Veteran social researcher, relationship advice columnist, author and radio host. Author of hundreds of articles on American and black culture, gender issues, singles, dating and relationships. Author of "Sucka Free Love!" , "The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid," "The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Pray," and "Why Vegan is the New Black" all available on Amazon.Com. Her unique voice and insightful commentary have delighted fans and riled haters for 20 years. Read her stuff on SurvivingDating.Com and AskHeartBeat.Com.

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Men Never Outgrow Their Childhood Fascination With Bodily Functions

. 10/21/2013 . 2 Comments

What is it with men and their fascination with farting, burping, scratching, pooping and picking their nose? Do they ever grow out of this phase?

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Protected: Hilarious Prank Video

. 09/18/2013 . 0 Comments

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Share Me With Other Guys!

. 09/14/2013 . 2 Comments

Advice seeker thinks her boyfriend wants to “share her” with other guys, but Ms. HeartBeat sees a sociopath sex trafficker working on a naive and unaware potential victim of pimp game.

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If You Are Denied Access to An Abortion or the Morning After Pill

. 08/30/2013 . 2 Comments

Latest reports say that from 2010 to 2013, 57 abortion clinics have been closed across the United States. This means that millions of women have reduced or no access to safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy. However, there are alternatives.

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Pakistan, Afghanistan or Blackistan: For Women its All The Same

. 08/28/2013 . 18 Comments

I’ve been followed, grabbed, cornered, berated and forced to kiss someone. It’s happened so often that it doesn’t even feel like my body is really my body anymore. The world is a museum of flesh and I am merely one of the many displays to be oogled at by men.

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Guess What Ms. HeartBeat – I’m Dating a Stripper!

. 07/19/2013 . 1 Comment

Do you think we can have a healthy and lengthy relationship? I really don’t have a problem with where she works if I don’t think about it too much. I mean if we started dating before she started stripping and she told me she wanted to be a stripper, I would totally be against it. But since it’s what she was doing when I met her, I accept it because I feel that I don’t have the right to change her or ask her to change.

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He Ain’t Stella But He’s Trying to Get His Groove Back!

. 07/16/2013 . 0 Comments

How much of an age difference is too much? This writer wants to know if a 24 year old woman and a 43 year old man have a chance at happiness together.

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What Happened to Bra-Busters on Facebook?

. 06/23/2013 . 0 Comments

The detailed account of the manipulation of Facebook staff with false reports, and misogynistic rants of cretins which got Bra-Busters, a popular feminist page removed. Women must NEVER submit to men and must continue fighting for rights and fair treatment in all spheres.

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Sexual Fetish – She’s Dating “Tickle Me” Tyrone!

. 06/06/2013 . 0 Comments

What should a single woman do when the man she loves has a strange tickling fetish that turns him on but her totally off?

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Stranger Rape and Date Rape – Know the Difference

. 05/15/2013 . 0 Comments

Date rape or acquaintenance rape is actually a much more common crime than most women realize. The men they trust, the guys that they “kinda like” are often those with an agenda to set them up for sexual assault.

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Why Men and Women Struggle With the Word “NO!”

. 05/10/2013 . 1 Comment

Saying the word “no!” is very challenging for most women, especially when it comes to saying “no!” to men. In this discussion we’ll look at the many ways that women actually do say “no!” and why men are so resistant to hearing women say that word.

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Women and Motherhood – Blessing or Curse?

. 05/03/2013 . 0 Comments

The whole thing about folks feeling like they have the power to decide what age a woman should stop having children, the power to control women’s options for birth control, and the power to dictate what women should and should not do with their own body is crazy. Who gets to decide if motherhood is the appropriate thing for a woman?

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