Veteran social researcher, relationship advice columnist, author and radio host. Author of hundreds of articles on American and black culture, gender issues, singles, dating and relationships. Author of "Sucka Free Love!" , "The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid," "The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Pray," and "Why Vegan is the New Black" all available on Amazon.Com. Her unique voice and insightful commentary have delighted fans and riled haters for 20 years. Read her stuff on SurvivingDating.Com and AskHeartBeat.Com.

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Smart Women Say No to Sexy Pictures, Lingerie Shots or Sex Videos

| 02/08/2013 | Comments (2)
Smart Women Say No to Sexy Pictures, Lingerie Shots or Sex Videos

Smart women say “no way!” to having themselves filmed in compromising positions “for the fun of it”, or of having half-dressed sexy pictures of themselves taken by a man who is today a boyfriend or husband. Because tomorrow he may be your worst nightmare and in his hands, those sex shots of you a tool of Mass Destruction.

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The Violence and Behavior of Black Men is Destroying Black America

| 01/23/2013 | Comments (24)
The Violence and Behavior of Black Men is Destroying Black America

Black men are making very poor life choices, and until they correct their behaviors and become the leaders they claim they are, black men will continue to decline in wealth and social influence, taking black women and children down with them.

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Survey: Older Women Dating Younger Men

| 01/18/2013 | Comments (0)
survey question

Older women dating younger men is common; but what we want to know is if these relationships face any particular, unrecognized challenges when the older partner is a black female.

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The Commitment Avoider – Commitment Phobic Men That Won’t Commit

| 01/02/2013 | Comments (1)
The Commitment Avoider - Commitment Phobic Men That Won't Commit

Single women can avoid wasting time, energy and emotions on the commitment phobic man that avoids closeness and intimacy. This list of 10 easy-to-recognize signs of the commitment phobic man

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Black Students Fear of Exams and School Success

| 12/28/2012 | Comments (3)
black students test taking failure rates in school

Could a fear of exams be a key reason for your child’s failure in school? Many adults don’t test well and report that a fear of exams contributed to their failure in life. Parents can use these tips and tricks to help their children master fear of exams and succeed in school and life.

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Video Webchat: Are Black Males Raised by Single Moms Poor Choices for Mates?

| 12/18/2012 | Comments (0)
adult black males raised by fathers in the home better choices for mates

As a single woman, you have no real way to know if a guy you’ve met had a sensible mother or a fool. Should men that were raised in single-parent homes with just their Mom be passed over as potential boyfriends, husbands and fathers?

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Part 3 – Are Black Women Stupid? Relationships Are a Business

| 12/18/2012 | Comments (11)
Part 3 - Are Black Women Stupid? Relationships Are a Business

Giving away pussy for free when relationships are a business? Don’t be a dummy! If a man you are messing with isn’t improving the capitalization of your business and the P/E ratio of your stock, he should be dismissed immediately.

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The Twelve Types of Black Men

| 11/28/2012 | Comments (1)
The Twelve Types of Black Men

Single black women are all too aware of the types of black men out here in the singles world. Each has pros and cons – some more cons than pros! Which of these black men have you dated?

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When Women Make the First Move – Pros and Cons

| 11/23/2012 | Comments (0)
pros and cons of female asking a man out, woman making the first move

Young women feel there is nothing wrong with taking the bull by the horns and going after what you want… that there is nothing wrong with a female making the first move. Older women look askance as such forwardness and feel young women are “playing themselves”… that there are smooth ways to invite a man to approach which means there is never a reason for a woman to make the first move.

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Slut Shaming, Public Humiliation and Social Media Cross Paths

| 11/17/2012 | Comments (1)
Slut Shaming, Public Humiliation and Social Media Cross Paths

Parents dismayed at their teen daughter’s “slut-looking” photos teach her a hard lesson about accountability and repercussions by making a public announcement about her behavior. Is this good parenting or adding insult to injury?

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It’s Really None of Your Fucking Business!

| 11/03/2012 | Comments (0)
It's Really None of Your Fucking Business!

Some women tell not only all their business to their man, but the personal financial and sexual history of their friends and family members as well. Just because you are sleeping with him does not entitle him to know private personal business about you or others. Your blabbing could be creating serious problems!

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Black Pastors, Black Churches, Black Women and Barack Obama

| 10/26/2012 | Comments (1)
black women need to get out and vote for Barack Obama in 2012

A number of Black pastors are seeking to manipulate female congregants by demanding they not vote at all, or that their vote be cast in favor of Mitt Romney. Black women must ignore these pleas by voting for a candidate that supports women’s rights which means a vote for Barack Obama.

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