The “Stupid Muthafucka!” Gene

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Consider Genetics Before You Choose a Mate…
The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome Is an Inherited Trait

Some psychologists believe that behavior and attitudes are a learned response. However, similar personality and behavioral traits are evidenced, even when children grow up without ever laying eyes on their actual biological parents. I believe that there is a super-dominant gene, as yet undiscovered by research scientists, but which I have cleverly identified as “The Stupid Muthafucka!” gene.

Gene Pool or Cesspool?

Scientific studies have proven that we acquire many of our physical and emotional traits from our parents. Diseases like sickle cell and breast cancer, as well as learning disabilities, and bad backs are transferred from parent to child. Talents, dispositions, and personality traits are also passed through the genes.

The mentality and behaviors set out above are part of a family’s gene pool. Ignoring the fact that your partner has schizophrenia, addictive behaviors, depression, violence, criminalistic behaviors, or just plain stupidity in his or her family lineage will come back and bite you in the butt later.
Stupid men transfer the stupid gene to their offspring.
What Did You Say?!?

Flash back to 7th grade biology. You might remember that each of your parents carried 23 chromosomes which joined together to create you. Chromosomes determine everything we get from our parents, from hair and eye color to gender. Whether you are born a male or female depends on the presence or absence of certain chromosomes. And whether you are suffering from The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome (TSMS) or not depends on the presence or absence of certain chromosomes as well, I’m convinced of it.

Dominant genes are the more common traits found in humans such as brown eyes, dark hair, and normal pigment in your skin. Examples of recessive genes are blonde or red hair, thin lips, grey or blue eyes, and albinism. I firmly believe that the Stupid Muthafucka gene is a dominant and not a recessive gene. It also crosses all racial and ethnic divides, and is in evidence in men and women worldwide.

Look around! There are more and more stupid muthafuckas crossing our paths every day! The Stupid Muthafucka gene is being passed along from generation to generation, just like genes for eye color and height.

The Stupid Muthafucka Gene in Action!

If your child’s father is an abusive, violent thug, chances are your son is going to grow up with similar anger management issues. If your baby’s daddy is greedy, selfish, and thinks you are there strictly to serve him and meet his needs, chances are your children are going to grow up displaying the same mentality.

There is a lot of undiagnosed mental illness, especially in the black community where seeking mental health counseling is frowned upon and viewed as weakness. That means if your husband or baby daddy a mental disorder called borderline personality disorder, his problems will impact his and your life on the daily. It may result in unstable relationships, extreme emotions, impulsiveness, and a distorted image of oneself. There is often an intense feeling of fear of abandonment or trouble being alone. Anger that is inappropriate, impulsive, and frequent may make others want to distance themselves from this crazy ass fool. You’re the only one that thinks you can save him.

Scientists believe that there is a hereditary predisposition for the disorder. This includes having sisters, brothers, a mother, or father with the same or a similar condition. Therefore, those who have a stressful childhood (neglect, abuse, or other issues due to mental health issues or crackheadism of the parents) are also at risk. Your child will inherit the stupid muthafucka gene for sure.

Inability to self motivate is also inherited. If your child’s father thinks a hard days work is sitting on the couch playing X-Box and smoking weed, your children are likely to grow up to exhibit the same types of non-dynamic, escapist behaviors.

If your child’s mother is an emotionally unbalanced, low self-esteem having fool with a bad understanding, you can bet one or more of your children will turn out exactly the same way. If your child’s mother is high strung, insecure, needy or a pathological liar, you can bet your offspring will display many if not all of the same mind-blowing personality characteristics.

Tips for Recognizing The Stupid Muthafucka Syndrome

The key to dating success is to learn to recognize when you have met someone suffering from TSMS so you can avoid further involvement right off the bat. Stupid mofos are like leeches… they attach themselves to a host to survive as they drain you dry of money, joy and peace of mind.


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  1. […] STDs, lowered self-esteem, and broken spirits. Sometimes these relationships also leave you with a child fathered by an nothing ass man who ain’t about shit. And sometimes they leave you hospitalized or […]

  2. KimberlyJessy says:

    So true, looks are not the only thing you inherit from your parents.

  3. Pamela says:

    As I read this post I thought about the Biography program my husband and I watched on Conrad Hilton. He spent most of his life unmarried because (1) his first wife left him because he was too busy launching businesses to nurture his family and (2) he was Catholic and they did not recognize marriages unless the previous spouse was dead. You have probably heard of how he danced and partied the nights away for decades. His son Nicky Hilton was a playboy party animal. He married Elizabeth Taylor. The marriage lasted two years. He died of a massive heart attack at 42 from hard party living. His brother is the grandfather of Paris Hilton. She went to jail once or twice. I don’t know what kind of lives her father and grandfather lived. You just wonder. At least they were rich.

  4. carmelbutterfy says:

    I tell my daughter this all the time because that SMF gene is strong!

    When i was pregnant with her, the father was steeped in and raised on SMF -ish! I realized after waking from a dream thinking if he treats me bad, he’ll treat the baby just the same. That was the moment I walked away from that relationship. He did try a come back but i was wearing my SMF reflector suit.

    Now I can spot a SMF from 50 yards out and can dodge any shots fired. Low tolerance for SMF’s, period!

    However, I’ve noticed SMF syndrome in the child and marvel at the meltdowns she exhibits and know they’re a direct result of the SMF gene inherited from the sperm donor. I feel bad for her at times because when she has these episodes it even perplexes her on why she is the way she is.

    We’ve had counseling, testing and family intervention which allows her to express her negative emotions in order to purge them and find healthier alternatives. When non-violent alternatives don’t work, well I get to pulling out my own SMF attitude and then the climate changes— nobody can act more SMF than me when it comes to raising a child that needs to know it’s place.

    Low tolerance for SMF, for real!

    • OMG!! This was the most hilarious post I’ve read in a long time. I gotta get my daughter to create a graphic of a woman wearing a SMF reflector suit!! As for your daughter – get her! She cannot be growing up without understanding the origin of the SMF type behavior and how to control it as she goes out into the world.

      • carmelbutterfy says:

        Laughing! Deb, I’m scared for the girl, I really am! Have your daughter create the graphic and I’ll wear it on a tee shirt proudly! Charge any amount of money and I will wear it!!!

  5. formavitae says:


    I AGREE WITH YOU. I’ve been thinking along similar lines, myself, as of late. As black people, we are discouraged from thinking this way (IMO), lest we be viewed as “snobbish”, “siddity”, or having a “superiority complex”. But, I think it’s VERY IMPORTANT to be selective about who you breed with. Not only because it has an impact on whether or not you/your child will be supported, but also because you will be giving your child the genetic composition of the person you select (or at least a portion of it).

    Furthermore, I believe that irresponsible people (who do not care enough about their own offspring to provide for or protect them) do not deserve to have their line propelled forward into the future. They should be cut off, and their line should end with themselves.

    It is not right for the resources of responsible and caring individuals to be diverted to propagating and enriching the lines of people who would not care for their own. Women (black women IN PARTICULAR) need to start thinking this way. Our choices not only impact the lives we live, but also the lives and realities of our children.

    If we are capable of enriching another, we deserve someone who is capable of enriching us in kind. “Breeding” isn’t just an act, IT’S A RESPONSIBILITY. And, we need to start thinking of it as such. Thanks for telling the truth about this matter.

  6. Femscribe says:

    One of my chosen big sisters told me once, “Never fuck a stupid man, because you’ll end up with a house full of dumbass kids!”

  7. Mike says:

    While personality is inherited to a large extent, its a far more complicated thing than you’re making it. There is no one “stupid muthafucka gene,” or any gene for that matter that can be held responsible for an entire trait like being a “violent thug.” Personality is polygenic, which means that exhibiting things like “non-dynamic, escapist behaviors” are expressed on a bunch of different genes, that are not all themselves expressed in the parent that contributes their genes.

    Also, you need two sets of genes. With these genes being polygenic, they are mixed up between us between both of our parents. Its not as cut and dry as saying, “his daddy’s a thug? well dang, we better take him down to the precinct now to get him in the system.” That’s not how it works.

    Ultimately, just as important as genetics is environment. Someone might be more susceptible to certain things but his/her environment is the thing that brings it all out.

    • Mike, in 20 years when you Princeton brainiacs realize that you are behind the times in understanding how genetics work outside of a laboratory, you will reflect on this piece and realize how brilliant I am and that I should have been awarded an honorary doctorate.

      • Eva says:

        I personally agree that the Mothafucka Syndrome exists and it certainly seems to be hereditary. I’m a woman with 3 brothers, and all of them are respectful, faithful, decent men, masculine and will hold a door for a lady, do not hit women etc – obviously due to having decent (in no way perfect) parents – in fact my parents weren’t strict and didn’t teach them much in an obvious way, so it must have just rubbed off on them. I’ve seen plenty of people who have a screw loose and invariably when you look at their parents it explains it – there’s always some dumb, self-centered, ill-tempered a-hole ancestor and the poor offspring was doomed from the get-go.

  8. Aabaakawad says:

    Re #1:

    My medicine closet has Effexor, before that it was Prozac. I have Bipolar – Type II, which means I am a depressive with occasional light mania, and I am successfully medicated. There are similar meds in many relatives’ medicine closets. This is why I decided long ago not to have any genetically related children.

    I also decided, by the equally-yoked theory, that I should stick to successfully treated women with a history of emotional illness.

    It doesn’t make me a scrub, but it does deserve a good hard look by any potential LTRs. I don’t resent that

    Wishing you all progress.

  9. MsMelanie47 says:

    This is also very amusing. I laughed out loud while reading this. We have all come in contact with people described in the different scenarios. I have to pass this along.

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