The Top 5 Ways to Know if You’re Dealing with a He-motional He-bitch

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What I’ve noticed, in communicating with various heterosexual men offline and online, is a phenomenon that has probably been plaguing subsets of men since the dawn of time, and that is; the bitch within. Keep in mind that all men DO NOT have an inner bitch, so real men v. he-bitches will be used here to differentiate.

(Note: The he-bitch phenomenon should not be confused with irritable male syndrome male syndrome)

Here are the top 5 ways to know if you’re dealing with a he-motional he-bitch.

1) He bitches are always complaining. Real men don’t complain because they’re too busy making things happen. He-bitches whine incessantly; you might see em online doing it, hear em in random conversations doing it and you might catch people looking and  laughing like “Look at these bitchass _______!” He-bitches complain because they’re always rejected by women, cussed out by women, and not getting what they feel they deserve from women; but more importantly they aren’t respected so they throw bitch fits and get he-motional to gain attention and validation. They also have an overall negative outlook on women and make sweeping generalizations about all women based on their personal interactions with a few women, (e.g. Black men who put down all Black women in favor of non-Black women). More often than not, their sex game has been deemed horrific and they’re aware along with the women who’ve publicly shared that unfortunate news with others causing the he-bitch to become more he-motional leading to more complaining. It’s a vicious cycle.

2) He bitches don’t know how to let shit go. You can walk away from a disagreement or argument right then and there because A) you value your time,  B) you just don’t argue with bitchass people, C) it’s pointless, and D) you just have better more productive things to do. You say what you gotta say and keep it moving. He-bitches, on the other hand,  rant all week, all month, and all year long. If you’re lucky you might catch one having a he-motional bitch rant in a different language because it makes them feel special and they need to be heard by as many people as possible. Ignoring these he-bitches is the ultimate devastation because they no longer have your attention which results in perpetual bitch fits and them summoning other he-bitches to join forces; generally when this happens people tend to laugh this off or invite the he-bitch and/or he-bitches to seek professional help. Often times, real men will encourage he-bitches to go beat off to some porno or something because they know he-bitches don’t get any love from the ladies, especially ladies with high self-esteem and self-worth.

3) He bitches are natural born haters. This can be for a variety of reasons but all reasons stem from their known inadequacies. They might be broke, dumb, unattractive, incompetent, sexually defective, lonely, bitter, confused and they know this and they’re angry; so what better way to cope with that internal anger than to hate on you and other people? It may seem retarded to you but it’s a release for them and makes them feel good, important, and noticed. Since he-bitches have no desirable qualities to offer anyone; their default offering is automatic hate.

4) He-bitches love to threaten. This is especially true when it comes to women. He-bitches feel that women are beneath them when really the opposite is true.  A he-bitch might get offended by something a woman does or says  and say shit like “You better stop before things get ugly.” That was a direct quote from a he-bitch towards a woman who felt she was dealing with a bad man.  Little did she know she was dealing with a he-motional he-bitch. Most times these threats are empty but in some instances he-bitches attempt to fight women which leads to the next point.

5) He-bitches love getting into cat fights w/women. There’s nothing a he-bitch loves more than letting his inner bitch come out and play. Real men aren’t easily angered, agitated or influenced by anyone let alone a woman who’s saying or doing something he disagrees with, and real men definitely don’t initiate verbal or physical fights with women.

He-bitches will go the fuck off on a woman instantly, doesn’t matter what it’s about and women won’t know why most of the time because he-bitches are mysterious, unpredictable, and unstable creatures! The claws and fangs will come out, you might even smell some blood, because he-bitches menstruate, that’s right. The only thing you can really do when a he-bitch is trying to fight is offer some Pamprin, a couple tampons & some pantyliners, and if that doesn’t work tase em or stun em; don’t risk breaking a nail or messing up your hair over a he-bitch. Plus, 9 times outta 10, if real men are around they’ll just hem the he-bitch up and put it to sleep which is a very effective he-bitch cat fight deterrent.

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  1. N2ition says:

    @Guapo1492 He-bitches always think they have something important to say….get lost!!

  2. N2ition says:

    @ohwow  Wow!!!….a real He-Bitch;-)….she described you perfectly!!!

  3. Guapo1492 says:

    To the sister who wrote this article,…….when one resorts to name calling it makes that individual look just as angry and emotional.

    All the black man-hate on this site obviously stems from disappointment. So we fight negativity with negativity? Judging by most of the posts, you sisters don’t have a clue about black men or any men. At the end of the day, a woman is responsible for her own bad choices in men. Stop blaming the guys.

    Boy, do we live in a toxic culture! Always being judged by standards we didn’t create. Will we ever abandon our massive egos????

    • Since 90% of black men are bad choices, that leaves 10% of men that are decent. That is in itself a disappointment.

      With such high numbers of waste products running around calling themselves men, it sadly appears that most women are going to be exposed to and stuck meeting, dating, and marrying some degree of foolishness contained within that 90% of men.

      Rather than you trying to blame women for choosing losers (when the majority of you are disappointing losers and the pickings are hella slim for men that are not), why don’t you instead elevate yourselves up? Become men of honor and respect women! Become men of accomplishment! Turn that stat around so that 90% of men are men we can be proud to call our own, leaving just 10% to be fools and losers!

      That is the answer to the problem – men need to step up and stop being whiney, complaining, weak, spineless he-bitches and instead grow some balls and be men. Stop abusing women. Stop abusing children. Get a damn education and a job. Read a fucking book! Do something with your damn selves besides think of ways to get over on and use women!

      I will continue to blame the guys for being useless losers interjecting themselves into women’s lives to hurt them as long as I feel like it. If you don’t want to be blamed for being a useless loser, then stop being one.

      • Guapo1492 says:

        Where did you pull that number from? 90%!? This is from personal experience, right? So 9 out of 10 times you made bad choices. Maybe you should try other(Caucasian, Asian, Indian, Latino)?

        I didn’t come here to defend “loser brothers”. I’m just saying you can’t put all the blame on men.

        Sister, you seem quite angry. All of your words were negative. Not sure how to respond to such hostility. I mean, you unleashed a lot just then!

  4. Raz says:

    Lyndon: “All the blaming is causing black men to become territorial and defensive”.

    Why is it when black men are called out for their negative inappropriate behaviors towards women, their funky attitudes towards women, men say women are ‘blaming men’? What are women supposed to shut up, be quiet and continue to let men ride roughshod over them, the way they’ve been socialized to do for eons? Men get to do and say anything they want against women and women couldn’t open their mouths, they were supposed to smile through their emotional and physical pain?

    Now that women are breaking free of these jedi-mind games and speaking up against these attitudes and behaviors, men whine that women are ‘blaming them’ for the state of things in relationships with women? Wow..(rolls eyes at Lyndon’s whiny excuse).

  5. Freda says:

    So what do you think we need to do. I feel like Black men need to stop it and step up. DOn’t get me wrong, black women have work to do but the angry black men have gone nuts

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