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Submissive Women Have the Happiest Relationships?

. 04/21/2011 . 1 Comment

Why is it that Black men are so enamored of the concept of female submission? Do such relationships last longer? Are they happier for both the man and woman or just the man?

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The Lies Men Tell Women

. 04/18/2011 . 0 Comments

All lies, no matter how big or small, damage the trust a woman has in her man and his commitment to her. Why do men lie so much?

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Week 3: The Pudge Be Gone Fitness Challenge

. 04/16/2011 . 1 Comment

Walking 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles) is this week’s goal for participants in The Pudge Be Gone Fitness Challenge sponsored by SurvivingDating.Com.

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10 Women Guys Overlook and Why You Should Date Them

. 04/11/2011 . 12 Comments

Single men tend to have a very rigid type. To get more dates, more sex and more love open your mind to include these 10 types of women that you might normally overlook.

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Week 2: The Pudge Be Gone! Fitness Challenge

. 04/09/2011 . 0 Comments

Portion sizes and overall dietary requirements depend on several factors, including activity level. If you are eating too much, you’ll gain (not lose) pounds.

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Is she loving him or smothering him?

. 04/08/2011 . 0 Comments

Is it caring, love and devorition – or is it smothering that chokes the life out of the relationship? Let’s talk about love, obsessive love, and those incapable of true intimacy.

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Kissing – Perfect Your Kissing Technique!

. 04/08/2011 . 4 Comments

The best kisses are memorable, passion inducing, heart pounding exchanges that leave you panting and wanting more. Kissing tips for the kissing-challenged single to improve your kissing technique!

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Teen pregnancies get on her nerves

. 04/07/2011 . 2 Comments

A writer complains that teen mothers spread kids with the same ease that they buy a new purse. Who is really responsible for teen pregnancies?

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Week 1: The Six Week Pudge Be Gone! Fitness Challenge

. 04/03/2011 . 9 Comments

Get healthy and lose weight for summer by participating in SurvivingDating.Com’s Six Week “Pudge Be Gone” Fitness Challenge!

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Knife carrying girlfriend sends chills through his heart

. 03/31/2011 . 7 Comments

He is shocked and appalled to find out his girlfriend carries a knife everywhere she goes. So now she’s a crazy psycho?

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Why does he say I am a threat to all his plans?

. 03/28/2011 . 10 Comments

A young woman writes to get clear on the motives her boyfriend has in accusing her of thinking only about herself … Ms. HeartBeat has a shocking answer!

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Black man raised “white” can’t relate to black women

. 03/26/2011 . 28 Comments

Raised in a white environment, a young black man questions and struggles with acceptance of his interracial relationship.

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