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Survey: Older Women Dating Younger Men

. 01/18/2013 . 0 Comments

Older women dating younger men is common; but what we want to know is if these relationships face any particular, unrecognized challenges when the older partner is a black female.

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Son of a God Who Became a Dope Fiend

. 01/01/2013 . 0 Comments

The poignant real life story of a black male and the challenges he and his siblings faced in childhood and adulthood due to the fact that his father was a drug addict and a dope fiend.

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Black Students Fear of Exams and School Success

. 12/28/2012 . 3 Comments

Could a fear of exams be a key reason for your child’s failure in school? Many adults don’t test well and report that a fear of exams contributed to their failure in life. Parents can use these tips and tricks to help their children master fear of exams and succeed in school and life.

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Slut Shaming, Public Humiliation and Social Media Cross Paths

. 11/17/2012 . 1 Comment

Parents dismayed at their teen daughter’s “slut-looking” photos teach her a hard lesson about accountability and repercussions by making a public announcement about her behavior. Is this good parenting or adding insult to injury?

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A Letter to My Molester – Inmate K53771 Jimmie L. Hunt

. 11/09/2012 . 0 Comments

Kathy Henry, a survivor of child sexual molestation and abuse, bravely pens a letter to her mother’s boyfriend – the man who molested her repeatedly over a period of four years.

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Black Pastors, Black Churches, Black Women and Barack Obama

. 10/26/2012 . 1 Comment

A number of Black pastors are seeking to manipulate female congregants by demanding they not vote at all, or that their vote be cast in favor of Mitt Romney. Black women must ignore these pleas by voting for a candidate that supports women’s rights which means a vote for Barack Obama.

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Making it Legal to Sexually Assault Women and Molest Children

. 10/20/2012 . 1 Comment

Around the nation men in power are lobbying for the decriminalization of sexual assault on women and children. Recognize what time it is and think about the many ways men are attempting to make it legal to sexually assault women and molest children.

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Domestic Violence Prevention Month – Murdered Women and Children

. 09/11/2012 . 7 Comments

In January 2009 this young woman and her infant daughter were gunned down in a tragic case of domestic violence. Since then hundreds of thousands of women and children have been abused and murdered by violent, angry men. Domestic violence must be stopped.

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Because It’s All Your Fault Black Woman

. 08/14/2012 . 1 Comment

The black community is suffering from severe mental illness. It’s called Blame the Black Woman which encompasses total rejection of responsibility and accountability for the things black men do and say that harm black women and children. This toxic behavior must stop.

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How the Black Church Destroyed My Marriage and My Life

. 08/08/2012 . 17 Comments

One man shares his heartwrenching story of how love was ruined by twisted scripture and unethical men in the black church. A sad tale of how the black church impacted one man’s wife, destroyed his marriage and ruined his life.

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When Fun Turns into Sexual Assault a Good Time is Not Had by All

. 07/25/2012 . 0 Comments

The rape conviction of Oklahoma State University basketball player Darrel Williams separates the black community into two camps – those that defend the attacker and blame the victim for a sexual assault, and those who believe he got what he deserved as black athletes think they are above reproach.

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Will Black Churches Finally Do Something About HIV/AIDS in Black Women?

. 07/23/2012 . 10 Comments

HIV and AIDS has been ignored by black churches since the 1980s. When will black church leaders finally get their heads out of their asses and do something about HIV/AIDS and stop pretending people are not having sex?

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