

    Finally some one who agrees with what i have always said.when i told my classmates that a baby is a parasite until the mother decides otherwise,i was looked at like the devil.

    People seem to think that having children will somehow transform their lives into some magical thing and are surprised when it does not happen.most people have children not because of the child but because it will make THEM happy.

    A fetus is just a collection of cells, and until those cells can exist without the mother, she has the right to determine if she wants those cells to continue to grow or not.

    God save us all from the bleeding hearts who do not have a clue and who unfortunately determine the fate of a lot of people.

    • Raz says:

      inori “most people have children not because of the child but because it will make THEM happy.”

      Exactly Inori but unfortunately I see a lot of unhappy people walking around with kids and they are mistreating those kids. A lot of fathers abandoning their babies, a lot of mothers slapping their babies upside the head because they have no patience. It seems that these mothers only like the part where they ‘have the baby’ and get the initial attention. But they really have no clue and are ill prepared to deal with the live squirming wiggling ‘new life’ that requires 24/7 care. I see mothers slapping a 2 year old because the child is crying and the mom just wants the baby to be quiet! I’m thinking why did you have a baby in the first place if you didn’t want it to ‘act’ like an actual ‘BABY? duh? Babies aren’t quiet. The only way they know how to communicate is to cry. If they could say like adults. ” I’m hungry, tired, bored, cranky’ then they wouldn’t have the need to cry. Too many folks having babies with no patience to be ‘parents’. Anyone can ‘have a baby’ but it takes time/energy/attention to be an ‘active parent’. More folks should have abortions if they find themselves faced with an unwanted pregnancy. More men should have vasectomies and stop making babies with women when they have no intention of being a father.

  2. Hodan says:

    lol, parasite, love it. Its amazing how those holier than thou when it comes to abortion would never adopt or take care of the millions of children in the system, birthed by the weakest among us (I’m talking to the black community in particular). I have no interested in getting one in this life time (God & I forbid), but neither do I have the authority to dictate what another woman or girl could do with their own body and health choices.

  3. africa1996 says:

    With due respect to the other comments, everyone says what they will or won’t do until they themselves are faced with the situation at hand. You can hear a babies heartbeat in a matter of weeks and you want to tell me it’s a parasite??? Are you serious???

    Granted I understood you point in reference to waiting until a person is mature and adamantly equipped to provide for a child in all aspects of their lives, but seriously a fetus is a child…period! People complain about social services and handouts partially due to single mothers, but at the end of the day MEN are just as responsible. With the economy the way it is…every other person in America is receiving some time of aide…if it’s not you, it’s your neighbor, so please don’t complain about your tax dollars at hand.

    Everyone has to pay for something, be it medicare, social security, highways, shelters, etc….Bottom line is ALL parties need to be aware of the risk that are involved with sex and handle their business. But to punish a innocent baby, because you want a good time is bullcrap!!!

    • A fetus is very much a parasite. A parasite merely means a life form that sustains itself at the expense of its host. That is EXACTLY what fetuses do. A developing baby will take the nutrients it needs to grow right out of the mother’s vital organs and bones, leaving her forever depleted and damaged.

      Secondly, all the do gooder whining in the world won’t change my stance. You think having a child in an environment where it has little to no food, no furniture, no way to do homework, no books or supplies, abusive parents, no one to care about it, drugs or prostitution, lack of medical care, attention, affection etc. by stupid parents is not suffering huh?

      See what I mean about you types? You never think of the child, you only think about yourself and what YOU want. If you really cared about that “innocent baby” you would have a house full of foster children or adopted children or both yourself. Or you would certainly be giving money, clothes and food to some parents too broke to support their own child.

      If you really cared about the “innocent baby” you certainly would not want yet another unwanted child, placed in a situation where it was not wanted and shown no kindness, just so you could feel vindicated that people were keeping their children. (Rolling my eyes).

  4. David says:

    I agree with you 100% on this subject. Abortion should be rare, safe,and readily available. Men and women need to exercise more self-restraint and abstain from sexual activity until the benchmarks of having adequate personal maturity, financial resources,and education have been passed before they even become sexually active in the first place. Furthermore, they should also be married. Of course, everyone knows these things but go out and have sex anyway.

    • Raz says:

      David: “Men and women need to exercise more self-restraint and abstain from sexual activity until the benchmarks of having adequate personal maturity, financial resources,and education have been passed before they even become sexually active in the first place”

      I think people should have ‘responsible sex’. One can have sex without making ‘babies’ that’s what birth control is for. And while no birth control if full proof, the odds of making a baby go down considerably if people had responsible sex. The only time a man and a woman make a baby is when they ‘both want to. This means when a man and a woman engage in bareback sex they are both complicit in the understanding that they are risking making a baby. Since they both know this can happen they must want it to happen since neither took precautions to prevent an ‘accidental’ pregnancy’. I do agree that people should value their ‘temples/bodies’ more and not share it indiscriminately with others. That is a privilege that should be ‘earned’ and not freely given.

  5. Cynthia says:

    I’m right with you on this one. I get tired of my tax dollars going to feed and clothe all of these kids born to parents who can’t do it on their own dime. Yet if I were to go and apply for social services if I’m in need, I’d get kicked out! I’m all for forcing people to be on birth control until such time as they have passed bench marks in their lives and proven that they have the things in place to bring a child into this world on their own without relying on other folks to ‘help them out’.

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