Part 3 – Are Black Women Stupid? Relationships Are a Business

| 12/18/2012 | Comments (11)

Sex is Not Free: All Relationships Are a Business

Women that waste their time looking for sexy men, and ignoring other iimportant components of relationships suffer for it. Relationships are a business

Sex is not free. Never has been and never will be. Any woman that gives it away for free is a fool. You are either trading it to men for fabulous dates and allowing them time around you and the opportunity to spend money on you, or you are trading it for a ring. When a man locks it down with a ring, he is doing so because he wants exclusive rights to take you on fabulous dates, time around you and the exclusive opportunity to spend his money on you for the rest of his life in the set up we call “marriage.”

But all relationships are about dick and pussy. That’s it and that’s all. If you think anything else, you are stupid.


Pussy Costs Money – Together Men Know That but Broke Men Try to Get Over

Men that are about something know that it costs money to attract and keep a woman.  However, the broke dudes are the ones crying about how they need a woman to help them, be there for them, support them, and do for them. They have nothing to offer, nothing to give but some idle conversation and some sex, and they think you are supposed to be happy with that.

Dumb bitches are. They think dick is a commodity and to have one means something special.

Ladies, understand that you must set boundaries with men. You must also understand that your body is precious and has value. But niggas will try to get you to forget that when its to their benefit. See, they want you to have boundaries and standards with OTHER men, because that makes you a “good woman.”

But they suddenly want you to forget all about your standards and boundaries and the value you place on yourself when it comes to HIM, and in his frustration and anger he will refer to you as nothing but a ho, selling her pussy to the highest bidder.

Broke men try to act stupid, like they don’t get that it costs money to keep up the pussy. However, they know the deal. But what they also know is if you are too stupid to demand more from them, and are willing to play yourself cheap, they are going to take whatever you give them and give you little to nothing in return. They will let you spend all your money and expend massive amounts of effort trying to please them while they whine about how you don’t do enough, criticize and judge what you do, condemn you for not helping them, then turn around and cheat on you anyway. No matter how many hoops you’ve jumped through.

The man who understands relationships are a business will strive to get his shit together at a pretty young age. These are the men who know they must get themselves together educationally, professionally, emotionally and socially to be considered worthy mates for a quality woman. They know that woman and her family will judge him by WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED, and WHAT HE CAN DO FOR THEIR DAUGHTER. These guys know not to come empty handed talking about a bunch of dreams they have yet actualize.

In other words, smart men know they must invest in the woman they want. They like their pussy to look a certain way, smell a certain way, to be dressed a certain way, to be accessorized a certain way, the body to be tight and in a specific shape. All that beautification costs money and they know it, so they contribute to the cause. Women that waste their time looking for love and ignoring other iimportant components of relationships suffer for it. relationships are a business

Bottom line – men do not date stupid, ugly ass women that can’t fuck and they certainly won’t marry them.

And in spite of the fact that some cheap men expressed concern that women teaching their daughters this information would be teaching them prostitution, the reality is that these cheap men are just worried that they will be frozen out and be pussyless. Dudes, you need to get over themselves. In reality more women need to teach their daughters the value of pussy and stop telling them to give their bodies and their sex away for “love”.

Fuck love!

Love don’t pay NO BILLS. Love does not put you in a nice house. Love does not provide you with romantic weekend getaways to Aspen or Mexico or the Caribbean, your children with a college education or great family vacations.


Why Relationships Are About The Benjamins

Love makes women get involved with some ignorant, broke, stupid fools. Love will have you strung out over an incarcerated fool with no prospects when he gets out, and no sense – otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten caught. Love will get you stuck on stupid and left dazed and confused with some broke fool’s baby, struggling to take care of it all by yourself. 

One of the top things women seek in a man is that he be a “good provider.” Financial stability is important to women and always has been. Smart men, raised to be husbands, know this is their role and one of the standards they must meet for manhood. Ain’t no woman of intelligence trying to marry a man that she does not see as “a good provider”. 

Now ladies, WTF do you think that “being a good provider” means??? What it means is that man is capable of PAYING FOR THE PUSSY!

When a man brags that he “holds it down like a man should” or “his ends is meeting like a muhfugga” or he describes himself as “a great provider for his wife and family” — those things mean he is a man proud of the fact that he makes enough money to PAY for the upkeep and maintenance of his PUSSY in grand style! He understands that relationships are a business and he handles his. This is the man that deserves your heart and your devoted love.


Relationships are a Business – Run Yours Properly!

Ladies, you must run your relationships like a business. No one should be “hired” for the position of your man unless he meets high standards and brings the proper experience, maturity, and focus to the company.

And forget these dudes that say “well don’t SHE have a job?”successful men know it costs to date. Relationships are a business

Remember, what you have or are already doing for yourself by yourself is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that you have a job, nor does it matter what assets you already have! If a man coming into your world is not going to bring assets and improve the bottom line of your existence financially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and materially, then he is not worthy of your time.

In business language – if a man cannot improve the profitability, market penetration and P/E ratio of your business (aka life), then he should be passed over and should NEVA get no pussy from you. He ain’t deserving.

THAT is how you manage The Business of Relationships.

If more black women did that, all broke niggas would either get their shit together, or screw each other. But they wouldn’t get to touch women.

If you are a black woman that believes your enjoyment of sex is enough and that he didn’t get free pussy… you got free dick, or that it’s just sex and has nothing to do with what a man does to get it, you are stupid.  You also play right into the hands of broke niggas that have no desire to do more, be more or give a woman anything… they just want to get their dick wet.

If you are a black woman that allows a nigga come over to your house empty handed, sit on your couch, fuck you and call that ‘a date’ you are stupid.

If you are a black woman that thinks what is being said here about knowing your value makes women out to be nothing more than prostitutes, and you want have sex with any guy that you think is cute, have at it with your Kmart Blue Light Special Discount self. Please know that you are also stupid.

If you are a black woman that lets a nigga tie up your dating, sex and money making opportunities for the future by having his baby and you ain’t married, you are stupid.

If you want to get married to said nigga but he is fucking for free prior to marriage, he has no incentive to marry you and so he won’t which means you are stupid.

Relationships are a business. May sound harsh, but it’s real.


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Comments (11)

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  1. Deborrah says:

    icewindalpha Yawn. You cannot compare television scripted fuckery to real life. When black folks stop doing that it will be a glorious day.

  2. Deborrah says:

    alfcat Maybe that is why so many males want to be women these days. But you let the first menstrual cramp or labor pain hit your ass, you would be happy you were a man and all you had to do is pay a few bills.

  3. Deborrah says:

    AnthonySpray Thats the shit broke niggas always say!

  4. AnthonySpray says:

    This is a result of a capitalist society. Letting Materialistic things govern our relationships. If I have to buy your love than you can keep that it.

  5. swirlygirl says:

    icewindalpha  You are so convoluted.

  6. alfcat says:

    double standard -raise bar for black men n lower it for white men-wm get it easy  n free without meeting all these requirements

  7. icewindalpha says:

    I was watching an episode of Judge Mathis one day, and a young woman was suing her ex boyfriend for money that he borrowed from her. Later in her testimony she said something to the effect of “I slept with him and he dogged me out” and she went on a tirade and Judge Mathis interrupted her and said; “Mam I can’t issue a judgement for your bitterness”. That really resonated with me, because it seems like that’s what we want, some
    type of judgement to justify or satisfy our bitterness. Well, I am no judge lol but ummm I’d thought I try my hand at offering a ruling.

    I sentence you to a lifetime of looking at SELF.
    I sentence you to a life time of accountability.
    I sentence you to a lifetime of accepting responsibility for the consequences that follow YOUR actions and decisions.
    I sentence you to STOP playing the blame game, meaning you blame everyone else but YOU
    I sentence you to a lifetime of respecting yourself, loving yourself
    and knowing your worth, so that you can chose someone that respects,
    loves and know your worth.

    Now….I know this isn’t the “judgement” that you wanted….you probably wanted me to dog the man out blah blah blah….you know have an angela basset moment and and yell get your shyt, get your shyt and GET OUT! Then have a bonfire and what not….and you may not see it now…but I PROMISE this judgement will prove to be more healthier and successful. Trust me

    • Razzy says:

      Your blaming the victim response is typical of male dominated thinking.  No woman has a crystal ball and can see into the future. Plenty of women give their love/time and attention to men who show one side of themselves and then later down the line act a fool. You seem to put the blame directly on the woman and absolve the male for dogging her out in the first place. As if all women who are dogged out by men should have ‘seen it coming’. If it were that easy then dating wouldn’t be so heartbreaking.

  8. Razzy says:

    I just saw this article so I’m coming in late on this one!  But this is the TRUF!!  Black women betta learn some sense.  Black men run relationships like a business.  They know just where to go to get the most for their ‘money’ and since they don’t have any money, they know just where to go to get what they want, (wifey benefits, free sex, cooking, cleaning, emotional support, money) for FREE.  Sorry ass cheap black man are like leeches and they know how to find their victim. They are like ticks. They know how to track down and find that desperate low self esteem having broad who is willing to be their ‘slave’ and give them everything while she gets very little on the return for her efforts.  Black men know how to run that jedi mind trick game on low self esteem having women so that they think they are doing ‘right by their man’ in giving him everything while expecting and accepting almost nothing in return.
    See black men are running their relationships like businesses….Only they are mostly benefitting from the business.  They run their relationships like a monarchy where they have all the power and they reap all the benefits while black women are like peasants. They get NOTHING and are supposed to be content by making sure they keep massa happy.
    Black men run their relationships like slavery.  They are in charge and the woman is the slave.   Black women betta get a clue

  9. tanyamediates says:

    Whew! Church QUIET up in here. Ms. Deborrah you broke it down, right here, sho’ nuff. This needs to be required reading for all those 12years of age and above. I’m exhausted from shouting AMEN.

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