The Law of Attraction is Stupid

| 06/10/2015 | Comments (2)

abused women and the Law of AttractionWhenever a group of black women get together and talk about how abusive and nasty black men are, some clown in the forum or page will spew out a venomous “well you picked him!” as if that excuses a man from having any responsibility for his vile nasty behavior.  Well I have this to say: People who believe in the law of attraction are stupid. People who use that alleged “law” as justification to victim blame are assholes of immense proportions.

Let me explain something to you intellectual Smurfs who believe that Law of Attraction garbage. In every situation there are at least two people involved. You and the other person, and sometimes the other person’s friend, coworker, brother, cousin, etc. Your simple minded self would like us to believe that the one who gets hurt, lied to, beaten up, abducted, raped, tricked or even killed intentionally attracted that person and those misdeeds to their life with some secret desire to be victimized!

the law of attraction and domestic violence against black womenYour half baked theory totally ignores the reality of science…one energy is always stronger, and one energy is always dominant. I mean, you can fly a plane around the world with the energy of jet engines, but the pull of gravity is always there threatening to crash land that damn plane. Got it?

Translated into simple terms, it means means the lying sack of shit, the murderous fiend, the savage rapist, the manipulative con artist, the stealthy rapist, the conniving child molester, and the abusive nasty boyfriend or husband has that kind of gravitational pull and will tend to pull in innocent victims for a crash landing.

Just like a Venus Flytrap…it appears sweet and innocent, a regular flower like all the others that we love. But they draw you in with misrepresentation and pretense for the kill.

Bottom line it is always men who say that Law of Attraction shit, and they always say it when a woman is victimized by a man. Someone he is always absolved of responsibility for being a fucking asshole rapist, abuser, child molester, whatever. And the woman is blamed for “attracting him”. That is some fucking retarded crap, and I just want everyone to understand if that is how you think you would do best to keep that shit to your damn self.venus flytrap and the law of attraction

Anyone who finds themselves believing that a woman or child deserved the abuse, pain or suffering endured at the hands of a man because “you attracted him” is a complete pig. No, on second thought, that’s an insult to a pig since they are intelligent and loving creatures.  You are instead just a disgusting creepy asshole and I hope you die soon. Tomorrow would be great.


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Comments (2)

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  1. InSightView says:

    I’m so mad I fell for that law of attraction nonsense. 
    I do believe in being positive, and that you can make a difference in your life against the odds. And I do believe that I’ve been helped out of situations and feel that it was a divine blessing, which stemmed from me having faith and going for it. 
    But I ended up foolishly believing in this woman Esther Hicks, who is basically channeling a demon if you ask me. Really, it seems far-fetched that people who claim they are positive would literally blame victims for being victimized, but thats exactly what they do.
    So, law of attraction, in the minds of those fools is not only stupid, its evil. Its the definition of evil. Its completely opposite of everything it claims to be, and it lets villains of the hook while penalizing victims. It makes victims ashamed, while villains can excuse any of their behavior, like hey, we all just want to feel good right? As if evil intentions are okay somehow. Criminal.

  2. Razzy says:

    No woman asks to be victimized and no woman deserves to be
    victimized. We should not blame the victim here, I wholeheartedly agree!

    I would also add, that women often ignore yellow warning
    flags early on in a relationship , warning flags that later turn into big
    bright red flashing signs. or they often allow themselves to get too close and
    don’t vet a potential mate before they give them unfettered liberties in their
    lives. The woman should keep a balance with her head and her heart when
    choosing someone.Often women will get
    intimate too soon, and once the emotions become involved, it can cloud good
    judgement and women turn a blind eye or give a knucklehead the benefit of the
    doubt. They ignore that gut warning system telling them something isn’t right
    because… (fill in the blank).I’ve
    seen examples of women allowing men, they barely know to move in with them and
    have access to their homes, their children, their wallets.

     And while there are plenty of worthy articles on this
    website, one that gives women a step by step guide to vetting men and what NOT
    to ignore in a potential man, might be worthy.

    Sometimes women may have a funny feeling about a guy, but
    because he may have paid a bill for her, or helped her out when she needed him,
    she then gives him her trust in other parts of her life solely based on one or
    two things he’s either said or done.So
    while I do agree, that no woman should be blamed for a stupid knucklehead
    victimizing her, women need more guidance from other wise women on how to
    better vet these knuckleheads and see through their many disguises and not be
    so quick to give their trust to these men.For too many women, when the heart becomes involved, the head disengages
    which is why women need to pace themselves and not be so quick and/or desperate
    to fall for these men.
    Men show themselves in layers, and it takes time to get
    through the layers.Women need to give
    themselves time to peel back these layers, to see men at their best and at
    their worst and see if this is something they want in their lives.Go at a reasonable pace, and let him be
    consistent in all areas that you deem are trustworthy first.
    There is no guarantee that a man you meet won’t be a
    knucklehead but I’ve seen too many women ignore signs of a knucklehead acting
    like one early on, and they look over that.Women need to set standards, have criteria in place and if that man isn’t
    hitting/meeting that criteria consistently, then he needs to go.In other words, women need to be like banks
    that lend money.If a man doesn’t meet a
    certain credit score, he doesn’t get the best interest rate, or possibly gets
    denied the loan.Women need to be like
    that.Don’t give a man access to your
    life when he doesn’t meet important criteria at least 98% of the time.

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