Margaret Sanger and the Eradication of the Black Race Using Planned Parenthood

| 02/04/2012 | Comments (5)


All women have the right to control their fertility in the U.S. However, this was not always the case. And there is a contingent of Black men that resent and attack Planned Parenthood as being a racist organization started by Margaret Sanger, a woman who they believe promoted the death of Black babies and the elimination of the Black race.

Our discussion tonight will revolve around the recent decision (and reversal)  by the Susan G. Komen foundation to elminate their annual grant to Planned Parenthood. We will also discuss the reason the so-called “black nationalists” are up in arms about Planned Parenthood and believe that organization was established solely as a tool to be used to eradication black babies, and therefore the  Black race.

However, with hundreds of thousands of Black children abandoned into the  foster care system in this country, the poverty, and the educational gap between poor Blacks and the middle class, is controlling one’s fertility really that far off base?

Are Black women to be denied the right to decide when they should have a child, or if they should have one at all to fulfill the role black men have for women to breed more babies? What is the true goal of such a demand?

Call in to 347-327-9215 on Saturday, February 4, 2012  to share your thoughts on black women, black children, and Planned Parenthood.


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Comments (5)

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  1. topaz627 says:

    Margaret Sanger wasn’t a Eugenicist that is a big misconception. A lot of that came from her trying to  money from eugenicists,many of who didn’t support her. She didn’t  believe in racial hierarchy or nazism and actively spoke out against it.. She actually was more for making sure everyone had access to birth control more so than abortion.

  2. Oneof thegirls says:
    A new film about a black man who kills abortion doctors. This is real to them. But its hypocritical. I hear BM all the time talking about the amount of black women who have abortions. One thing I don’t understand is the amount of them that are not there for their children.

    • Razzy says:

       @Oneof thegirls I’ve seen that video. I couldn’t watch it all the way through. That dude is a complete fool and is probably suffering from rejection by some woman he wants or either has mommy issues as many of them do.  These Jikkas get on my nerve.  They all want to control women instead of controlling themselves.  If less men skeeted and ran and made babies all over creation, the problem would be solved.  One man can impregnate multiple women.  If they are so concerned about abortions, then they should have vasectomies and do their part to stop making these babies that they whine and complain about having to pay child support and don’t stick around to father.  But they don’t want to talk about that!  The trifling fools.

      • Oneof thegirls says:

         @Razzy That is exactly what I don’t get. Many of these so-called anti choice men, have kids THEY don’t care for. I call BS!

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