Internet Stalking – When Niqqas Stalk to Insult and Demean

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The black male featured in the screen shot below is stalking me on the web. Not only did he come onto my AskMsHeartBeat fan page on Facebook (which is where the screen shot below came from), he came over here to post similar statements. Following a complete stranger around the web is considered stalking.

Of course he didn’t know that comments on this blog are screened and allowed to appear on the blog at my sole discretion. I thought he was nothing but a big ass baby, so his whining ass comment got deleted. His singular goal though? To attempt to demean, insult and discredit a complete stranger all because he disagrees with something I wrote at some point. I mean, I guess that’s why he’s upset. I’m not really sure what his issue is because he never presented a topic to debate –  he just came in guns blazing attempting to insult me and my work.

stupid nigga 2

The funny thing though is that I have been doing this for damn near 25 years, and seen and heard it all. Nothing black males do or say in their quest to silence, denigrate or abuse black women surprises me anymore. Black males are for the most part socialized to emotionally and verbally abuse women and think it is their right to do so. As a matter of fact, I made a meme some time ago called THE NIGGA LEXICON because there are about 10 standard phrases they fall back on to try to “hurt” black women on the web.

In reality, a person who calls himself a man, yet trails around stalking someone, going from site to site focused on ONE WOMAN HE DOESN’T KNOW is nothing but a fucking internet stalker. He is a guy who wants your attention as a woman, but knows you wouldn’t give him the time of day even if he were the last man on earth. So he gets in his feelings about the rejection he knows he is gonna get from you, and comes out the gate like a little boy calling names and hurling what he thinks are insults.

But see, you and no other person has the power to insult me. I won’t let you. What you say is insignificant to me. You are like a mosquito buzzing around that needs to be swatted or sprayed with RAID. You are that useless and that unimportant to the grand scheme of my life.

Yet I do want to take the time to point out to the female readers of this blog how often black males attempt to discredit a female professional advice giver, psychologist, counselor, judge, or anything else by asking if she “has a man.” Using a straw man tactic, they set things up so that instead of dealing with the reality of what the woman has said (usually a criticism of black male behavior), they use the assertion that she “doesn’t even have a man!” to summarily dismiss everything she has said. They try to set things up to benefit themselves and have women competing over them and desperate for male attention.

As if having a male in your life getting on your fucking nerves and wearing you down with his bullshit is proof that you are somehow more worthy or credible or a better woman than a woman smart enough to avoid such drama.

This “male as the prize saving black women from singleness” attitude is completely misogynistic in nature. The goal is for black males to, without doing anything to deserve such kudos and reverence, position themselves as a medal worthy of having or even striving for.

Just on his say so because he has a dick – he truly believes that acquisition of a being like this in a woman’s realm improves her lot. He must not know that dick is blowing up and down the street like tumbleweeds – “getting a man” is no challenge and certainly no accomplishment. Any woman can walk out her door and have a man in her face 10 minutes later.

The goal is for a woman to be smart and wait for the RIGHT guy to come along.The Dumb Nigga Thesaurus

In reality, too many women who go down that Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole invariably wish they hadn’t. Relationships are not always the pie in the sky women are brainwashed to believe they are. Which is reflected in divorce statistics – women ultimately end up filing for divorce ending as many as 75% of marriages.

Bottom line: Women get tired of men’s shit.

So when you encounter a male who believes he is something akin to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, ask him why he is so delusional?

Ask him to list exactly what it is he thinks he brings to your life that you don’t already have or can provide for yourself?

Why should you give up your delightful single life and join forces with him to take on the very things most women complain about after divorcing: his family, health problems, laziness and lack of ambition, addictions, wandering eye and penis, misogyny, and utter selfishness?  I mean, if you get with him, what’s in it for YOU?

Be very clear on that before you sign on the dotted line and end up with a complete fool. Like this guy.

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