Is He Playing Games With Me While He Cheats on His Girlfriend?

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Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
We dated for a year, I broke his heart. We got back together and it was never the same, we broke up a year ago.

He got a new girlfriend right after we split, and he is a drug addict now. He says his girlfriend and him rarely see each other, and when they do they always fight. But he feels bad about breaking up with her because her guardian is dying of cancer. He cheats on her every month with me, goes on and on about how much he loves me after we hook up, and says that he can’t get over me (he’s not sober usually). Then he ignores me for a month and the cycle repeats itself.

He told me when he was sober that he loves me/his current girlfriend means nothing. He just wants to be single to get out of drugs etc. But what I don’t get is why tell me he loves me after we’ve hooked up? What is the point?

I need to get him out of my life, he’s hurt me a lot.


Dear Wounded:
Whenever the last time was that you saw/talked to/slept with him is when the clock starts ticking. Every time you see/talk to/sleep with him you start the healing process ALL OVER AGAIN. Doing things that bring him back into your life is a huge mistake.

You need to stop being his backup woman, positioning yourself in some codependent triangle with a drug addicted fool and a psycho woman. What is going on with you? Surely you don’t believe this is the best you can do in a man?!

I mean, think about it for a minute…

  • He lies
  • He cheats
  • He uses drugs
  • He drinks like a fish
  • He’s manipulative
  • He’s deceptive
  • He plays games

And he is doing all that to you only because you let him. You are not a victim here young lady, you are a willing participant in this nonsense. This guy is lying about barely seeing his girlfriend, and he is lying about loving you. He says all that after you hook up so that you will let him come back and get hooked up again.  He is also lying about trying to get off drugs. This is a no-brainer.

You keep messing around with this chump, he is going to take you right down the toilet with him.

Get it together young lady. You are wasting your life even thinking about this fool.

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