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Controlling Your Emotions – Why Women Must Stop Making Life Choices Based on FEELINGS

| 10/23/2018 | Comments (0)
women who make decisions based on emotion vs logic and reason

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper points out the many ways women make poor choices about men and life, based on their FEELINGS instead of using logic and reason. She guides the listeners of this Tough Topic Thursday discussion to take a look at emotion-based decision making and how it can be detrimental to success and goal achievement.

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Breaking Up and Moving On – Knowing When It’s Time to Let Him Go

| 05/21/2017 | Comments (0)
Breaking Up and Moving On - Knowing When It's Time to Let Him Go

Webinar for women on when and how to recognize when a relationship has reached it’s limit. Breaking up and moving on – how to leave a bad relationship and find your joy!

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Ghosting – The Slick Way to End a Dating Relationship

| 03/20/2017 | Comments (0)
ghosting, getting ghost, break up

Ghosting is the favorite technique of the single to end things when they don’t want to deal with a bunch of drama and emotions. Ghosting explained in both definition and practice.

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Why Asking Men for Closure is a Dumb Move

| 07/10/2016 | Comments (1)
women seeking closure in dating relationships dating advice.

Women tend to act confused when a guy suddenly leaves “a relationship” and stops taking their calls, responding to their texts, coming over to visit, asking them out, etc. They wanna act all brand new like he was the love of their life and their heart is broken into smithereens about Clown Ass Fool #79. […]

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During a break up my girl slept with one of my friends… how do I get over it?

| 04/24/2015 | Comments (0)
black woman suffering from Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome

A young man is anguished by the mental vision of his ex girlfriend being intimate with a friend she dated during a long break up, and seeks advice on how to move past his jealousy.

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I’m heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

| 10/26/2014 | Comments (0)
I'm heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

How do you determine if your boyfriend making contact with his ex is just friendly contact to close doors, or if he is trying to get something going again with her?

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Is He Playing Games With Me While He Cheats on His Girlfriend?

| 05/22/2014 | Comments (0)
cheating boyfriend, lies, games singles play, dating advice for women

He lies, he cheats, he drinks like a fish, and he uses drugs. What in the world is this young lady wasting her time with this loser for?

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Day 4 – 40 Days of Rain on FUBAR Black Men – Racking Up Pussy Points

| 03/06/2013 | Comments (4)
cheating husband gaming on women player black men commitment

Most young black men are focused on nothing but their dick. They focus on getting it wet at every opportunity, and shoving it in as many holes as they can find and fill. Why aren’t black males focusing on achievement of greatness instead of acquisition of pussy?

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A buddy of mine is now dating my ex!

| 10/29/2011 | Comments (0)
A buddy of mine is now dating my ex!

He didn’t want the woman so he broke it off, but it seems he doesn’t want his buddy to date her either. What happens when a friend begins “dating my ex?” The clean-up man is in full effect on this one!

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Men Never Miss Their Water ‘Til the Well Has Run Dry!

| 08/05/2011 | Comments (1)
Men Never Miss Their Water 'Til the Well Has Run Dry!

Women often ask why men break things off, or do something really stupid that causes a self-respecting woman to give him the boot, only to see him turn around, and beg to come back. Why, why, why do men never miss their water until the well has run dry?

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Why Women Leave Men

| 08/04/2011 | Comments (0)
Why Women Leave Men

Focusing on your woman and providing her with what she needs emotionally guarantees a happy, long-lasting relationship with a loving woman that will never leave you. Tips for relationship success and longevity for men.

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We Broke Up and She Won’t Give Me Back the Stuff I Bought Her!

| 07/27/2011 | Comments (3)
man whines that ex-girlfriend won't return gifts

He’s fine as long as they are together, but the instant they break up he wants all the gifts he gave her back.

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