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The Case for Male Virginity

. 11/28/2011 . 2 Comments

A real man is one who can live up to the responsibilities he created, not by the number of dizzy broads he is currently sexing. Perhaps its time to reconsider the value of virginity for males.

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The Top 5 Ways to Know if You’re Dealing with a He-motional He-bitch

. 11/12/2011 . 12 Comments

What I’ve noticed, in communicating with various heterosexual men both offline and online, is that they embrace their inner emotional bitch. How masculine is that, really?

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Double Standards, Misogny and Black Men

. 11/03/2011 . 9 Comments

An honest and open examination of the attitudes Black males have towards female accomplishments and sexuality.

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Men Are All The Same

. 10/26/2011 . 9 Comments

Men are all the same. They like to believe they are special and unique, but reality is rules and guidelines for “manhood” are so rigid that men are actually all the same.

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Dating Tips for Men: Top 10 Ways to Know She’s Not Feeling You

. 10/20/2011 . 0 Comments

Sometimes a woman’s lack of interest is obvious to your friends, your family, even Stevie Wonder. Everyone can see that she’s not interested BUT you!

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The Black Man’s Blind Dating Rules

. 10/01/2011 . 2 Comments

Black man’s blind date rules were inspired by viewing the television show “Blind Date,” in which numerous men play themselves in order to gain the attention and affection of women. As the saying goes…”you have only one chance at making a first impression,” and it’s sad to say many men end up making complete fools of themselves in one way or another. Everything from stripping down naked, singing, dancing, putting on make-up, groping, begging, and lewd sexual overtures leave many men in compromising positions, much to their date’s amusement (or disgust).

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Men Never Miss Their Water ‘Til the Well Has Run Dry!

. 08/05/2011 . 1 Comment

Women often ask why men break things off, or do something really stupid that causes a self-respecting woman to give him the boot, only to see him turn around, and beg to come back. Why, why, why do men never miss their water until the well has run dry?

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Are Most Black Men Insecure With Low Self-Esteem?

. 05/14/2011 . 49 Comments

LL Cool J believes Black men are insecure. Men with low self esteem blame other people (typically women), for their failures and shortcomings, refusing to take personal responsibility for their lack of action.

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10 Women Guys Overlook and Why You Should Date Them

. 04/11/2011 . 12 Comments

Single men tend to have a very rigid type. To get more dates, more sex and more love open your mind to include these 10 types of women that you might normally overlook.

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Rebuttal to 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid

. 03/20/2011 . 12 Comments

Dr. Boyce Watkins of Black Voices BV on Money posted an interesting link on his blog, opening a discussion on Anslem Samuel’s article entitled “The 7 Types of Women Men Should Avoid.”  We thought the points made were silly, and the complaints shallow and indicative of whining. Here is SurvivingDating.Com’s response: 1. The Religious Fanatic […]

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Dating Tips for Men: How to Dump Proof Your Relationship

. 02/07/2011 . 3 Comments

The effort most men put out to get a woman comes to a screeching halt once he is confident that she is his. But guys, that is a huge mistake.

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When Black Men Attack

. 12/26/2010 . 9 Comments

These men seek to hurt women with words; they feel empowered if they can make women feel emotional pain and psychological hurt. Every utterance is designed to make women feel small, a failure, less than men, sad, confused, and unintelligent.

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