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Why Are So Many Women Opting to STAY Single?

. 06/12/2009 . 5 Comments

The vision that most people have of marriage and what they expect to get out of such a union is nothing but a mirage… a vision that they imagine exists but which does not and probably never has. Alvin Hollinger III and Deborrah Cooper give their gender-based opinions on single women and the issue of marriage.

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Why Won’t Men Say I LOVE YOU?

. 06/05/2009 . 0 Comments

Question:  Why won’t men say "I love you" to their girlfriends and wives?  These are sincere guys! They know they feel the love, and we know they do too. But they just won’t say the words we so badly want to hear.  WHY NOT??????   HE SAYS: So why don’t the men in your life SAY […]

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Single Women: Satisfy Your Horniness Without Being a ‘Ho

. 06/02/2009 . 0 Comments

Traditional thinking promotes commitment, fidelity and love as mandatory components to a romantic relationship. Does such thinking make sense in our current society? Is it really necessary to have and to hold until death do you part? Can’t a single woman enjoy guilt-free pleasure with a man, get up, and leave further expectations on the pillow?

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Strong Reasons Make Strong Actions

. 05/21/2009 . 0 Comments

 "Strong reasons make strong actions." — William Shakespeare (1564-1616)   Did ole Willy have to date?  I believe the whole mating thing was done a bit differently back in his day.  My understanding is that one’s parents figured out who might be a good match for the family as a whole, then you were "assigned" […]

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I Need a Break from Dating

. 05/10/2009 . 1 Comment

When I think about going on a date I no longer get excited. Nor do I wonder if he could be \”the one.\” What I think now about dating is: \”Crap! Do I have to?\”

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